Tuesday, October 14, 2008

EiGHt ThINgs...

EiGHt TV shows I love to watch:
*The Office... I can't get enough. JC and I laugh so hard.
* Greys Anatomy
*Private Practice
*The Hills
*ESPN/Sports Center (when I can't tune it out.)
EiGHt things that happened yesterday
*Went to the National Zoo with JC and Zenock
*Went to lunch at Five Guys famous Burger and Fries, with JC and Zenock
*Took a nap with Zenock
*Cleaned/vaccumed out my car
*Washed my car
*Went and got ice cream for FHE with JC and Zenock
*Gave Zenock a bath
*Went to bed
EiGHt things I'm looking forward to:
*Halloween and all the fun parties planned/activities that are planned
*Zenock wearing his cute halloween costume
*When JC gets home
*A "real" house one day
*More kids
*Going to the store tonight and getting some peanut m&m's... so good.
EiGHt people who I'm tagging:
*The first eight people who read this post.
.... That means you! :)

1 comment:

Logan said...

Are you talking the old 90210 or the new one. Cause I am lovin the old one. I watch it all the time on the soap network, it plays early in the morning on Saturday. Ryan absolutely hates it.