Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great Grandparents really are GREAT!

How often when you were little did you get to have your GREAT grandparents come stay with you for a whole week. Zenock was spoiled all week with just that. JC's grandparents came to stay with us and we had the pleasure of taking them around to see all the sites of D.C.
I think we wore them right out. (And if we didn't... Zenock sure did.) We did almost everything in one week that JC and I have done in the last eight months of living here. It was lots of fun having them here to visit. Zenock was in pure heaven with the attention they gave him and started showing off the minute they walked in the door.

I will warn you now there are a Million pictures... and I didn't even come close to posting them all. :)
The first day they were here, we had a huge storm and they came home from the Holocaust museum soaked. The rest of the week was perfect weather and was a perfect time to visit D.C. Everything was so green, the sky was clear blue, and flowers were everywhere in full bloom. Loved it.


While the grandparents were on their tour of the Capitol building, JC and I got to tour around the area and see a few things we hadn't visited yet.

I love that all the trees were pink with blossoms... Just the thought that this color belongs to nature is awesome. I think these were made especially for me.

Did I mention that this day just so happened to also be our FIFTH wedding anniversary!?! I can't believe it has gone by so fast... or has it? I am so glad I have the perfect guy to spend another five years with. We had fun spending the day together as a family.



We wore Zenock right out... Somedays I wish I could be pushed around in a stroller as well with the seat reclined, lazily enjoying the sites.

The CAPITOL BUILDING... backside.

I love the detail on every building... architecture fascinates me. I started school out wanting to do Interior Design (I've said that about a million times on this thing), but I love it. I love all the aspects of Design/architecture. (I am hooked on HGtv.) Maybe one day, I'll go back to it...

We visited the National Botanical Gardens while Zenock was sleeping... Gorgeous. Heavenly Father had fun creating flowers. Each are so amazing in their own way. I need a house so I can enjoy my own flowers and garden. :)

Tulips are some of my favorite flowers. (One of the reason's I picked April to get married.) They were everywhere at the Temple when we got married and I had them all over at my reception.

Us with Great Grandpa and Grandma Brey.
Arlington cemetery was beautiful as well.

Abner Doubleday is buried in Arlington and was a general in the civil war. HE is also credited with inventing the game of BASEBALL.

Thank You General Doubleday... You have made my husband's life complete and brought hours upon hours of joy and entertainment to his life. You have also given me hours upon hours of free time to scrapbook, read, blog, socialize, and play with my little boy while my husband is enjoying your game. I thank you... What would my life be with out the game of Baseball???

The old amphitheater... I loved these Tulips. They were my favorite. :)

They were so pretty... It really was the perfect day.

The view of Washington D.C. from Arlington House... awesome view.

Cherry Blossoms were still in bloom all over Arlington. The National Cherry Blossom festival was last week and they have been everywhere. Awww... Spring!

Zenock also spent lots of time playing with Grandpa Brey and showing him all of his toys. This is how they ended most evenings. Zenock got quite an attachment to "ampa."

One of our last days was spent at Gettysburg. While the grandparents and JC were inside the visitors center watching the movie, Zenock and I stayed outside and of course hunted for and played with sticks.

Nothing beats 83 degree weather... :)

We had to go inside the visitors' center to get a slushie to cool down...

It was pretty good...

It was really, REALLY good and cold...

It was also LOADED with sugar.
Wonderful to fill up on right before you strap your child in a carseat to tour a very solemn battlefield scene.
Our sweet visitors left early Tuesday morning... We were so sad to see them go.

It was so much fun having Grandpa and Grandma visit and getting to know them better. We are so sad that we can't just hop in the car and drive 5 hours to stay with them in sunny St. George. Those were such fun vacations. :) We wish we lived just a little bit closer.

I love Zenock's sweet innocent smile.... haha.

Thanks for coming to visit!!! We had a great time!

Who wants to be next....


Mallory said...

I do!!!

Atkinsons said...

The pictures were beautiful! How fun to have the Greats spend a week with you guys...and that the weather was so nice!..And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Brian and Shara's beautiful family said...

It's amazing - I see a little bit of a resemblence with the grandparents and your adorable guy!

The Reeder's said...

I AM GOING TO BE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]:]:]:] WOOHOO! :]

the winegars said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun. I know Grandma and Grandpa did! They came to visit us when they got home and told us how cute Zenock was. I love that he called Grandpa "ampa" what a cute boy!

Swa said...

I hear ya on the tulips thing. I actually wanted to wait until spring to get married but Jake talked me in to getting married sooner (in october) by promising he'd buy me tulips in the spring. Has yet to have happened.... Looks like a fun week with them!