Tuesday, May 26, 2009

North Shore Beach

JC and I have become pretty spontaneous in the last couple of years... We love to just go and do, no planning necessary. Saturday we got up knowing we wanted to do something fun. Our pool had just opened, but we just weren't sure if that was going to cut it. We didn't want to drive too far... so after checking around for the closest beach, we grabbed a few things, packed a lunch and headed to North Shore Beach a small beach/town in Maryland.
I love that we can drive an hour and be standing in the ocean... Seriously crazy! Sometimes I forget that we are that close!

Zenock's first ocean/beach experience was priceless... He kept pointing to the water and saying, "swim, swim, swim!" When we started to walk across the sand to the water, he was scared of the sand... hilarious! He would curl his toes and try to stand on one foot. JC and I just sat there laughing and I had once again pinch myself for not bringing the video camera.

The sand was apparently "dirty" and got everywhere. I think some of my cleaning obsession has rubbed off on him. :) He hates his hands to be dirty and will run to me and tell me to wash them.

Once we finally got to the water... he was terrified of putting his feet in the water!
My crazy little boy. I love, love, this picture and his little feet.

It took a few minutes of bribing and telling Zenock it was "WATER" and it was a big bathtub, before he finally agreed to get in.

It took off from there... Sand castles, hunting for sea shells, and swimming.

When it was time to go, we couldn't pull Zenock OUT of the water. He is definitely our little fish.

They had a big pirate ship/boat on the sand that you could climb, swing, and play on. It was perfect for Zenock. It also offered some great views.

Perfect day for a sun burn/tan. :)


The pier....

After we got Zenock out of the water. We went for a walk down the boardwalk.
One of the docks... looking out towards part of the beach.

...Looking down the boardwalk...

...Enjoying the views...
I love being spontaneous... especially when it includes sun and water!

Yeah for Summer!

I am so jealous of these people who get to live right on the ocean and have their own little private dock/beach/pier... It looks so relaxing. Not fair.
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! We sure did. :)

Catching Up... for the grandparents.

I feel a little behind on blogging, because I haven't been doing it at all lately... but honestly it has been so busy! And, I have really have no idea what we have been doing that is taking up so much of our time...

We have been so lucky this month to have great weather. We have also been lucky enough that because of the great weather we were able to have lots of fun play dates. :)
Play dates just seem to make the week/months go by even faster. We love friends and are counting down the days when we get to enjoy family! 10 more days... Emily! Wahoo! (We have been counting down since somewhere around 60 days... Every day I get a text message from Emily letting me know how many more days I have until she and my Mom come to stay and entertain me.)

So to catch up... here are a few random/fun pictures from our month of May!

Zenock loves talking on the phone! (He takes after his Dad with this... I hate talking on the phone.) This was Mother's Day and he was talking to Grandpa and Grandma Reeder and Aunt Emily telling them all of his animal sounds. He loves to run off with the phone into his bedroom, close the door, and sit on his bed alone talking on the phone. Evidently, he has secrets he needs to share on the phone. HE'S TWO! What is he going to be like at sixteen...
Nope, not today... I'm not even going there.

We had a fun day at the National Zoo with my visiting teachers and their kids. I have the best visiting teachers. They are so much fun!
Funny Story: One of my visiting teachers moved into the ward a month after we moved in. (I was still in my mode of depression from leaving Texarkana and all of my friends.) When they announced her families records into the ward and had them stand up... I turned to JC and got so excited... "I KNOW HER!" The bishops wife was sitting behind me heard me and busted up laughing. WELL... we grew up in the same ward! She is a few years older than me and knows my brothers, and I absolutely love her family (I even went on a laurel/priest date with her brother). I was so excited that I KNEW somebody in my ward. It is crazy that we both grew up in the Harper Ward and moved clear across the country and ended up in the same ward out here in Virginia! :)

After you move away from home/Utah... any connection to Utah/friends/family, is a connection to home. It makes you instant friends. :)

These two are so cute together.

As much as I dislike the Zoo, the smell, walking up hill all day, and feeling dirty, I love getting happy cheesy grins. They make everything worth it!

All the kids (minus 2 sleeping babies) watching the cheetah...

