Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Day at Work....

Friday was "ORG" day at JC's work. It is a day for the company to get together, play games, get to know each other, and have a big lunch. Families are also invited to join, so Zenock and I got up way too early and went to work with JC. It has been such nice weather lately (around 80's) and I put Zenock in shorts... It was FREEZING (60's)! I felt so bad for my little boy. We spent the morning wrapped up in blankets that we had in the car. It finally warmed up about the time we left.

We got to the park early enough to watch the helicopters fly in and land. It was AWESOME! We were so close to them. Zenock was loving it. I had to hold him back from running over there until the engines completely stopped.

JC played on his departments volleyball team... (VERY intense.. They got 2nd place and lost in the final 3rd game.) While JC was playing, Zenock loved checking out the firetruck. The firemen loved having him around and showing him all the chains and knobs he could pull and push.

My little fireman...
He instantly became such good friends with the fireman... They loved him and he loved putting on a show for them. They even gave him one of their doughnuts that were brought in just for them. It was so BIG and he ate the entire thing.

They even let him sit in the DRIVER'S seat. I have never seen Zenock study anything more than he did the Firetruck. They kept him entertained for over an hour!

JC's volleyball team... (He's the one in the white shirt.)

Daddy and Zenock checking out the helicopter.

We had such a fun day going to work with Dad!

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