Friday, February 27, 2009


This is what happens when I try and get ready for the day....

In about two minutes Zenock had gone into his room, emptied out all of the contents of the drawer, got into the drawer, stood up, reached up and grabbed the wipes off the top of the dresser, and then proceeded to throw each wipe out one at a time to top off the pile of pajamas he had already thrown out. Treating the wipes as if they were the cherry on top. :)

All while sitting in the drawer saying, "Cheese!" Do you think he was preparing himself for a photo opportunity???

I guess I just won't get ready anymore... ahh. How do you do it???

Monday, February 23, 2009


Zenock has been absolutely obsessed with Airplanes lately. Everytime we go outside he is pointing up looking for Airplanes and saying, "Airplane!" That is all we hear when we ride in the car.... "Airplane, Airplane, Airplane." I bought him a little toy Airplane and he flies it around the house all day saying, "Swoosh, shooo, shooo..." It is so cute to watch his fascination with them.
We had heard of this GREAT park right next to the Reagan National Airport, called Gravelly Point. The Airplanes fly right over the top of you to land and you can watch them take off on the other side. After Zenock's obsession we decided it was a "must do" on our Saturday list.

Before we even got out of the car Zenock spotted an Airplane and was literally jumping out of his chair. He was so excited. When the Airplanes came in they were extremely loud and I was a little worried that he might get scared, but he absolutely loved it.

It was amazing to watch... especially because they were so close. You were directly under them.

Reagan is one of the busiest airports in the country (I think even the world.) The Airplanes were coming in almost every two minutes which gave us lots of entertainment. Zenock had the best expressions every time. We called our parents to make sure they could get in on the fun and listen to his excitement.

We seriously could have stayed there all day, but it was FREEZING cold and as the Airplanes would fly over top, it would make it even colder. We are going to have to make this a weekly event as soon as it warms up a little. It was so much fun. I also think we just might be raising a little future pilot. :)
I thought I would throw in a couple of pictures in color, so you can see just how close the Airplanes really are. I don't think the pictures even do it justice.

It was awesome!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's About Time!

WE ARE MOVING... again.
Seriously we are moving again. This time we are headed to...


or as we like to call it...

Sweet Home Alabama.

I am probably way more excited for this move than I should be. We found out two weeks ago and it has taken me this long to calm down, soak it in, and really accept it. We knew we were going to be moving there when we moved here, (JC's work is transferring their headquarters there.) We just didn't think it would be this soon. We had originally been told that we wouldn't be moving until January of 2011, but somehow we got lucky and get to go a little sooner. Our new moving date is: September 1, 2009! Wahoo!

There are so many reasons that I am excited to move and I'm sure there are lots of people who think I am absolutely nuts to want to leave where I am right now. But here is why...

1. Alabama and Huntsville have been household names to me my entire life. My Dad served his mission there. I have heard so many stories about this place and I am so excited to return and to have my Dad visit and tell me all the stories again.

2. I LOVE warm weather and being in the South. I don't know what it is, but I'm ADDICTED to it. I absolutely loved living in St. George in college and JC and I are bound and determined that one day we WILL retire there. For now, Alabama will do.

3. I LOVE Southern people... and Southern Accents. The Southern Hospitality is real! People are just too busy here in Virginia to give you the time of day. We talked to a friend in Texarkana the other day and I loved just listening to him talk. IT brought back so many good memories of good times. I think Zenock was born Southern... when he says; Eye, Bye, etc.. he says them with a Southern accent. haha!

4. I LOVE the slow/simplicity of the Southern lifestyle. We loved this lifestyle in Texarkana. Life is FAST-PACED here in Virginia. Too fast-paced and definitely not for me... I'm a small town, country girl... I need my wide open spaces. I need room to breathe. There is NONE of that here in the D.C. Metro area.

5. ( This is my favorite one...) WE get to have a HOME! I have dreamed of this day for 5 years and never thought it would come. FINALLY, There is an end in sight to our apartment living and throwing our money away! Yeah! Ideally, we want to build a home, since we will be there for quite awhile... (at least until JC can transfer his job back to good ol' Utah... one day.) We have already been in contact with a Realtor who works for a builder that built some friends homes' and have the house we want picked out. We are so excited for this! We can't wait to go down in April/May and finalize everything. Everyday, JC finds out something new about Huntsville/Alabama and will call me up or come home so excited to tell me about it!

Maybe I have set my expectations too high about moving to Alabama, but I just have this overwhelming feeling that we are going to love it there. Until then, I guess we need to get our fill of Virginia and take advantage of everything around us. :)


The picture up on top I got from a website that claims it was taken in Huntsville... whether it is true, I don't know... if it is, I WILL Love it. The only thing I'm not looking forward too.... Tornado Season.... :)

My silly little boy...

I'm playing a little catch-up on my blogging lately....
Zenock is at the funnest stage and I know I've said it a hundred times, but I would LOVE to freeze time right now. Especially knowing that some "not so fun" times are ahead... the independent stage, terrible two's, potty training, etc.
Right now, I am just loving and enjoying every minute of this time with Zenock. He makes me laugh daily and is such a sweet little boy.

Lunch time is always fun at our house... ANY meal time is always fun with Zenock around. This kid loves to eat... and he will eat just about anything I put in front of him. I am so lucky that he isn't picky.

He also loves to play in the fridge. If he hears me in the kitchen he knows it is just a matter of time until the fridge opens. He waits for it to happen and comes tearing through the house to help me re-organize the fridge. (This also happens whenever the pantry gets opened as well.) He will tell me what he wants or he will just pick it up and try to eat it. I think he has finally figured out that the butter doesn't taste very good.

