Thursday, October 9, 2008

Age of Innocence

This was so funny... I had to write it down and share.
Last night as we were sitting down getting ready to eat dinner, JC was telling me about some of his co-workers who thought he looked a lot younger than he was. As the conversation went on, JC jokingly claimed it was all because of his working out lately and his big muscles (you that know JC can totally picture this, right?) He then flexed for us. :) Out of no where we here Zenock in his highchair say, "Stop Dad." There was silence for a moment as we looked at our sweet innocent child who evidently thought he was pretty funny because he had a big smile on his face and was trying not to laugh. After that, JC and I both busted with laughter. :)

Hmmm.... I wonder where he is?!?

My sweet, innocent, funny, adorable little boy! I am so blessed to be his "momma."


Kami said...

That is way funny. I would have told him to stop too. :) I also enjoyed listening to the Oktoberfest band over the phone. It sounds like you guys are having so much fun!

Becky said...

Gotta love this age!! It only gets better and more entertaining the older they get! So about the camera thing. I am totally a NIKON girl. I love nikons! Aaron did a lot of research when he bought mine and Nikon makes the best DSLR cameras and the BEST lenses. The only thing is I think they are a little more than canon, but I have loved mine! I have a D50 (don't make these anymore, D70 now).
But setting aside the camera, I think the photo editing is a HUGE factor. I am learning (and loving) photoshop, so I play with almost every picture.
Anyway, if you have anymore questions just ask! And if you are ever coming through Lincoln give me a call ;)

The Noble Steeds said...

Holy cow, I miss you guys! Give Zen a big hug for me.

Jen said...

Carn! That is so funny! Priceless! I laughed so hard when I read your comment about ice cream with lots of toppings!! Those were the days! Sometimes I miss them so bad! We had a blast!! I miss you! When you come to little old BC we need to get together for lunch!!