Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary...

Happy 34th Anniversary to two of my favorite people!

(Don't these two look so cute!)

Today is my parents Wedding Anniversary! I just wanted to let them know how much I love them and appreciate all that they do and have done for me. :)

To Dad: Thank you for always setting such a positive example. You are always happy and positive in every situation you come across. Thank you for listening to me and being such a great teacher. Thank you for teaching me values and standards to live by. Thank you for living the gospel and understanding/knowing it. You are always so willing to sit down and teach me something I don't understand. Thank you for letting me share my stories with you. Thank you for letting me be your "punker." Thank you for teaching me the value of work and how to work hard. Thank you for always being willing to give anything you have to make others happy. You are the greatest! THANK YOU!

To Mom: Thank you for being my best friend even when we are so many miles away from each other. Thank you for always listening and letting me share my excitement, joy, sadness, and despair with you. Thank you for always knowing everything. I love our everyday phone conversations about what Zenock is doing, what ingredient I should add to this recipe, my new crazy ideas, etc. Thank you for shopping, crafting, crying, and laughing with me. Thank you for always being there for me no matter what. Thank you for teaching me the right way to be a mother and a wife. Thank you for always being right by Dad's side and supporting him. You are an amazing mother! THANK YOU!

To two wonderful examples... Thank you for being there for me and for my family. Thank you for setting the example of "Time and all Eternity" for me to follow. Thank you for being my parents! I love and miss you TONS! Happy Anniversary!

Love, Carin

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did YOU know...

That they make Christmas Cadbury Mini Eggs!!! (Maybe they have and I just haven't been noticing.) As I was wandering the grocery store isles the other day looking for the kind of treat I was craving, I came across these. To be honest, I didn't believe it was the real thing and I passed them over. Not that the idea hasn't crossed my mind... They should've come out with Christmas Eggs a long time ago. I came home, did my research and I've got to get back today to buy some before they are all gone.
Only close friends, roomates, co-workers, and family will know and understand my obsession with this delightful treat. I stalk up every year at Easter. I take them everywhere. No event, car ride, or work day is complete without them. Now I can start even earlier... (I never said it was a healthy obsession.) I hope you are as excited as I am. I just had to share the GOOD news!

P.S. Only 34 more shopping DAYS until Christmas! Yeah!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sick, Tired, and a Little Old Town...

JC called me from work this morning and told me that I hadn't updated the blog in two weeks... I needed to get it done. (That's a first!) Here it is!
We have had quite the "Rough" week. We went into DC one evening and I left my phone on the metro... (What is with the dishonesty of people! It has got to be pretty easy finding the owner of a lost phone, right?!) I was playing with Zenock and in such a hurry to get off that I forgot to check to make sure I got everything. VERY frustrating! So for those of you who I call/text/check in with on a regular basis... I need your number... again! Sorry! (This is the 2nd phone I have lost in the past year... I know, I know. Trust me, JC has given me all the lines.) Anyhow, just e-mail it to me:
As for the rest of the week, I noticed Zenock refusing to eat one night and thought... "Oh great!, a cold from being out the night before." He proceeded to get more tired and cuddly than usual and then he started to get really hot... BURNING hot... ok, 103 degree temperature HOT! I gave him medicine, stayed up with him all night while he threw up all over me, and just rocked him. I felt so bad for our little guy. The next day, we took him to the Urgent Care where they told us he had a DOUBLE ear infection! Along, with the ear infections he had a sore throat! Holy Crap! How are you supposed to diagnose that... He has different symptoms every time he has an ear infection. They gave him an anti-biotic and sent us home. It has worked great for the pain and I am so glad that he is feeling better, but I wish they could give us something for the angry, dramatic tantrums that have resulted. Which are just so much fun!

This was the day Zenock wouldn't eat... I went out of the kitchen for two seconds and came back to find him like this. I love pictures like this... I seem to have a lot of them. :)

Zenock wanted so much to just play while he was sick. He would play for a minute and then want me or JC to hold him. We did finally find something that did entertain him... We got his diaper box and tied a string to it and pulled him all over the house. The little guy loved it. :) (Notice his toothbrush... he takes it everywhere. It's not the one we actually use, but don't worry.. we are on the weekly replacement plan.)

I had to show you a picture of what was inside the box...

Toothbrush.... check!
Blanket... check!
Stuffed Animal... check!
3 Cups each full of something different (milk, juice, and pedialyte) ... check!

He wouldn't eat... so I was at the point of giving him anything he wanted and making him drink ANY type of fluids.

And this... Is what happens when you get really bored while staying at home with a sick child. :) Just a reminder to my wonderful husband who took a day off to help with Zenock.... I broke the record! HA!
(Yeah, I know. We are dorks.)


By Saturday, we just had to get out of the house! We headed for Old Town Alexandria... My NEW favorite place in the entire world! For all of my friends out there thinking of coming to visit... let me seal the deal. Just think 10 blocks (or more) of cute boutique shops, outlet stores, cafes, bistros, etc. all located on an old fashioned, nostalgic small brick street. And THEN, think of it all decorated for Fall and Christmas! LOVE IT! Seriously, I could spend hours there. I need a shopping partner to come with me and spend at least TEN (or more) hours browsing all the stores. :) Any takers??? JC really liked it too, but I don't think he or Zenock appreciated their surroundings as much as I did. Oh and did I mention it is right next to the Potomac River... I LOVED IT! And, I can't wait to go back!

The Boardwalk... I just love the old people that come to sit and watch everyone else.

