Friday, January 30, 2009

...Holiday Gala...

A couple of weeks ago JC's work held their Annual Holiday Gala at Ft. Belvoir's Officers Club. JC and I had both decided ahead of time that we weren't going to go. Our reasons: It was a formal event... JC would have to have either a tux or a really nice suit AND I had to have a formal dress. Not to mention the price per dinner plate was more than we had EVER spent on dinner our entire marriage. We also would need a babysitter... (Our last babysitter was our family when we went home in August... yeah, we don't get out much.:)
After declining the invitation, JC's boss asked us if we would go as his guests.... How do you refuse an offer from your boss?? JC borrowed a nice suit and he even came with me dress and shoe shopping. We found the best babysitter around :) and set off for a night of dining and dancing... (Oh boy was their dancing! Some people sure know how to "shake it..." We even stepped on the dance floor for a "small" moment. It was ALL quite entertaining.)

All in all... it was a fabulous event. :) A fun evening out with my incredible, amazing husband! Thanks JC! I love you!


Destri said...

How fun. It's always nice to have something to dress up for, heck, get a babysitter for!

HouseofHubbs said...

So glad you two got to go out! How fun and you both look fabulous! And bonus -now you have a babysitter!