Monday, December 15, 2008

Two's... (not terrible)... just yet.

Once again, I was told by JC that the blog needs an update... What do I update when there isn't much to update??? It seems like we keep busy going in every different direction and getting ready for Christmas, but it is never anything too exciting or fun. SO, here's an update on Zenock who is just as crazy and full of life as ever.
I think Zenock has entered the "TWO'S" just a little early. I wouldn't say terrible... yet, although I know it will be soon to come. He seems to think that he is the biggest boy ever and can pretty much do anything he wants to do. (Even if we say no a million times or give him time-out... it obviously doesn't apply to him.) He is getting way too big. I also think he has grown at least two inches since October!
Here are some common day to day occurences at our house:
* Getting his own treats... He has figured out how to get into the pantry to get his own treat and how to unlock the childproof cabinets (they are now doublelocked). He is getting way too smart!

* I love that he copies everything we do. If I am cooking, cleaning, or watching a show, he needs to be doing the same thing. He is such a great little helper except when he wants to copy me when I'm on the computer and won't leave me alone... (this would explain the lack of blogging). When JC or I go near the computer he is doing pull-ups on the table trying to see what we are doing or pushing/pulling us with all his strength away from the computer.

* He loves to be just like us. When we put shoes on, he needs to have his shoes on. When we put a sweater on, he needs to get his on. When Daddy leaves for work, he needs to leave.... I love it when he wakes up AFTER JC leaves for work.

* Zenock loves to dance. Every day we get to have a "Dance Party" with Zenock. He tells us where to stand and we just follow his moves. He's got some great moves! It's pretty entertaining as well as very exhausting.

* Zenock loves to eat Oreo's after dinner... (especially Holiday Oreo's.)
They are always available at our house.

* Zenock loves laying under the Christmas tree when the lights are on. He loves it even more when we will lay by him. It is so fun when he grabs our hand and pulls us over to the trees and lays down with his arms around us and looks up and says, "Wow, wow!" Christmas really is so much more fun with kids! We are so excited for Santa to come visit! Our count of broken Christmas decorations is 3+.... so far. I have no idea how many times a day I say...

"Just Look, DON'T touch!"

* Zenock has had quite a few ear infections since he turned one. We really don't want to get tubes put in his ears, so we have been taking him once a week to the Chiropractor that JC has been going to for his headaches. (That's a blog story on its own.) Zenock has his OWN little language and only JC and I really understand what he is saying. Doctors have said that Zenock may not be hearing the words correctly, because of the fluid in his ears. Which then results in his own language... (a lot of mushed up words.) The Chiropractor is so good with Zenock and I really feel like he has been helping. Since we have been going, Zenock has all sorts of new words and sounds. In the last week he has learned:

Show, Shoe, Sock, Shirt, Sheep, Eye, (which he says with a southern accent??)Pig, and is even trying to say his own name. He can say/do all of his animal sounds and if there is one he doesn't know, it only takes about a day for him to learn it.

The Chiropractor also has a BIG golden retriever in his office that Zenock absolutely loves. Everytime we go there and he sees this Dog he runs over to the office area (where it is kept) and just about jumps the fence saying, "wwooo, wooo, wooo, wooo." (Which is what the puppies say... of course.)

*Last, but definately not least... Our little Zenock has decided he doesn't need his crib anymore. He can climb out of it faster than it takes to put him in and when he's mad he is out within TWO seconds flat. This is REALLY bad for naps and bedtime, but GREAT for sleeping in. I love when he walks into our room in the morning and comes over to the side of the bed and whispers... "Momma, ahlljstdwt." It makes getting out of my comfy bed, so worth it. :)

Don't you love that he has to lift his foot as high as his head to get out. He is such a monkey!


Michael . Heidi . Mason said...

CuTe Little Monkey!

Heather said...

It's always unfortunate when they learn that "trick". :) I guess it's time for a big boy bed. Have fun with that.

Erin said...

Cute post! I love that you document the "little" things he does. He will be glad you did one day! It is not fun when they learn how to climb out their crib...time for a big boy bed!