Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday...

to our little "Two" year old Monkey!

I'm sure everyone says, "Where did the time go?!" I swear we were just in Texarkana hiding out from a Tornado (see last years birthday:) and celebrating ONE year... now TWO!?

We love this little boy so much! He brings such a sweet spirit into our home and provides endless amounts of entertainment and joy. He has the cutest little personality. We couldn't be happier to be his parents. Some of our favorite TWO year old things at the moment are:

* "I just wanna play."
We hear this daily and I can never get sick of his cute little voice saying it.

* His cute little singing voice... His favorite songs/games are: "Flying in an airplane..." and "Ring around the Rosies" We play them for hours a day.

*He still loves to cuddle... This would be the reason for him never sleeping through the night. He just wants to cuddle and have someone by him at ALL times. As frustrating as it is to never get a full nights sleep, I know one day I will miss his cuddles.

* He can count to SIX!

* Zenock has some sweet dance moves... i.e. "The Possum Stomper"

* Woohoo!

* I love that he understands everything now and will say, "Ok, Mama." He even sat himself in Time-out yesterday.

* His obsession's with Dogs, all animals, Airplanes, & McDonald's.
(He loves fries... Anytime we see a McDonald's we hear... "FRY!" from the backseat.)

* The way he has to say Hi, Bye, and See ya later to everyone we meet. He is so friendly and loves attention.

Dear Zennie,
We love you so much and are so greatful that Heavenly Father trusted us to be the parents of your sweet little spirit. It has been so much fun watching you grow and learn, we wouldn't/couldn't trade it for anything. Thank you for being the perfect little boy. We have so much fun with you everyday. I get frustrated with you a lot, but I know it is only temporary and have to remind myself what a special little guy you are. I love when you cuddle with me and give me your famous hugs and kisses. You make everyday a joy to be around you. We love you so much!

Love, Dad & Mom


We decided to do just a small little party for Zenock this year... just us and our "Virginia extended family." :)

These are the invitations I made, but never got sent out.... (This is for you Emily!) I've been a bit pre-occupied lately and ok... I admit, maybe just a little lazy.

We wish you could ALL be here to celebrate our little Monkey's TWO year Birthday! {Woohoo!}


Unknown said...

Give that little monkey a great big hug and kiss from his Aunt Kelly and his cousin Malia! I can't believe he's two already!

The Noble Steeds said...

Wish we could come. Happy birthday, Zen!

Heidi said...

Way cute invites!

Destri said...

Happy birthday little man! hope this year brings many new adventures, and very little time outs!
Carin, I had to laugh at him putting himself in time out, hank does that too, so cute.

Maria said...

Happy birthday Zenock! We hope you all have a great day. We had a great time with you guys last week. I was just thinking about the possom stomper and how cordinated he is to do it at het same time he is trying to Poo Poo. That was so funny. Miss you guys. PS. That is so cool your dad and brother are in the ensign.

Tatiana said...

Happy Birthday Zenock! Can't believe he's two already. I was thinking about him today, being april fool's. I remember when you called and said "it's not april fool's, I really did have him! So funny! Wish we were there to see the wild party!

Bourgeous said...

Happy bday Zenock! Love the card and can't wait to show of my uncle and cousin to all, it is such a great photo of both of them!

The Reeder's said...

Thanks for inviting me to the party! :] The invites were awesome! I can't believe Zennie is TWO!! It is so exciting everything he can do and say! Happy Birthday Monkey!! :) I also realized why he is obsessed with airplanes.. it's because he knows he will see his Aunt Emily on one in 2 and a half months!!! AHH!! And I am sure the Possum Stomper is much more entertaining when he does it then when JC used to dance for me.. Also HE CAN COUNT TO SIX!!!???? :]