Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Page 36...

I always love when you see someone you know in the newspaper or even a magazine. WELL, on page 36 of this months Ensign (our church magazine), there is a picture of my Dad and my brother Daniel! {Woohoo!}

A photographer for the magazine came and took this picture back in 2005! He needed a picture of a father and son riding horses in a field... My dad and brother couldn't have fit this role more perfectly. This is pretty much what they do when they have any spare time. (If they have spare time.) Any excuse they can get to be on a horse they will take it. This is their love and their joy.

Finding this picture in the Ensign was totally unexpected, because it was taken almost four years ago. There is a picture almost just like this one that hangs in my parents home. And, to be honest, I almost didn't recognize it... but I just think it is so cool to say, "I know them!"

So as your are flipping through your Ensign this month you can stop and say... "Hey, I know them!" I think they can claim this as their small claim to fame. :)

It also just so happens to be my Brother Daniel's Birthday today! So...


Hope you have a GREAT day!


Becky said...

How funny. When I saw it in the Ensign, I thought they looked familiar, but didn't think much of it. How fun!

Erin said...

That is such a great picture! And a great "claim to fame." I have done that twice now where I was skimming through the ensign and saw some people I knew. When john was on his mission he found an article in the ensign that he really wanted me to read so he sent me the entire ensign. I opened up the package and pulled out the ensign and on the very front cover standing right next to president hinckley was my really good friend and neighbor at snow college. I ran across the hall and was like "what in the heck are you doing there!!" She had taken that picture 2 years ealier with him. I also opened it up one day and saw my brothers best friend and mission companion that lived with my family for 6 months. That was like 10 years ago and I saw a huge head shot of him like 2 months ago. It's weird.

Again, that is an amazing picture of your dad and brother. It would be awesome if your family could get a big picture of that same picture.

Erin P.