Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Addiction...

The other day, my Mom called me to read me a story she found in her LDS Living magazine. She said she thought of me... (she knows my addiction well), and thought it was hilarious and had to pass it on. This pretty much explains my addiction and thought I would share it with anyone else who might have the same addiction. :)

(Sorry, I know it's a little long, but it is good, so ENJOY!)


A Costly Bargain

By Carolyn Leduc
I take pride in being thrifty. I cruise yard sales for clothes, buy furniture secondhand and refinish it at home-- anything to save a buck. But last year I learned by sad experience that being thrifty doesn't always pay off in the long run.
On february 15th, I passed by the candy display at our local grocery store. Pink, white, and red M&Ms were being liquidated: eighty-eight cents for a bag that normally went for $2.49. "You're joking," I said out loud, scooping up eight bags. "These will come in handy for nursery snacks, play dates for the kids, special occasions, food storage. I'll just freeze them and.... wait a minute," I stopped myself, sizing up my stash. With a quick U-turn, I headed back for the candy aisle. "What am I thinking? This is silly." I grabbed three more bags.

At home, ten bags went to the freezer and one was immediately torn open. Downing a handful-the peanut kind, my favorite - I congratulated myself for scoring such a deal. And then I ate some more. Four hours late, the bag was empty.

Not that I consumed them all alone. My husband and children had a few. but I confess the next bag was all mine. And the next. And the next.

Now, I happen to have a speedy metabolism, so gulping down M&Ms at the rate of four pounds a week didn't change my weight or waistline. But it did make me sick - sick of M&Ms. And, five weeks later, when the freezer was empty, I vowed it would be refilled with broccoli and sorbet popsicles. Healthy stuff.

Honestly, that resolution would have come to fruition. But then Easter came along and the day after Easter M&Ms were eighty-eight cents a pack again.

I just couldn't resist.

I worked my way through the year in this fashion, oading up on the Easter greens, the Halloween oranges, the Christmas reds. (Was there a Labor-Day mauve in there somewhere?)

Then came January. I found myself seated opposite Dr. John S. Ballard, III, urologist. "We'll do some test to figure out what caused that kidney stone. It may be something in your diet."

"Chocolate," I enlightened him.

"Well, it may be that," he hedged. "Several different factors could be involved."

"Trust me," I said. "If chocolate has anything to do with kidney stones, then chocolate is what caused mine. I'll try to reform."

At any rate, discounted M&Ms didn't seem like such a bargain when I got my hospital bill: $11,000 for a stone-zapping lithotripsy operation. Thank goodness we were insured.

Insurance notwhithstanding, with my co-payments, babysitting fees, gas to and from the doctor's office, and pain and suffereing taken into account, those M&Ms cost me no less than $320 a bag. I did the math.

Now Valentine's Day is just around the cornere again. I'll no doubt find myself innocently strolling by the candy aisle on February 15th when the bright pink "SALE" sign will catch my eye. I'll pause, look longingly over the display, and think of my kidney stone. I'll dutifully remind myself of the painful hidden costs of some seemingly great bargains. then I'll turn, square my shoulders' stiffen my spine, and walk away... with only four bags in my cart.

Some sales are just too good to pass up.

I really don't think my Mom had any idea how "Real" this story was for me.... (all except for the kidney stone part. Maybe this story was a warning for me.) Yeah, seriously. I know it is sad. I enlightened my Mom about how true this story was and I thought she was going to fall on the floor laughing at me. The Holiday M&Ms are my favorite... They really taste so much better! I've tried to stop, made myself sick, and vowed to never eat them ever again... The only safe time of year is Summer... when it is just the normal boring colors, but as soon as Halloween comes, my addiction is in full swing again. I was pretty relieved that I wasn't alone on this. :)
Oh... and yes, as I am writing this I am stuffing myself with Pink, Red, & White, Peanut M&Ms. :)


Ginger said...

Hah! That made me laugh. Why can't junk food be good for us? I could definitely live on peanut m&ms and starbursts.

Ryan Reeder said...

"I've tried to stop, made myself sick . . ."
Um, Carin, that's not a good thing.

Unknown said...

That made me giggle right out loud. I have the same problems so I avoid the day after sales for good reasons!!!

Tatiana said...

Oh Carin,
This story reminds me of when you confessed you found out about Cadbury ornaments for christmas and you stocked up! I miss you! Really though, watch it with the kidney stones. I hear they are nasty! Also, I just bought a nikon d40. SO EXCITED! Now all I need to learn is how to do something in photoshop, besides open it, and I'm hoping I'll be set. Really though, I miss you, maybe I'll convince Rob that we should move to Virginia so I can be close to you, we can go shopping together for m&m's. :)

HouseofHubbs said...

This must be in our "reeder genes" Guess who bought a bag of M&M's at target today?!

Cheryl and Harvey Nybo said...

Hi Carin,
I loved your recent entry about the chocolate. I was talking with your Mom today and I told her how much I love chocolate, especially cadbury eggs around Easter. I was so excited to see that they are now available in red, green, and white around Christmas.

By the way my name is Mandi and I am your Grandma's nurse. I think the world of your family and have heard so many wonderful things about you.

Take care,

Heidi said...

Carin my dear! I need to get you converted over to PB m&m's! - much better! :) but, both good! :) Projects: I have so many projects I want to do I drive myself crazy. I am trying to get all the inside ones done I can so when the weather is warmer I can work outside in the yard. The picture one I was talking about was just some digital scrapbook pages I am trying to put together for mike to hang up at work... nothing to unique. But, another one is I am trying to find a cute way to put grapevine around our front door if you have any ideas for that!? :) since YOU are the creative one... i just try and duplicate your stuff! :) Love you guys! Tell the little man hi for us!

Traylor Family said...

I about died reading this. I always tell myself that I'll just eat so many this time to make myself sick on purpose so that I'll never do it again. I'm with you...thank goodness for summer, but Halloween I miss my chocolate. It's hard because Lucas LOVES M&Ms and asks for them by name. When he's on an antibiotic I bribe him with them, so I always have to have some on hand ;)

Traylor Family said...

Okay I can't resist. I have to repost this one!