Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Page 36...

I always love when you see someone you know in the newspaper or even a magazine. WELL, on page 36 of this months Ensign (our church magazine), there is a picture of my Dad and my brother Daniel! {Woohoo!}

A photographer for the magazine came and took this picture back in 2005! He needed a picture of a father and son riding horses in a field... My dad and brother couldn't have fit this role more perfectly. This is pretty much what they do when they have any spare time. (If they have spare time.) Any excuse they can get to be on a horse they will take it. This is their love and their joy.

Finding this picture in the Ensign was totally unexpected, because it was taken almost four years ago. There is a picture almost just like this one that hangs in my parents home. And, to be honest, I almost didn't recognize it... but I just think it is so cool to say, "I know them!"

So as your are flipping through your Ensign this month you can stop and say... "Hey, I know them!" I think they can claim this as their small claim to fame. :)

It also just so happens to be my Brother Daniel's Birthday today! So...


Hope you have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

C.I.R.C.U.S. and other adventures...

Will life ever slow down? I seriously have to tell myself to "just breathe" every now and then. JC asks me what I do that is so busy, but seriously... what am I not doing? I am taking care of a two year old that knows how to get into trouble and make a mess the minute I turn my back, errands, phone calls, camp preparing, primary preparing, taking care of a husband, preparing for a Birthday, 5 year Anniversary, family pictures, time with friends, planning for visitors, planning to move, trying to create happy memories for my family, weekend adventures and all the other daily items... I just don't think it is going to get any easier... at least for the next 6-7 months! Holy crap! It is going to be busy! I need to just sit down and breathe... Well, I would, but I don't have time for that. :)

I thought I would have these pictures up at least three days ago... hopefully, you understand. Also, I will warn you, there are LOTS of pictures. :)


We got tickets a month ago for the new renovated opening of Ford's Theatre. It was a quick self-guided tour of the balcony... but pretty humbling to realize the history that took place here. I know I have said it before, but it makes everything so "REAL" and not just a story in a history book. I apologize that the pictures are dark... I joke with JC that we are going to have to do this all over again when we get a "good" camera. :)

I know you can't really see what is in the specialized, temperature controlled case behind JC, but this is the actual coat Lincoln was wearing when he was shot. (Seriously... amazing.) It was hand made especially for him. There are even blood stains on the collar. (Creepy, I know.)

After Ford's Theatre, we walked a few doors down to the Hard Rock Cafe for a little lunch... to be honest... lunch was not good... However...

The MUSIC was GREAT!!! All of the waiters and waitresses were totally amused by our little Zenock who would not hold still and danced in his chair the ENTIRE time. It was pretty funny.

After lunch, we had some time to waste before the circus started... So we let Zenock run and play with his favorite toy... "random sticks." If he is outside, you better bet he has a stick in his hand. He is SO BOY! We also spent some time in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History... (one of our favorites!)

***And now... what you have all been waiting for...

....THE CIRCUS....

We wanted to do something special/fun for Zenock's 2nd Birthday. He has been so obsessed with animals for the longest time that we thought the Circus would be the perfect idea. Before the show begins they let you go down and meet all of the performers, take pictures, and watch some of their performances up close.

I think Zenock thought the horse was pretty boring compared to all of the other "fun" stuff going on around us.

Our very own little Circus performer... Zenock got to try on some of the Circus wardrobe.

Zenock and JC watching the elephant paint a picture.

JC and his clown snow cone... he had to have. :)

This is what Zenock looked like the entire show... He was absolutely in awe and would just stare and point and say... "Ohh, Wow, and See that!" He absolutely loved it and hardly took his eyes off of the show... except for when he needed more cotton candy. I think the elephants, tigers, and puppies were his favorite. He was so excited when the animals would come out.

I went to a Circus when I was little and remember thinking it was pretty cool. JC had never been and was really entertained. (I think he might have been making up for lost time.) This was a HUGE Circus and a big production. But it was worth going to. If you haven't been to a Circus, I definitely recommend it. It was awesome!

They had so many different shows, tricks, and acts to keep you entertained. Zenock fell asleep the last ten minutes of the show... he was so exhausted.

After we got home, Zenock entertained us and was being so funny. He kept putting on this clown nose and running around. It was so cute.
I had a huge headache from all the noise, the lights, and not eating good food all day. I was sitting next to Zenock at the table trying to get him to eat and JC was telling me thanks for planning such a great day, (I know... I know... I have a sweet husband!) Zenock turned to me and said, "Yeah, Thanks, Mama!" It was so sweet and made me realize that my headache was totally worth all the pain just to make him happy! I love this little guy and can't believe he is going to be TWO in one week! I might have to make some time to just sit down and cry... Does that require breathing???

After church on Sunday we had a GREAT home cooked Cafe Rio dinner and delicious pina colada's for dessert with friends who were in town visiting... we then went home to relax after our very long, very busy weekend. It was so much fun spending time with my family, but also very exhausting.

The last couple of days Zenock has been so entertained by the few toys we got at the Circus. He hasn't let them out of his sight... (he sleeps with the clown nose.) He came walking into the kitchen the other morning wearing this hat. Again, it was worth it! Hilarious... Maybe one day I will teach him he really doesn't want to grow up to be a clown, but today I'll just let him dream and enjoy...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love it...