He still loves his "show time" and loves to cuddle. When his show starts, he yells, "Sshhhooowww!" and then gets very excited. If he isn't cuddling with us he always has a stuffed animal right by his side. (Yes, he is the one who cuddles us... notice his arm wrapped around Mickey. He does this with us anytime we lay down by him. I LOVE it!)

Zenock also loves to play in the bottom drawer of the oven... I have no idea why, but he always has. He loves to sit in the drawer with his toys and just play. The other day JC and I were talking to Zenock and told him that we needed to get ready to go "Night, Night." Zenock took off running and we heard him open the drawer... When we walked over to see what he was doing he was laying in the drawer and looked up at us and said, "Night, Night." Seriously! Where do they come up with this stuff. It was so funny.

He is always doing funny things to make us laugh. We can't help but just love this little boy to pieces.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

{Valentine's Day}

We had such a GREAT Valentine's Day... I loved spending it with my two favorite boys! Zenock woke up from his nap and had a VERY special Valentine waiting for him. It had just arrived from Grandpa and Grandma Reeder and Aunt Emily!
It said it was for a "Super Hero" Valentine...

Zenock tore into the present like he was a REAL Super Hero. :)
He especially loved the Fruit Snack "CANNY" (as he calls it) on the front of his present.
HE was so excited to find a new ELMO book and a movie about a Fishy named Mr. Limpet.

He got to work right away eating his, "CANNY" and reading his book.

Thank YOU!

Zenock loved his Valentine.

...Mr. Lincoln...

A couple weekends ago we decided we HAD to get out of the house. It has been so cold we haven't wanted to go anywhere. We finally had a Saturday that was somewhat decent and decided to take FULL advantage of it...
We headed into D.C. to the National Archives to view some of our countries most "treasured" documents...
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution
The Bill of Rights
The Magna Carta
and a whole lot more.
I find it amazing that these documents have actually survived and been around so many years... It was so cool to see the "real" signatures of the historic men we read about. I've never really been that interested in history, but seeing it makes it a completely different story. I would love to hear what the historic men of our country would say about everything going on now. Would they have done any different???

While on our way through the Archive building we turned the corner and ran into Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln... For a moment we honestly thought we had seen a ghost. We tried to get Zenock in the picture, but he was terrified of Abe. As we were walking away he did manage to say "Bye" to him, although it was almost like he was terrified of what would happen if he didn't say Bye. (That night Zenock woke up screaming with nightmares and for some reason was so scared of 2-3 people at church the next day. (maybe bearing slight resemblances to Mr. Lincoln.) We spent most of the day out in the hall... We are still wondering if maybe Mr. Lincoln was actually a ghost.)

After all of our excitement with Mr. Lincoln we thought we would take a stroll down to Ford's Theatre. It is currently closed and undergoing renovation, but don't worry... We bought our tickets for the grand opening in March!

...Zenock and I at Ford's Theatre...

Across the street from Ford's Theatre is the home where they took Lincoln to after he was shot. It is seriously named, "House Where Lincoln Died." It's all in the name...

It only took a few minutes to tour the home, so JC and I took turns watching Zenock.

We continued our sight seeing adventure and just decided to walk and see where we ended up... This was a cool church just down the street. JC loved the name... "St. Patrick's Church."

We ended up walking all afternoon just enjoying our sights. We spent part of the afternoon walking and exploring our way through Chinatown.
It was a fun afternoon. Washington D.C. never ceases to amaze me. I am always very entertained whenever we go anywhere. Hopefully, the weather warms up soon so we can take advantage of all the city has to offer!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I admit it... I am a Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie. I have been since college... (I blame my roommates.) I have even had the opportunity to talk to one of the bachelors personally and numerous times on the phone. :) Seriously... No I wasn't stalking him... The company I worked for did some work for him. Nice guy. I think the whole office was obsessed with him for at least a minute.
I apologize to my sweet husband who has suffered through my predictions and obsessions every season. This season has definitely been one of my favorites so far.... until last night.
What the heck was Jason thinking dumping Jillian!?!? I mean come on... She definitely has it all together. What is with the whole, "I need to marry someone who is more than my Best Friend." I agree with that to some point, but we all know you end up with your best friend in the end. I would rather be married to my Best Friend when I am Ninety years old than have married the hot, air-headed guy. It's not that I don't like the other two girls, I just don't think they are right for him. In fact, this is the first season that I actually DO like all three girls. (I do think that Molly needs to learn how to run a comb through her hair, but I do like her.) I just think Jillian was a better fit. (AND, I so want her wardrobe.) Oh Well... I'm excited to see what happens when DeAnna comes back.
I promise to post a REAL post with pictures later today. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

SCANDAL.... Breaking News...


Our Excuse... We bought some drinks for our Super Bowl Party and Zenock decided to celebrate just a little early. :)

In our defense... He was really enjoying it. It helped him loosen up a bit.

...Good Times...

Just chillin' and relaxin'...

"Thanks Mom! This is the BEST stuff ever!"

Oh! Did I mention it is ROOT BEER.... and the bottle is completely empty! Just in case anyone may have been confused. :)


I haven't been pulling my camera out too often these days. When I do, this is usually the excitement I get as Zenock runs frantically toward me, tackling me, and trying to get to the camera, all the while saying..... Cheese!

He loves looking at the pictures on the camera that I take of him. He just hasn't learned that I HAVE to take THE picture, before he CAN look at it. :)