JC's expression makes me laugh. As much as I loved this place, I didn't love how my little boy was acting... he was just as excited to be outside as we were, but his excitement meant him getting into trouble.

I love this picture... after putting Zenock down to run around, he climbed up next to JC and just sat there. We knew he still wasn't feeling well, so we cut our visit short and headed home.


I thought I would post some pictures of what we get to drive through every day. This is one of the many main roads that runs through our town. The road curves and turns a lot and is lined with lots of amazing CoLoRFuL trees. I love just driving down this road, it is seriously one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. I love FALL in Virginia!

Are you jealous?! You know you want to come visit us... :)
(Daniel, do you recognize this road? .... You should!) My brother served his mission in this area!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

FiRsT HaiRCuT... EVER!

Last night we decided it was FINALLY time to give Zenock his very first haircut... It was a pretty traumatic event for me and took every ounce of courage for me to cut his hair. I just couldn't do the actual cutting and made JC do it. I still wasn't sure I was ready and then all of a sudden JC was holding a piece of hair in his hands... Why are these things so hard for me as a Mom?!? I love Zenock's baby hair, but I guess it was time...

.... BEFORE ....

I'll admit it was getting just a little long.

Notice how RED Zenock's face is... He SCREAMED the entire time. He cried and screamed harder than he EVER has before. It was a pretty traumatic event for him as well. I ended up being the one to hold him down so that JC could finish cutting his hair. After we were done, I just wanted to cry with him... ok, I did. It was ALL gone... as was all that was left of my little baby boy.


SIDE PROFILE: It got cut pretty short. (JC says he used the longest attachement, but come to find out... he didn't! There were words exchanged...)

BACK: After a day of getting used to it... I really like it and I think my little boy looks pretty cute.

FRONT: My handsome little boy. I think he looks even more like his handsome dad now. :)

Moments like these...

I love being a mom and a wife... I love the moments when you realize just how blessed you are and how perfect your life is... (no matter what kind of trial may be going on in it.) I love having a husband that I can count on and no matter what I do or what crazy thought I have I know he will be there for me, support me, and love me! I have the cutest little boy who has me wrapped around his finger. He is always grabbing my hand and taking me wherever he wants to go, giving me lots of hugs and kisses, and of course throwing the occasional full blown tantrum in the middle of the grocery store. I love how smart he is and how much he teaches me every day... I love that every morning we get his blanket, giraffe, and milk and cuddle up and watch his show. I love being a mom and wife...

And I love Moments like these...

Being able to rock Zenock to sleep every night is my very favorite thing. I love that he still lets me. So many special moments have happened during this time. It is just a peaceful time to relax from the long day and to think about everything good in my life... love it.


Zenock had his 18 mth check up this past week... He is in the 25th percentile for his weight and the 75th percentile for his height! He is getting and growing so big, WAY too fast! The other morning I was laying in bed enjoying the last few moments of peace and sleep for the day. JC was already gone and I was waiting for Zenock to get up. I hadn't heard a noise from Zenock's room... after a few minutes I suddenly heard this cute little voice right outside my door! I flew out of bed and there Zenock was. Yes, that's right... It's official! He knows how to climb out of his crib! (Ahhh! I mean Yeah!) I checked every single part of him to make sure there were no bruises or marks and made him walk around the room to make sure he actually could! He wasn't hurt at all! (I still don't know how he did it... he hasn't done it since.)

At 19 mths, Zenock can say lots of words (if you can understand them:). He is always talking. He is learning lots of animal sounds and yesterday learned that the fishies go "swim, swim, swim." He tries to say it and does the actions of fishies swimming. (puts his hands together and moves them back and forth.) It is really cute.

I got to watch a couple of cute little boys while their mom went on a field trip with their older brother... They loved playing in Zenock's room and making messes and I loved watching them make the messes! It was so cute to see them laughing and playing together.
Zenock has also learned he loves to take showers! He would cry so hard the first couple of times he took them and now he begs for them and cries if I start to fill the bathtub up.

He just stands under the water and makes lots of cute faces...

It is so funny to watch him... I have some very funny videos!


Zenock loves his Giraffe "TipTop" and I was so excited when we got this Giraffe blanket from my cousin's website. It is so cute and very soft. When I gave it to him he just ran around the house cuddling up with it. This is how I found him about a half hour later. I love this cute cuddly boy!

TRiCk - oR - TReAt!

We had such a fun Halloween! JC was able to get off early and spend most of the day hanging out with us. We had a pizza party with our friends the Cooks and the Haveron's (both of whom moved up here with us from Texas) and then we went trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. I love their neighborhood. There were lots of houses decorated and everyone was sitting out on their front porch handing out candy... It reminded me of the town in Hocus Pocus. (One of our favorite movies!)
Zenock was supposed to be a giraffe for Halloween, but like I said in an earlier post, I was a little late ordering it and then it was put on backorder until November 11! We decided to cancel the order and just go as our little favorite baseball player Manny! We had a little more time to get ready, so we made some improvements...
We added LOTS more hair.

Our Lil' Manny
Mom and Zenock... I mean Manny:)

Getting ready to go Trick-or-Treating...
Getting the goods! Zenock got pretty good at going up the stairs and getting to the door, but he would get so frustrated that he couldn't go inside and hang out... especially when he could see "puppies" inside the door.

The cutest mad scientist EVER. :)

Zenock and JC made a pretty good team.... People just couldn't resist them. :)

The Goods! They will definately last us awhile... and we even left early.
We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!