My sister in law sent this to me earlier today and I loved it. I had to share. :)
(Sorry if I e-mailed it to you already... I thought it was so cute.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


If you noticed, I have been using this word a LOT more lately. {Woohoo!} Mainly, because, it has become Zenock's new favorite word. He says it about EVERYTHING!
Whenever we say:

"It's Bathtime!" ... Zenock's response: "Woohoo!"
(He also pumps his fists up and down while shouting... kinda, like you would if you had just won a thousand dollars and shouting Yeeessss!!!)

Us: "Time to go outside!" Z: "Woohoo!"

Us: "Do you want a snack?" Z: "Woohoo!"

Us: "Let's go to the store..." Z: "Woohoo!"

I love it and can't get enough of it.

He is such a fun little boy to have around. He has learned how to jump with both feet and never holds still... He gets jumping pretty high! I feel sorry for our neighbor downstairs... We have had to teach him there is a "RIGHT" time to jump. During the sacrament at church is a BAD time to jump. :) I can't believe he will be TWO in less than a month! It has gone by way too fast! We are planning an "Animal" themed Birthday party, along with a trip to the Circus. I can't wait! Some of his other sayings are:

Oh Boy!, Oh No!, and Oh Goll... (JC always says this.)

JC scraped his knee up playing basketball the other day. Zenock kept pointing to it and JC would tell him he had an "owie." Zenock will now find any reason to come up to me and say, "Oh No, Mama, Owie!" JC also taught him that fake crying will get him a little bit more attention. (Some things parents should not teach their children. :) He knows now if he "cries" he gets a faster response. In my defense... it's a pretty good fake cry. All I can say is this kid needs a brother/sister fast! He is learning way too much from his Dad.

The other day when we were in the car, JC was getting mad at a driver in front of us... (Virginia drivers are HORRIBLE!) and yelled, "Cool Dude, Just go then.." For the rest of the time we spent in the car, Zenock kept yelling, "Cool Dude, GO!" It was too funny. I'm sure his sayings are only going to become even more frequent and more funny. I love reading what your kids say... (those of you who put it on your blogs.) They are so funny and just amaze me with what they know!

Besides being camp director for our ward's young women, I just got put in as Primary Secretary. I am so excited for this calling and to be able to sit in Primary and listen to all of the funny things the kids say and do. Last time I was in Primary, I was the chorister and hated going to Primary... I can't sing at all and felt so dumb trying to teach the kids to sing when I couldn't sing. (It didn't help that JC was a teacher and made fun of every thing I did...) Secretary is the best job ever! I get to be involved and do lots of busy work and really enjoy my time in the Primary. I'm so greatful for the Primary program and all it does to teach our little children and to make up for the "many" areas where I lack as a mom. :)

...Jefferson Memorial...

We have had the best Spring weather lately... This last weekend it was 75-80 degrees! I am so excited for it to warm up and to be outdoors, swimming, bbq's, nightly walks... etc. Saturday we went to our favorite "Airplane" park: Gravelly Point. It is such an awesome park. They have tons of trails all over that take you up to Mount Vernon or over into D.C. We thought we would take the trail over into D.C. You get to walk along the Potomac River and over the bridge and it takes you right to the Jefferson Memorial. A bonus of the trail is that all of the Airplanes are still flying right over top of you, so it kept Zenock very entertained. It was perfect weather and was so great to spend the time outside!
This picture looks really overcast and cold, but it wasn't. This was along our walk, right before we crossed the bridge.

...Jefferson Memorial...
Kinda fun to visit all of these place that I have seen and heard about so much in books, on tv, etc. It just doesn't get old. :)

Zenock and I inside the Memorial... This statue of Thomas Jefferson is HUGE!

This is one of my favorite views of the Washington monument. The sun was just beginning to break through the clouds. It was such a pretty setting.
JC keeps warning me that I am going to be sad when we leave this area.... I think a part of me will. I feel like I am just barely getting used to it. I love all of the rich culture and heritage and all of the many things to do and to take advantage of. BUT, I am more excited to move forward, settle, and enjoy my family.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

...Winter Weather...

Last Monday (a week ago), we got hit with a HUGE snow storm. (Nothing like Utah just got, but pretty good for Virginia.) We got EIGHT inches of snow! This only happens every so often here and I think this one broke some records. When it snows like that, they shut down school, church, offices, etc. JC was even given a snow day at work. :) Since moving away from Utah most of our snow clothes have disappeared and as for Zenock... he doesn't own any! So while everyone was out playing in the snow and getting REALLY wet and cold. Zenock got to stay inside and enjoy a nice hot bath and a Popsicle!!! (Don't worry, we did let him experience the snow and the cold.) He was so excited when I brought the Popsicle into the bathroom and has since asked for a "Poppy" every time he gets into the tub.

Watermelon (Green) Popsicle's are the best in the tub... why? Because they make the biggest messes and I don't have to clean it up! By the end, we call Zenock our "Green Monster."

A lady who helped in Nursery last week told me that Zenock has the cutest facial expressions and is very animated...??? JC says he gets it from me.... I just don't know if that is necessarily a good thing....

For Example.... This face??? What the........ :)

Popsicles go pretty fast at our house... I have to limit JC and Zenock to only 2-3 a day.

Of course, we always get a good cheese picture when the camera is out.

AND this... this would be the Green Monster. Complete with growling sounds effects, green tongue, and all!

We enjoyed our Winter Weather... but we are definitely glad it is gone!

SPRING is here and we are now enjoying 80 degree weather!!! Woohoo!