Saturday, October 18, 2008

FaRm Field Trip and PuMpKin Patch

Tuesday, Zenock and I were invited to go with our friends son's preschool on a field trip to Old Mine Ranch and Pumpkin Patch. Zenock loves being around kids especially when he can run outside with them. When we got there, they had these big tube slides. On the very first turn, Zenock went down all by himself.
He was definately a little nervous, but ended up loving it! He would get done and climb up the little hill time and time again.

Our friend Jennifer (who moved here with us from Texarkana) was so great to help Zenock go down so I could watch his facial expressions... Priceless!

We got to play in the hay maze, go on a hay ride, pet and feed the animals, paint a pumpkin, and have a picnic. Zenock loved every minute.

Our cute friend Hayden and Zenock loved petting and getting to feed the goats. It was so cute to watch Zenock grab handful after handful of food and go up to the goats and hold out his hands to them. They would lick the food up out of his hands and he would get this big grin on his face and laugh. He wasn't scared at all.

He loved just being next to them and watching them.

They also had a big moon bounce. He was a little nervous so I got in with him and helped him jump. I loved his cute little giggle everytime we would jump.

Hayden and Zenock going on a cattle drive... Don't they look like naturals?

We even found a RED tractor for Zenock to play on. My dad and brothers love RED tractors (Case tractors that is, for all you farm people.) Sorry, it's not the right brand guys. Zenock got so mad when I had to take him off when it was time to go home. It makes me wish we could live closer to my parents farm so he could enjoy this all the time! We can't wait to visit the farm again!

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