Monday, April 13, 2009

- - Easter 2009 - -

Our Easter Weekend was great!!! I love spending time with my family. Our weekend started out early when JC got home from work on Friday and told Zenock and I he was taking us out on a date night... We went out to dinner at On the Border, got a treat, and came home, changed into our pj's, and watched "Bedtime Stories." It was such a cute movie and Zenock was obsessed with the Hampster/Guinea Pig "BUGSY" who had huge eyes! Everytime Bugsy came onto the screen, Zenock would look at JC or I and say,
"Ohhh... He's so cute!"
Zenock decided to have a pre-dinner snack before going out and dumped the entire bag of chips all over the floor. Oh... How I love my vaccuum. :) I clean up a mess like this at least once a day. I am sure my downstairs neighbor thinks I am nuts!

Saturday night we kept with tradition and dyed some Easter Eggs. My husband thinks I am absolutely crazy to do all of this with a two year old and honestly a part of me thinks so too. BUT, I love holidays, love traditions, and I feel like if I don't start now then Zenock is missing out and it might not happen the next year. Besides... I enjoy a little egg dyeing as well. It is so much fun for me to dye eggs, fill plastic eggs with candy, hide and prepare an egg hunt, find the perfect little easter gifts, lay it all out, and watch my child's eyes filled with excitement as he runs into the room to find his gifts and experience the moment of opening his egg to find candy. I get the biggest thrill!
Pure Enjoyment.

I have to also add that I treasure the reason behind the Easter Holiday.
The truth. The gospel. The meaning. The knowledge. His Sacrifice.
My Savior.
Who could forget?

Egg Dyeing WAS quite the experience. Zenock loved it. After showing him how to use the dipper, he really tried to use it, but then would just stir the dye with the dipper and then proceed to dump the egg and his entire hand in the dye. :)

Add Image...Testing out the dye...

He was so excited... How could you not give this kid anything he wants. He is tough to say no to.

His BLUE hand...
Note to self: Three different kinds of soap and a lot of soaking and scrubbing in the tub DOES remove Easter Egg dye from little hands. It also produces fun blue colored tub water. :)


The Easter Bunny found us.... All of us!!!

Seriously... Pure enjoyment.

Easter Egg Hunt! As soon as he figured out there was candy in the Eggs he was running around, finding eggs, cracking them open, and shoving candy in his mouth. JC and I were just sitting back laughing at our crazy little boy.

I think this might have been a sugar high expression... :)
Another note to self: Too much sugar before church equals lots of time out in the hall during church.

I loved Easter when I was little... So many memories! It also always meant a new Easter Dress. Since, I don't have a girl... Zenock gets to deal with new Easter Sunday clothes.
And... since I cannot get Zenock to ever look at the camera or smile anymore for it, you get to have a picture of him with me.
Hope you all had a great weekend! We have another busy week ahead of us with lots of adventures. JC's grandparents are coming to stay and we are so excited to show them ALL that we have seen. :)


Heather said...

Looks like you had a very fun Easter! We rented Bedtime Stories this last weekend too and the kids loved Bugsey as well. Craig and I were fairly entertained too. You look gorgeous in your Easter outfit! Love you Carin - have a good one. Thanks for sharing your Easter!

Erin said...

You love fabulous as always Carin! And little Zennock looks like he is in heaven with all the Easter activities :)
We also spent alot of our church in the you said...Too much sugar before church equals lots of time out!

Erin said...

I ment look not love fabulous :)

Cass said...

Carin- you are such a cute mom, always doing such great things for your little man. He's really lucky to have such a creative, thoughtful mom. it looks like you had a wonderful Easter, I love reading your posts. we haven't decided when we're headed your way. but if I have say, it will be before you move, so hopefully I'll get to see you soon.

Destri said...

Hey don't feel bad we did eggs with hank too and it was a mess! my white table is all sorts of colors!

Bourgeous said...

Carin, you are amazing! I love your new crafts - you could honestly be Sugar and Spice. Happy belated b-day Zenock.

Mallory said...

Carin, did you forget to mention the other reason you absolutely love Easter? Cadbury Eggs! Thanks to you I can't seem to get enough of them either, luckily for me our local Wal Mart ran out of them early and didn't get a new shipment in, it was for the best. love ya!

Atkinsons said...

Seeing all your fun posts makes me miss you guys a ton! Don't you just feel a certain closeness and love for our little Texarkana fellows group? I don't know what it is but I am so glad for these blogs so we can keep in touch! You are such a good mom and I am sure you are making Zenock's life so fun with sticking to traditions! He is such a cute boy! And you look GREAT in your easter pic!

Annie said...

Very fun! Tell Zennock that I had one blue fingernail and one green fingernail after we dyed eggs, so he shouldn't feel to bad about his hand :-) Hope you enjoyed the easter candy as much as I did!

Mallory said...

Carin, Zenock may have had a blue hand, but we had to literally stop my 2 year old nephew not once, but 3 times from drinking the dye. And when he thought we weren't looking he would stick dip his finger in the water/vinegar mixture for a taste. I guess pink egg dye does look awfully similar to punch but you would think after his first taste he would stop, not this kid.

Brian and Shara's beautiful family said...

Easter is almost like Christmas all over again. He's so cute! Call me sometime so we can hang out. 443-710-1276.
I'm glad you found us!