Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching Up... for the grandparents.

I feel a little behind on blogging, because I haven't been doing it at all lately... but honestly it has been so busy! And, I have really have no idea what we have been doing that is taking up so much of our time...

We have been so lucky this month to have great weather. We have also been lucky enough that because of the great weather we were able to have lots of fun play dates. :)
Play dates just seem to make the week/months go by even faster. We love friends and are counting down the days when we get to enjoy family! 10 more days... Emily! Wahoo! (We have been counting down since somewhere around 60 days... Every day I get a text message from Emily letting me know how many more days I have until she and my Mom come to stay and entertain me.)

So to catch up... here are a few random/fun pictures from our month of May!

Zenock loves talking on the phone! (He takes after his Dad with this... I hate talking on the phone.) This was Mother's Day and he was talking to Grandpa and Grandma Reeder and Aunt Emily telling them all of his animal sounds. He loves to run off with the phone into his bedroom, close the door, and sit on his bed alone talking on the phone. Evidently, he has secrets he needs to share on the phone. HE'S TWO! What is he going to be like at sixteen...
Nope, not today... I'm not even going there.

We had a fun day at the National Zoo with my visiting teachers and their kids. I have the best visiting teachers. They are so much fun!
Funny Story: One of my visiting teachers moved into the ward a month after we moved in. (I was still in my mode of depression from leaving Texarkana and all of my friends.) When they announced her families records into the ward and had them stand up... I turned to JC and got so excited... "I KNOW HER!" The bishops wife was sitting behind me heard me and busted up laughing. WELL... we grew up in the same ward! She is a few years older than me and knows my brothers, and I absolutely love her family (I even went on a laurel/priest date with her brother). I was so excited that I KNEW somebody in my ward. It is crazy that we both grew up in the Harper Ward and moved clear across the country and ended up in the same ward out here in Virginia! :)

After you move away from home/Utah... any connection to Utah/friends/family, is a connection to home. It makes you instant friends. :)

These two are so cute together.

As much as I dislike the Zoo, the smell, walking up hill all day, and feeling dirty, I love getting happy cheesy grins. They make everything worth it!

All the kids (minus 2 sleeping babies) watching the cheetah...

Last week our friends Sim and Maria were in town visiting. We love when they come to visit. It always means good food and great entertainment! One night we went to dinner in Alexandria... after Zenock decided to dump ice cream all over me we stopped to let the boys watch th ducks while I cleaned up.

Do you think they look excited?

I should have taken more pictures of their visit... Hopefully, we will get to see them one more time before we move! Party?! :)


Ryan Reeder said...

Alright, who?

You probably didn't give a name out of respect to their privacy, but judging from the profile you gave, I'm guessing either someone with the former initials of CN or JY. Is it either of those, or someone else?

Anyway, great to hear from you again.

Erin said...

He is seriously so cute! What kind of camera do you have? It takes great pictures. I'm looking for a new one.