Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NaTiONaL zOO...

JC had Monday off (Columbus Day). I love working for the government! :) We decided to make it a "Zenock Zoo Day!" We first took him to the National Zoo...
Zenock absolutely loves animals. He is always picking up his stuffed animals and giving them hugs. He is constantly tugging on my shirt to come over and turn on his animal show. He is learning the animal sounds, loves to read his animal books, and will only eat animal cookies. His favorite animal has to be the "TIGER." Everytime he sees one in a book or on tv, he points at it and says, "TIGER" with a big growl.

The tigers wouldn't cooperate at the Zoo, but the lions lovingly gave us the attention we desired. Zenock loved them and just kept pointing and growling at them... (He is such a boy!) Everyone around us kept laughing at him and telling us how cute he was. He was completely oblivious to the show he was putting on. His focus was completely on the LIONS.

Daddy and Zenock walking through the Zoo.

We found this friendly cow in the petting Zoo... Her name was ROSE.. (told ya, Melissa:)

I think the best part of the Zoo trip was when JC took Zenock into the reptile house and came walking out like this. Zenock had the biggest grin on his face and was laughing hysterically... He had tried to run away in the building and JC finally picked him up and carried him out. (I stayed out with the stroller and because I dislike any kind of reptiles...)

To complete our "Zenock Zoo Day" we went home, had a nap, and then took Zenock out for his favorite treat... Ice Cream Cones!


Matt and Jenni said...

Oh my gosh JC you're freakin BALD!!! Haha! Wow it has been a while.... I haven't even seen your cute kid before! And I call myself family....Well, I have found you now so there's no escaping! You have a CUTE little fam and you all look so happy.
~Jenni Price Bell

Heidi said...

Carin- Your comment was sweet of you. I would love to post pics of the house- but, one problem... I am pathetic when it comes to unpacking and I am embarrassed to say we are not finished! My house looks far from cute right now and about the cute ideas... you are the one that needs to post MORE of your house. Yours is way cute! Honest. I mean that. As soon as I get a chance I am going to duplicate that rod and pics you have above your couch. I have seen it before and I love it. And when everyone tells me how cute it is.. :) I will tell them my dear Carin was the genius behind that one! So we will make a deal- you post MORE of your house for me and the fun things from Sugar n' Spice- I haven't had a chance to look much at the website yet(side note: are there a lot of fun decorating stores down there?)and I will post some of ours soon! :) Anyway, love you guys tons! Oh, I was going to tell you- you are jealous about the lawn... well, miss Heidi down here in Alabama needs a FRIEND!! Honestly! Hmmm-