Wednesday, March 11, 2009


If you noticed, I have been using this word a LOT more lately. {Woohoo!} Mainly, because, it has become Zenock's new favorite word. He says it about EVERYTHING!
Whenever we say:

"It's Bathtime!" ... Zenock's response: "Woohoo!"
(He also pumps his fists up and down while shouting... kinda, like you would if you had just won a thousand dollars and shouting Yeeessss!!!)

Us: "Time to go outside!" Z: "Woohoo!"

Us: "Do you want a snack?" Z: "Woohoo!"

Us: "Let's go to the store..." Z: "Woohoo!"

I love it and can't get enough of it.

He is such a fun little boy to have around. He has learned how to jump with both feet and never holds still... He gets jumping pretty high! I feel sorry for our neighbor downstairs... We have had to teach him there is a "RIGHT" time to jump. During the sacrament at church is a BAD time to jump. :) I can't believe he will be TWO in less than a month! It has gone by way too fast! We are planning an "Animal" themed Birthday party, along with a trip to the Circus. I can't wait! Some of his other sayings are:

Oh Boy!, Oh No!, and Oh Goll... (JC always says this.)

JC scraped his knee up playing basketball the other day. Zenock kept pointing to it and JC would tell him he had an "owie." Zenock will now find any reason to come up to me and say, "Oh No, Mama, Owie!" JC also taught him that fake crying will get him a little bit more attention. (Some things parents should not teach their children. :) He knows now if he "cries" he gets a faster response. In my defense... it's a pretty good fake cry. All I can say is this kid needs a brother/sister fast! He is learning way too much from his Dad.

The other day when we were in the car, JC was getting mad at a driver in front of us... (Virginia drivers are HORRIBLE!) and yelled, "Cool Dude, Just go then.." For the rest of the time we spent in the car, Zenock kept yelling, "Cool Dude, GO!" It was too funny. I'm sure his sayings are only going to become even more frequent and more funny. I love reading what your kids say... (those of you who put it on your blogs.) They are so funny and just amaze me with what they know!

Besides being camp director for our ward's young women, I just got put in as Primary Secretary. I am so excited for this calling and to be able to sit in Primary and listen to all of the funny things the kids say and do. Last time I was in Primary, I was the chorister and hated going to Primary... I can't sing at all and felt so dumb trying to teach the kids to sing when I couldn't sing. (It didn't help that JC was a teacher and made fun of every thing I did...) Secretary is the best job ever! I get to be involved and do lots of busy work and really enjoy my time in the Primary. I'm so greatful for the Primary program and all it does to teach our little children and to make up for the "many" areas where I lack as a mom. :)


Mallory said...

Speaking of funny little kids, I have been substitute teaching in a 2nd grade class and the other day this kindergartner across the hall was outside just screaming and crying for his mother and this little boy in my class looked over at this little girl and said, "sometimes I feel just like that." Kids are so funny, (when they aren't being naughty).

Cass said...

he is so cute, he says the funniest things. i'm really jealous about the nice, beautiful weather. we're taking a trip to Washington in september and i was looking forward to visiting with you, so I guess you'll need to come here.

Baird Family said...

So let me just say that once your kids start talking you realize how careful you have to be about what comes out of your own mouth. My 'road rage' moment was months ago and Trevor STILL says, "GO GO GO!" every time we stop in traffic.

Also, I am SO jealous of the weather you're getting. Are those FLIP FLOPS on Zenock's little feet?! Lucky!

The Traylor's said...

I love reading all the funny things our little ones say too. I've been working on a long one for a few days. I want to make sure I get all the funnies that's he said lately in there.

Becky said...

Congrats on the new calling! Primary is a fun place to be.

Your little guy is so stinkin' cute and so funny! I can't believe he is almost 2. Good luck with the party planning, can't wait to see the pictures!

Annie said...

Your little guy is such a stud!
Primary is fun, I was in the nursery in our old ward for like a year and a half - I got to eat fishie crackers every Sunday, it was awesome! Or should I say WAHOO!

The Trees said...

"Woohoo' that is too cute!

Bourgeous said...

I'm sure that was a sweet ride! Zenock is in such an awesome stage! I love listening to what kids say, especially when they just mimic. I am in Primary also I asked this week where we can find the Articles of Faith, and the sweetest little girl raised her hand and said, "In Heavenly Father" I couldn't help giggling but just didn't know what to say in response.

Logan and Ryan said...

I am loving Zenock's sunglasses he seems like such a great kid.