Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...Jefferson Memorial...

We have had the best Spring weather lately... This last weekend it was 75-80 degrees! I am so excited for it to warm up and to be outdoors, swimming, bbq's, nightly walks... etc. Saturday we went to our favorite "Airplane" park: Gravelly Point. It is such an awesome park. They have tons of trails all over that take you up to Mount Vernon or over into D.C. We thought we would take the trail over into D.C. You get to walk along the Potomac River and over the bridge and it takes you right to the Jefferson Memorial. A bonus of the trail is that all of the Airplanes are still flying right over top of you, so it kept Zenock very entertained. It was perfect weather and was so great to spend the time outside!
This picture looks really overcast and cold, but it wasn't. This was along our walk, right before we crossed the bridge.

...Jefferson Memorial...
Kinda fun to visit all of these place that I have seen and heard about so much in books, on tv, etc. It just doesn't get old. :)

Zenock and I inside the Memorial... This statue of Thomas Jefferson is HUGE!

This is one of my favorite views of the Washington monument. The sun was just beginning to break through the clouds. It was such a pretty setting.
JC keeps warning me that I am going to be sad when we leave this area.... I think a part of me will. I feel like I am just barely getting used to it. I love all of the rich culture and heritage and all of the many things to do and to take advantage of. BUT, I am more excited to move forward, settle, and enjoy my family.


Destri said...

"settle"....key word in that statement, i know just what you mean. you will love it! and miss it, how lucky are you to get to do both?!!!!

Mallory said...

Carin, I think I might be a little sad when you move because I think I am a little jealous that you live there.