Friday, July 3, 2009

best buddies...

What do you do when your best friend moves away and you are only two years old....

You give him a BIG, big Hug. :)
It was heartbreaking watching these two best friends say goodbye to each other. Zenock loves his friend "Hay." In fact, we love Hay's entire family. We met them when we first moved to Texarkana and were so excited when we moved within a couple miles of each other here in Virginia. We knew the time to say goodbye would come all too soon. We have spent almost every holiday for the last two years with Hay's family, celebrated Birthdays, graduations, good Thai/Cambodian food, friends, and just celebrated for no reason. His mom has kept me from completely going crazy this last year, letting me tag along with her or just hang out at her house. We honestly aren't sure what we are going to do without them!

Like, I said... Zenock loves his friend Hay. When we get in the car, I hear:
"Go see Hay?"
When we go to church and I tell Zenock he can go play with the kids, he says:
"Play with Hay?"
When I tell him we are going to have a party, he gets so excited and says:
"Hay coming?!"
(Get the idea?)

He loves when Hay comes to play... I love when Hay comes to play. It is the only time, when Zenock completely ignores me and what I'm doing. They go in Zenock's room and shut the door on me and all I hear is laughter. They have so much fun together.
Did I mention, Hay has 2 brothers and a sister... We love them just as much... (their parents aren't too bad either.) I think Zenock honestly thinks he belongs or is part of their family. :)

I told Zenock on Sunday that we were going to make cookies and take them to Hay. That is ALL he talked about. He told his Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Kris who were visiting that he was going to take, "Hay cookies, knock door, Hay cookies, knock door" over and over.

When we finally did take Hay cookies, Zenock was so excited, he saw Hay's house as we pulled up and yelled... "HAAAYYYY!" Saying goodbye, was so so sad... after giving each other big hugs, Hay stood on his porch and waved and yelled, "Bye, Zenock, Bye, Zennie!" over and over. As we drove off, Zenock waved and yelled, "Bye Hay" and blew him a kiss.
Seriously torture for Mom's to watch.
We just might have to arrange a few vacations over the years to visit Hay and his family.

We sure are going to miss them, not sure what we'll do with out them, but wish them luck and are excited to hear all about their new adventures! :)


The Noble Steeds said...

That is seriously the cutest thing I've ever read. Poor Zen! I'm sure it was hard on all of you to say goodbye. But I have a feeling you will see them again soon!

The Hutchinsons said...

Okay so I have tears in my eyes. That makes me so sad. They are so cute. It reminds me of Conner and Reid Last year when we moved. Conner still talks about him and if I make the mistake of mentioning his name, he says, lets go to Reids house mommy. And then I have to go through the whole (he lives in alabama)spill that he doesn't really understand all over again.

Destri said...

oohhh my goodness so so sad, and cute all the same. makes my heart ache for all of you!

The Traylor's said...

You're cute. Lucas just started sleeping through the night about 3 or 4 months ago, so I feel your pain. You should just have another baby now since you're still used to getting up :) (I was already preg. when Lucas finally did it. Now I'm thinking, gosh dangit, in a few weeks i'll be up all night again)

Chase and Ashley Winegar said...

That picture is to die for! I love it.

ThompsonFamily said...

I Carin! It was good to hear from you!! I can't believe you live in Virginia! That is so awesome!! What does JC do for a living? I am glad that you are a stay at home mommy....that has got to be the best!! I think our boys are almost exactly a year apart in age. Cooper just turned one in April. Boys are fun but are in to everything huh?!! :) Keep in touch! I hope you don't mind that I put you in my list of blogging friends so I can see when you put new posts up!

Suzanne said...

How cute, so glad you guys had each other to hang out with. Zenock is so adorable, love his little personality.