Friday, April 10, 2009

... Busy...

Here is a week worth of updates... :) Life gets pretty busy around here.

Saturday we were invited to attend a "book reading" and VIP reception for Tina Louise... aka Ginger from Gilligan's Island. She just finished writing a children's book and Zenock was invited to be one of the children she read her new book too.
Don't you love having friends with connections? :) We sure do... note the $125.00 price per ticket for the VIP reception. (Our price: $0.) This included a meet and greet and wine and cheese table (we enjoyed the cheese, shrimp, and miniature cupcakes meant for the children).

When we walked in each of the kids were given a copy of Tina's new book, "When I grow Up." We then were able to have her personally autograph and sign each book. I have to admit for age 75... she doesn't look to shabby. In fact... she looked pretty great!

They then took all of the kids upstairs so they could get ready for Tina to read her book. Tina happens to only like her picture taken from "left to right." We quickly snapped this picture as she was telling a gentleman on the front row that if he was going to take pictures he needed to go on the other side of the room. Seriously... and JC thinks I am demanding. :)

The event was held at an old prison that they have turned into an Art Museum. The prison was where they kept the women's suffrage prisoners.

My cute family after Tina read her book. Zenock did really well sitting still for the first 10-15 minutes... completely unheard of for our little boy. It was a fun activity to attend! (Thanks for the connection/invite Rebecca!)

This is Tina's new book... It is pretty cute and part of the proceeds go towards Children's Literacy programs.

Zenock's first "famous" autograph.


We thoroughly enjoyed conference weekend listening and being uplifted. I love how conference inspires me to be better. I feel like these men are so inspired by what they say. I needed to hear so many of their words and there were times when I thought how perfectly fitting they were to others close to me. I need to do more to inspire myself and to uplift myself throughout the year.

Sunday we had GREAT weather and after conference we got outside to play around for awhile.

Of course, Zenock would find the only dirt hole in the grass and sit himself right down in it...
Oh Boy!

Showing Daddy his dirt hole.

Playing ball... Zenock is at the age where he loves to be chased. He is always taunting us to chase him.

One of the advantages of our neighborhood is there are plenty of dogs or puppies around, which Zenock absolutely loves. He runs right over to them and gives them lots of loves. He is such a friendly little boy and is always telling strangers BIG stories. This guy couldn't keep from laughing as Zenock was telling him stories and would only pause for a second to get a reaction from him.
It was such a great day to be outside and to feel the Spring weather. We have been surrounded by a sea of pink everywhere we go. The cherry blossom's are in full bloom everywhere and it is just gorgeous. Hopefully, I can get a picture or two before they all go away.

Yesterday, (I told you it was a weeks worth of posts:) I told Zenock to get ready for lunch. As i was making his pb&j sandwich, he was in the fridge... (like usual) and then proceeded to set the table.

Apparently, all you need for lunch is sour cream, cottage cheese, two spoons...

and some leftover pizza... He is so self- efficient. :)

During conference, I always like to have something to do... sitting on my comfy couch watching and listening to soothing voices somehow puts me to sleep. So, I try to keep my hands busy while listening. My creative, craftiness ended up lasting ALL week. I got lots of projects done, finished projects I have been working on, and even decorated for Spring... (yeah, I probably should've done it a month ago. I think I better start on Summer now.) Here are a few of my Spring Projects:

*The boxes I made to go above my cabinets.
*The tablerunner was inspired by my very creative friend Erin. Thanks Erin!!!
*Spring stitching and painted an old frame to put it in.
*Spring decorations... It's amazing what a little colored ribbon can do for a room!
*Last, JC gave me a new bedspread for Christmas and I needed an accent pillow to go with it. I found perfect fabric to match and made a huge pillow. It turned out bigger than I thought it would, but I ended up really liking it.
*I also scrapbooked a couple of pages and framed them for JC to take to work and hang up.

I love being crafty.... It is so relaxing for me. I have also been working on two other pillows that I might have done soon. I have pretty much taken the week off from all of my other "household cleaning" duties, so I had better get with it!
I am so excited for Easter this weekend and to give Zennie his Easter basket.
Happy Easter everyone!


Annie said...

WOW - cute projects!! I may have to steal some of your ideas! We were out in D.C. last April when all the cherry blossoms were blooming and it was SO pretty. So, I am sure you are loving spring out there!

Your family is as cute as ever!

Erin said...

I always find myself leaving comments that you guys are always up to something fun :)

Also, I love you "Spring" projects! Don't you love being creative?! I wish you were closer and we could have a girls craft day :)

Cute post!

Destri said...

I LOVE your pillow! I didn't know that you sew! I love to sew too! When we get our new site up I will be over the sewing segment, and will have some fun sew alongs, so you'll have to come play with me!

Destri said...

that book signing looked like a ton of fun too!

Heather said...

Crafty, Crafty, Crafty!! I loved all your projects. You are VERY talented! LOVED IT!