Monday, December 22, 2008

The BIG guy...

"Santa" came to visit our ward party the other night. It was the first time that Zenock has met Santa Claus this year. It was pretty entertaining watching his reactions.
We have been teaching Zenock about Santa and pointing him out in pictures, he has even gotten really good at saying, "Santa." I just don't think he was very prepared for the REAL thing. I think in his little mind he thought he was just a story or a picture in a book.

Needless to say... It didn't go too well. (I think he may take after his cousin Haylee:)
He still loves the pictures, books, and saying Santa's name.... just not the real Santa.

Unless of course Santa gives him his first Christmas present of the year....

Then he was happy and ALL smiles... waving and saying, "Bye, Bye, Santa!"
I have no idea how my parents made Christmas seem perfect every year. We opted this year to spend Christmas by ourselves and start OUR traditions. (Crazy, right?! But, you gotta start sometime.) The closer it gets... (2 days, right?! What am I doing blogging? I have SO much to get done...) the more we ask ourselves, what the heck were we thinking!!! It is so cold here and there is absolutely NO sign of snow in my 5 day forcast. I hear it has been snowing all day in Utah. Did I mention I don't like snow... but just the thought of curling up on the couch with my Mom and sister's and watching some cheesy Christmas movie while it is snowing outside is just too hard to resist. :) I now understand the line, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas," means so much more than just snow on Christmas day.
Ok, really it isn't that bad, it's been fun. We have been trying to plan lots of things to keep us busy and in the Christmas spirit. I have been trying to make it seem like we are not thousands of miles away from Family. I cannot believe all the work that goes into Christmas when you have a Family...
Baking treats, getting gifts for neighbors, delivering gifts to neighbors, buying the perfect gifts for family and shipping them across the country, cleaning the house, buying the perfect gift for an amazing husband (who really deserves so much more than I can give him), preparing a menu/meal for Christmas dinner, buying the perfect gift(s) for a toddler... (yeah, my bedroom and closet look like I purchased an entire toy isle from Target... thanks to all the added gifts from family and friends.), preparing my families traditional Christmas morning Breakfast, and then just trying to making it all Perfect and run as smoothly as possible...
I admit, I am a perfectionist. But, my Mom was a miracle worker... (with 6 more kids to buy for!) How the heck does any Mom do it???
I have decided to take on the attitude that I can only do what I can do. Christmas comes once a year and dang it, I am going to enjoy it, sit back, and relax. I am going to enjoy my little Family. Because... That is what is really important. So, instead of making the Idle Isle imitation (nothing can compare to the real thing) Nut Rolls, I am tempted to go sit down and watch the season finale of "The Hills." (or "The made up trash" as JC calls it.) OR, maybe I'll just call it quits, grab a sugar cookie, and head to bed.
Whatever I decide to do, I WILL have a White Christmas and I hope you do to. :)
(I apologize to all my neighbors and friends who don't get treats this year...)


Amy W said...

ahhh I LOVED this!! Starting your own traditions is so important. It is what will make your kids look back and say, "My mom made Christmas perfect." Have a wonderful Christmas!!

russ and annie said...

You're amazing - I haven't made any neighbors treats yet, still have wrapping to do, and still have to guy Russ' stocking stuffers! That's so fun to start your own holiday traditions and have your own family Christmas! And I say you grab the sugar cookie, sit down and watch the Hills.
Merry Christmas - hope it snows for you!

Matt and Jenni said...

Traditions are the BEST. Christmas with MY family is all about traditions that I look forward to every year, but Matt's family isn't that into the whole "celebrate anything" mind set. It's kinda strange! So you certainly don't have to do anything extravagant to make Christmas perfect.... just find something you all love, and do it every year! I hope you guys have a great Christmas, and still have fun while making your OWN traditions. I'm sure all your family will miss you dearly, but that will just make next year extra special! ;)

Logan said...

I hope you have a great Christmas Carin. I wanted to share a fun tradition that my family does on New Years Day. Here it goes: There is always a present that you forget to give your kids from Santa so thats where Mother Goose comes along. She and Santa are really good friends and he follows Santa and picks up all of the presents that fell out of the sleigh and delivers just one present to each child on New Years Day. I love traditions and hearing everyones fun family traditions.