Thursday, October 23, 2008

Saucy Creations!

My cousin's wife who is absolutely so cute and just so darn talented has a very cute online children's boutique called Saucy Creations. They just redid their website and added tons of stuff. I wanted to help get the word out, so here it is! You have to see the cute things they have added... seriously adorable! You can also be put into a drawing for $50, $30, or $20 Saucy gift cards, when you sign up as a new customer. Instructions are on their website.
ENJOY and pass it along! :)


Michael . Heidi . Mason said...

Carin- Do you know of any good website that has cute, not WAY expensive coats? And, where do you find most of Zenock's shoes? Call me cheap, but it kind of kills me to pay $30.00 for a pair of shoes for a little guy??

Annie said...

So cute! I have two sisters-in-law that are currently prego. I think I will definitely have to order them something from this site! Thanks for the tip!

Robert said...

She's got super cute stuff, I wish we were finding out so I could get stuff now...I'm still trying to convince Rob. I miss you.