Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yeah... I know, it's about time. :) It has been a crazy few weeks and it's only going to get more busy as the Summer goes on. I'm not complaining at all... It's all exciting and fun stuff, but it leaves little time for blogging and updating.

JC had to attend some training in Kansas for a couple of weeks... (It was a LOOONG first week just Zenock and I. I was so glad my Mom and Emily were able to come and stay with me the second week!)
JC was able to coordinate with a lot of the friends he went to school with last year, so that they could all attend the training together. A few of the LDS guy friends from the group were able to get together also.

From the stories I've heard... They all had way too much fun and I am thinking that for sure when their next training comes along, all of us wives are going to be going so we don't miss out! :)

The boys had the weekend off and decided to take a road trip up to Nauvoo and around the Church History Sites. JC texted me a hundred times while he was there and now tells me every day how beautiful it was and that he wants to go back and LIVE there. I don't blame him. The pictures make it look amazing and I'm sure they don't do it justice.

JC took a hundred pictures, but I thought I would just share a few of my favorites... I can't wait to plan a family vacation and go and visit with JC. Now that he has been, I can have my own personal tour guide!

The Community of Christ temple/church (formerly the RLDS).
{JC, Shawn, & Mike}
They were able to get a tour of the temple and I feel so bad for the young girl giving the tour to FIVE returned missionaries. JC said they asked question after question and by the end she was almost shaking. (If I were her, I would have seriously turned and ran out the door!)

The Boys... Top: Shawn, Sim, (random guy who wanted to be in their picture).
Bottome: Jeremy, Mike, JC

I love this picture... I miss being able to see farms and fields (and mountains). WE don't see that up here in the BIG city.

The Christus statue inside the Visitors center

Farr West

I think this is the Missouri... (or the Mississippi...) I'll ask again.

Looking out from the steps of the Nauvoo Temple

The Nauvoo Temple

This is a bronze sculpture in front of the temple, titled: "The Prophet's Last Ride"

On the plaque underneath it reads:
"On the morning of June 24, 1844, Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum left their families, home, and fellow Saints, for the last time. Traveling on horseback, they paused on this bluff. Joseph looked admiringly at the unfinished temple and the city of Nauvoo and declared:

This is the loveliest place and the best people underneath the heavens; little do they know the trials that await them.

Joseph and Hyrum then continued on to Carthage, Illinois, where they faced legal charges and eventual death at the hands of a mob."

Carthage Jail


JC had a great trip! I am thinking that I am now in need and deserve a little vacation myself. :) Thanks for everyone who made his trip, training, and vacation great!


Callie said...

I've never been to Nauvoo either and it looks gorgeous! I have to tell you that I made your cookies the other day and they were eaten in like 5 minutes. Thanks for the recipe :)

Maria said...

Hey, where is a picture of your "Nauvoo" dress shoes? Do I need to send you one?