Tuesday, May 26, 2009

North Shore Beach

JC and I have become pretty spontaneous in the last couple of years... We love to just go and do, no planning necessary. Saturday we got up knowing we wanted to do something fun. Our pool had just opened, but we just weren't sure if that was going to cut it. We didn't want to drive too far... so after checking around for the closest beach, we grabbed a few things, packed a lunch and headed to North Shore Beach a small beach/town in Maryland.
I love that we can drive an hour and be standing in the ocean... Seriously crazy! Sometimes I forget that we are that close!

Zenock's first ocean/beach experience was priceless... He kept pointing to the water and saying, "swim, swim, swim!" When we started to walk across the sand to the water, he was scared of the sand... hilarious! He would curl his toes and try to stand on one foot. JC and I just sat there laughing and I had once again pinch myself for not bringing the video camera.

The sand was apparently "dirty" and got everywhere. I think some of my cleaning obsession has rubbed off on him. :) He hates his hands to be dirty and will run to me and tell me to wash them.

Once we finally got to the water... he was terrified of putting his feet in the water!
My crazy little boy. I love, love, this picture and his little feet.

It took a few minutes of bribing and telling Zenock it was "WATER" and it was a big bathtub, before he finally agreed to get in.

It took off from there... Sand castles, hunting for sea shells, and swimming.

When it was time to go, we couldn't pull Zenock OUT of the water. He is definitely our little fish.

They had a big pirate ship/boat on the sand that you could climb, swing, and play on. It was perfect for Zenock. It also offered some great views.

Perfect day for a sun burn/tan. :)


The pier....

After we got Zenock out of the water. We went for a walk down the boardwalk.
One of the docks... looking out towards part of the beach.

...Looking down the boardwalk...

...Enjoying the views...
I love being spontaneous... especially when it includes sun and water!

Yeah for Summer!

I am so jealous of these people who get to live right on the ocean and have their own little private dock/beach/pier... It looks so relaxing. Not fair.
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! We sure did. :)


Logan said...

I agree, Yeah for Summer! I'm pretty jealous of all of the fun new places that you get to go and explore.

Rebecca said...

Where are all of you shark teeth finds?!

Amy W said...

These pics are so much fun. I love the one of you and your son playing in the water. Priceless!

Baird Family said...

What a fun trip! I would love to live that close to the ocean.