Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Birthday Wish...

Was for...
A BIG FAT juicy Birthday KISS....
BOY oh BOY, Did I get one... :)
He gives the BEST kisses.

I had such a great Birthday! Thank you everyone for all the Birthday wishes! I think I spent an entire day on my phone talking, texting, and catching up. Oh.. and I got to spend an entire day just hanging out and playing with my little guy.. which always makes me happy. THANKS!
(Anyone who cuts hair.. (April, I desperately need you!) want to come visit! :) I am terrified of going to a salon here... not only do they charge ten times more than anywhere I've ever gone, but I really don't want to risk having a bad haircut...)
JC called me earlier in the morning and said he got to work late and was going to be late getting home... little did I know, he left early from work to go and get me everything I wanted. :) After "locking" his keys in the car (I'm still not sure how he did it.. when he locks the car WITH keys in hand... Thanks Jeremy & Rebecca for the rescue!) and THREE hours later, he got home just in time to take me to dinner at Macaroni Grill... :) I seriously have the sweetest husband in the world! Thanks JC and Zenock for making my Birthday Perfect! I love you!

I got this cutest purse that I have been C.R.A.V.I.N.G... Can you crave a purse???

The other day JC and I were dress shopping for a holiday gala event we have to go to this weekend for his work... (I'm so not excited... I hate dress shopping... I'm such a T-shirt and jeans kinda girl.) Anyhow, in the dress store they had the cutest RED high heels. I told JC he needed to get them for me for my Birthday. He asked if I had anything to wear with them... and I really don't, but they were so cute! I really didn't think he would go back and get them for me, but he did!
Every girl should own a pair of Red high heels. :)
It was such a great day... I am one lucky girl.


Destri said...

love the bag, love the shoes, but honestly where'd ya get the kid! so cute! Happy b-day, you look great!

Unknown said...

Happy Late Birthday!!! It sounds like your boys gave you the perfect birthday!!!

The Noble Steeds said...

Those shoes are a HUGE upgrade from last years! Happy Birthday, Carin. Miss ya!

Baird Family said...

LOVE THE PURSE and the shoes! What more can a girl ask for on her birthday? I'm also glad to see that JC learned from his birthday gift last year. Happy Birthday!!

The Trees said...

Happy Birthday! Also love the purse and glad you ahd fun with your guys!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Carin! I have to say those are both GREAT birthday gifts!! I LOVE them! Sounds like you had just the perfect day (Excpet for JC's keys getting locked in his car!)

Tatiana said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you got my message, like I said, I forget that you're 2 hours ahead of us. I agree full heartedly on the the red shoes, I have some I love and just found a pair of red boots that I might have broken the 10th commandment over. Anyhow, purse is cute too. Hope you had a great day. Love ya!

HouseofHubbs said...

Carin, I love, love, love that photo of you and Zenock! You are such a cute mom! I am glad to see you had a good birthday:-) Cute bag and shoes!
-Jill Hubbs

Kami said...

Sounds like you had fun. I am glad you had a good b-day. You said you spent the day texting and emailing...I did both without any response. :( I guess I am not important enough. I still love you though. I love the purse by the way.

Danielle said...

Ugh, I am the worst friend ever! What was the point of making those friend calendars if I don't even put it to good use?! All if this whining is just my way of apologizing for not calling you on your birthday. I'm so sorry! I'm glad it was a happy one. Also, consider yourself lucky, because Jacob refuses to kiss me. I would LOVE one of those! Well, anyway, welcome to the quarter-century club! Glad to have you with us!

Anonymous said...


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