Last week our friends Sim and Maria were in town visiting. We love when they come to visit. It always means good food and great entertainment! One night we went to dinner in Alexandria... after Zenock decided to dump ice cream all over me we stopped to let the boys watch th ducks while I cleaned up.

Do you think they look excited?

I should have taken more pictures of their visit... Hopefully, we will get to see them one more time before we move! Party?! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

{Family... part 2}

I'm a huge fan of random pictures and capturing every day life... The in between. They have so much more meaning. Here are a few more of our "random" family pictures.
We set Zenock down to take a picture and he looked over and noticed this little caterpillar... Good thing we had gotten a few good one's before, because picture time was all over from here. Our photographer kept snapping and these ended up being some of my favorite! We followed this caterpillar and his friends around and played with them for about 20 minutes. Zenock was in heaven... He loves bugs, sticks, dirt, being outside... Typical boy, right?!

This is Zenock's face when he first noticed, "The Bug." I love his facial expressions. They always make me laugh.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We finally got family pictures! Yeah! After searching for a "decent" (literally...) photographer for over five months, I finally found out that my primary president in my ward does photography on the side. She did such a great job and I just love her. I love how the pictures turned out.

(All of the so called "Family photographers" I researched out also do some very exotic pictures as well and post them on their webpages... Can they really claim to be "Family" oriented?)

There are a gazillion more and Zenock's expressions are priceless in all of them. Zenock did awesome through out the entire process. He was perfect. We even found some fun caterpillar's to play with and got some way cute pictures. I would love to post more, but "blogger" keeps telling me I have an error. I'll try again tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love this...

I have been a huge Jon Schmidt fan for a long time. He performed at the first EFY I went to and I have been hooked ever since. I've gone to a number of his concerts and have forced family to go as well. (My family willingly went after the first time.) He is so much fun to watch and it is so relaxing to hear him play. I highly recommend attending one of his concerts if you get the chance.
He makes it look so easy.

I hated piano lessons when I was younger and couldn't wait until eighth grade when I was allowed to quit. Now, I am SO thankful that I WAS forced to go every week and practice and now I can't wait until the day that I have my own piano to play (for fun) ... Maybe one day I can be as good as him, I'd even settle for being able to play his songs. For now I'll just let Jon play. :) He is awesome!

My cousin had this arrangement on her blog and I loved it. I had to share...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shhh... Don't Tell.

Growing up with 3 older brother and a Dad there was one thing I learned how to do at a very young age... That was learn how to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies.
That's right... I was the designated cookie baker at the Reeder house. I got pretty good at it and even had my own secrets and recipe... (Don't think too much of me... This was pretty much the only thing I was able to cook/bake until I got married:).

Cookies never lasted long (they still don't) at the Reeder house.
Our motto: "You better grab ten and stuff them down, because in five minutes there won't be any left!"
(We usually double any batch of cookies we make.) I had to teach JC this when we first got married, he caught on quick, but there are times when he still forgets. I think my sisters and I astonished him the way we could finish off 2-3 dozen cookies in less than an hour. (Great meal replacement program. :) He is still surprised when he comes home from work asking where the cookies I baked the night before are...
"Gone" I reply.
His response: "You ate them ALL??"
Me: "Sure did."

I even remember my very first cookie/baking experience. I was about 5 or 6 and my brother Daniel and I were left home by ourselves. He thought we should surprise the others and make cookies while they were gone. I knew I wasn't allowed to use the oven and even remember asking Daniel if he was for sure allowed to use it....

(I love having older brothers, they taught me a variety of things, including how to unwrap and wrap back up every present under the Christmas tree without getting caught. We peeked/snooped out our Christmas presents every year until Daniel went on his mission.)

I don't remember if Daniel said he was allowed to use the oven or not, but away we went mixing the ingredients, sneaking bites of dough, and dumping the ingredients onto a cookie sheet.

When they were finished they looked like crusted over brownies.... My Mom said we left out one of the ingredients.... FLOUR. BUT, They tasted SOO good. We tried to offer them to the others when they got home, but for some reason they didn't want to try them. Oh well... Their loss, right?!
(Anything with 2 cups of sugar is going to taste good to a six year old.)

This brings me to the subject of my post... I have just been given the BEST, most delicious, soft-baked, moist, plump looking, BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. It is a secret family recipe from a friend's friend's family and I might be in lots of trouble for sharing, but how could I not.... So Enjoy!

