Monday, July 27, 2009

Grandpa's Visit...

We loved having JC's parents and Sister Kristen come visit. Zenock especially loved having Grandpa around... he still constantly asks where Grandpa is. We were able to do a lot of fun things that JC and I haven't done (there is still so much to see!).
The first weekend we headed down to Colonial Williamsburg. We stayed the night and then headed to Jamestown, Yorktown, and Virginia Beach.
We ate at a small little Tavern in Williamsburg... the food was awesome! Zenock got a little bored waiting for it though.

I realized after the Grandparent's and Kristen left that we didn't get a single good picture of all of us. I love pictures with people... they are so much better to look at in twenty years than just a picture of the scenery. I told myself... next time.. FOR SURE! I sadly didn't take a whole lot of pictures either... I guess I was just enjoying their vacation.

Zenock loved playing around on the ships in Jamestown.

After Kristen left, we headed to Baltimore one day. I love Baltimore... (all except the crazy drivers and the one who decided to run into the back of our rental car and screw up my back. Awesome. :) It was so pretty. We were able to eat lunch on the harbor. Baltimore has this amazing aquarium that sits right on the harbor also... it was our main reason for visiting.

They had a fun little dolphin show that Zenock sat in awe through. I swear he never sits still, but he just sat, stared, smiled, and clapped whenever the dolphins did a trick. You can see the harbor through the bottom picture... it was awesome. I just wish I owned one of the million dollar yachts docked outside. :)

What's the Fourth of July with out a Baseball game??? We love Baseball and there just happens to be an A ball team that plays a couple of blocks from our apartment. They had a big fireworks show after the game... (they usually have one after every home game... we get to watch it every Friday night from our balcony.) Zenock loved being up close to watch them.
I don't think there are any "illegal" fireworks out here... on our way home as we were walking through our subdivision everyone was setting off big fireworks. It was such a fun environment... It really was like what you would see in the movies. Kids were running around, everyone was having a great time. It was a great Fourth of July and it was even better to be able to spend it with family. :) Thanks for your visit Grandpa, Grandma, & Aunt "Kiss. " (As Zenock lovingly calls her.)

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