Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I feel like I have been going non-stop since early Friday morning. I am in need of a VERY loonngg nap, which I should take right now instead of blogging... oh well. Friday night I left JC in "charge" while I went scrapbooking with a friend. He loves to watch the travel channel and came up on the show, "Most Haunted, LIVE!" It just so happened that they were filming in Gettysburg. It happens to be one of the most haunted places to visit. JC decided that Gettysburg needed to be our Saturday adventure. What better time of year to visit right!?! So we got up bright and early Saturday morning and drove two hours to....
It was the most AMAZING, gorgeous drive I have ever been on.... Sorry to say to all my Utah friends, BUT it even beat out Logan Canyon. It was beautful! And the Fall colors were perfect! I was in HEAVEN!
Did I mention we are experiencing technical difficulties with our camera.... (I really need to just splurge and buy a new one!) SO, some of the pictures were taken with our camcorder camera, which is not so great. It was so frustrating, pictures do not do this place justice. Let alone, BAD pictures! So, just imagine for me....

After pushing the stroller up hill for about 45 minutes and not getting anywhere or seeing too much. I made JC go get the car.... we were taking the "driving tour!" (Definately the way to see Gettysburg. It is HUGE and covers many miles!)

The soldier cemetary...

There were hundreds of these little memorials scattered through out Gettysburg paying tribute to the battles fought and the people who fought them.

Amazing view.... Pickett's charge took place from the hill where we took this picture.

It was so pretty

This is one of the "haunted houses" that they toured on "Most Haunted LIVE"

I believe this is the monument that sits on the ground where the Gettysburg Address was given.

More scenery...

I especially love all of the stone walls that surround Gettysburg. It really was an awesome place to visit! We had planned on attending the National Apple Harvest Festival as well in Gettysburg, but time ran out. It would take you days to read and actually listen and learn about everything in Gettysburg.

Not to mention our little boy was getting pretty mad by the time we left. He had had enough time in the car. I finally gave in and gave him a sucker which he then decided to get EVERYWHERE... His face was so sticky, at one point his eyes were sticking shut. But, it kept him entertained.

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Bourgeous said...

What cool adventures you guys are taking. I am glad that you have suckers to make the drive more memorable :) Can't wait to see where the Larson family will go next.