Chocolate Chip Cookies... The Best Ever :)
2 cubes butter or margarine softened (DO NOT let them melt, just soften.)
2 eggs
1 Cup brown sugar
1 Cup sugar
1 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. soda
3 tsp. Vanilla (Trust me on this... This just might be the secret!)
3 Cups flour
1 Bag Chocolate Chips

Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes only! DO NOT over cook. Take them out even if they don't look done. Leave them on the pan while you are cooking another pan. Don't put them on the cookie sheets until the 2nd batch has cooked. This makes them rise up and finish cooking.

Seriously, so easy and so good! I've already eaten one whole batch this week and I think I will make myself a Mother's Day present and make another one tonight.

I'm SURE any Mother would love this as their present.... Just an idea.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Mischievous Messes

Two year olds equal lots and lots of messes... at least that's what seems to be the reoccurring daily activity at our house. I spend a majority of my day... cleaning. Should I give up? I'm about ready to.
These messes are often created in the early morning, when I feel it is absolutely necessary that I shower before one in the afternoon... (When my little mess maker is asleep.)
{Yes, I just admitted that if you come to my house before 2... most likely we will be having a pj party.}

I once thought I could protect my most precious things... Completely childproofed safely away... There are locks on my doors, cabinets, and pretty much anything that can be opened. BUT, as I have learned I have a spy living in my house watching every move I make. He is studying out and planning for the right moments to make his move, make his mess, and execute with perfection his plan of attack.

His name you ask....


Who else???

I clean my tv and windows daily... just another one of those lovely messes that I'm sure I will miss in 40 years and wish I was still cleaning up after.

This little mischievous mess maker has also learned about the invention of a stool... No, we don't leave stools lying around, but he uses anything he can find to get to a better height or view of things.

Some of the other messes I have cleaned up in the last week or so are:

After vacuuming my house one day, I walked five steps to unplug the vacuum. As I turned around (2 seconds later) to wind up the cord. I found, little to my surprise, Zenock sitting there dumping the entire canister of dirt that I had just vacuumed up all over the top of his head... Lovely. After dumping it out, he grabbed one of the trix cereal pieces I had vacuumed up and shoved it in his mouth.

Zenock loves playing in the fridge... I am constantly pulling him out of the fridge, dishwasher, (and now the oven) telling him to leave it alone or to go away from it.
*Note to self: Go away was not the wisest choice of words to use for a 2 year old... He now repeats it constantly, telling me and to "Go Away!"

Back to the story...
I was taking one of my 5 minute early morning showers... as I walked into the living room after I finished, I found Zenock standing there eating an entire loaf of banana bread that I had made a few days before. The bread was in a ziploc bag in the fridge. He decided to help himself to some... (I guess he got hungry in the 15 minutes that it took for him to finish breakfast and me to shower.) Of course he couldn't unzip the bag, so he did what anyone who was just dying of hunger would do....

He bit a hole in the bag.

He also decided to smash and sprinkle pieces of the Banana bread over the floor.

It was loads of fun to clean up.
It hasn't been all bad... I loved that he knew how to get a drink out of the fridge when he was thirsty, but I didn't appreciate the half eaten apples and holes in the middle of the gogurt pack I would find. Not to mention the cleaning up of an entire bowl of green beans and juice all over my just mopped kitchen floor.
(SERIOUSLY, I promise, I DO feed my child... It's not like he is starving.)

This all led to my fabulous new fridge decor....

The fridge lock!
What on earth did I do with out it??? The best thing ever invented. (I bought one for the dishwasher too.)

I also loved hiding out and watching my little mess maker try and open the fridge after I had put it on... Hilarious. One of the funniest things I have ever seen.

I laughed.
Am I a mean Mom or what?

In all honesty, I have a very hard time disciplining him. Trust me, he DOES get his fair share of discipline and time-outs, but it also usually involves me turning my head or going into the next room while he is sitting in time out... so that I can compose myself from laughing at whatever creative little thing he has just said to me.

I love this little guy and I love his messes. I love that his creative little mind is watching and coming up with new ways to make a mess. I know one day I will miss them and miss cleaning up after him. He is such a fun little boy.