Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sweet Sixteen...

to this cute girl...

My Sister Emily turns 16 today! Woohoo!!!

Emily is such a cute girl and is a BLAST to hang out with. She is hilarious and is always making me laugh. She is always calling me and telling me crazy stories about the things she has done or said with her friends. We had so much fun while she was visiting us. (post coming soon.)

I honestly cannot believe Emily is sixteen already! When my Mom was here, we were laughing at all the funny things she did as a kid... (I was nine when she was born, so I remember her childhood better than my own!)

Just a couple of the funny things she used to do:
*She got a new outfit for Christmas when she was 5 and wore it EVERYDAY for the rest of the year. She would get so mad when we tried to get her to wear something else. My Mom would wash it every night just for her. :)
*She used to dress up all the time and make up characters... We have tons of pictures of her "in character" and putting on a show. One of JC's first memories of her was when she dressed up as Big Foot... (yeah??) and ran around the house banging on the windows.

We are so excited for all of her adventures to come and we can't wait to hear all of her dating stories....

We currently have a BET going on with Emily that if she stays un-kissed until she graduates JC and I owe her a pretty big chunk of cash....
Pretty sure we won't have to pay-out... she won't last long.
But, just to make sure... I need your help! All you cute single, datable (as in the 16-18 year range) guys or girls with brothers that age... I would love to get your help on this one... haha. :) (Good Luck Em!)

We Love you! Happy, Happy Birthday Aunt Emi! We miss you tons!

Also.... Happy Birthday to my Brother Chad too!!! (Sorry, I don't have a "cute" picture of you to post.) Hope you have a great day! I'd call, but Mom says you are in Henrieville for the Summer and you don't have service.


Mindy said...

My youngest sister just turned 16 too. It seems like we were just that yesterday. Crazy! Your husband should come to Germany for work :) You guys would LOVE it! It's so pretty here, and always things to do. Our list of things to do here keeps getting longer and longer. Hope you guys are doing good, your little boy is getting so big. So cute!

Mindy said...

Also, how do you get your pictures big? I can't figure anything out on this blog. Thanks! :)