Thursday, April 2, 2009

It was... "WiLD!"

Zenock's Birthday was a success! Crazy and WilD, but so much fun! :) I would imagine any day combined with: presents, friends, and LOTS of sugar to be one of the BEST days of a child's life... right?!
No doubt there was plenty of each.

JC is on a "strict" training schedule for the next month... (you can ask him why.) After work, he was finishing up his work-out before the party. Zenock wants to be just like his Dad and when JC would take a break Zenock would sneak in and do a couple of push-ups. I am going to have two very strong boys at the end of the month. :) I love that he wants to be just like his Daddy.

I decided to "tempt" Zenock and set his presents out while he was taking a nap to get him "Excited" and to feel like it was a special day. After he woke up, he came running out of his room when he saw them and couldn't stop talking about them for the rest of the afternoon. I told him not to touch and to just look and that we had to wait for the kids to come. He did so well obeying! He did take a couple of peeks into the bag though... What kid wouldn't?! :)
Party Time FINALLY arrived... After a pizza dinner we opened presents.

He was so excited for all of his new books.

He even sat down and read us one... We love getting new books to read!

Can you tell what he is excited about??? I cannot express, explain, tell you how much this kid loves Airplane's. He was pretty excited when he got to open his Airplane from Daddy and Mommy. I love his "trying to contain his excitement" smile.... priceless.

Of course with a "TWO" year Birthday party there has to be an initiation mess for what is to come in the next year. While everyone was off playing Zenock decided to run in the kitchen and grab a snack from off the counter... dumping an entire bowl of almonds for the salad.

And, me being the "mean" mom that I am, I made him pick every single one up by himself.
haha... Just kidding.... but, he tried. I have such a good kid.

Zenock takes after his Mom in the "I love sweets" department... He tested out the cake before he could even blow out the candles.
Notice that my cake is store bought... Well, I have decided to simplify my life lately... hence, the pizza dinner, store bought cake, not mailing out invitations, etc. This is so not me... and actually drives me crazy! I can't do it all.... but, we will save this for another post. :)

...My cute "TWO" year old little boy...

Thanks to the Cooks for spending Zenock's Birthday with us. Zenock absolutely loves these kids. Brynlee might as well be his girlfriend. He hates when we have to leave their house and puts up a fight and walks out the door with them when they leave our house. We are going to miss them so much when they move!

The After-party was spent making lots and lots of bubbles... We love bubbles.

We might have to wait until we can go outside for bubbles... the carpet was just a "little" wet.

We also played a little baseball with his new bat and ball. This of course was to celebrate
Spring is here! Easter is around the corner! Adventures to come! and we are counting down the days until it is time for visitors! Yeah! We couldn't be more excited! (We love visitors!)


The Trees said...

Very cute pictures! Happy Birthday Zenock! He is so so adorable!

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Kami said...

It looks like he had fun. :) So good of him to be patient to open his presents. Good luck with grandma and grandpa in a couple weeks.:) Are they staying with you?