Thursday, October 23, 2008

Saucy Creations!

My cousin's wife who is absolutely so cute and just so darn talented has a very cute online children's boutique called Saucy Creations. They just redid their website and added tons of stuff. I wanted to help get the word out, so here it is! You have to see the cute things they have added... seriously adorable! You can also be put into a drawing for $50, $30, or $20 Saucy gift cards, when you sign up as a new customer. Instructions are on their website.
ENJOY and pass it along! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

OuR little MaNNy...

Last night we went to a little Halloween costume party for a mom's club I joined in our community. I ordered Zenock's costume a little late this year and it still hasn't arrived, so we had to get creative and come up with something quick so Zenock could go. I had the idea of a baseball player and then JC decided we needed to make him a certain baseball player.... of course one who plays for the Dodgers. (I forgot my camera, so I had to take pictures of Zenock after the party... that would be why he has watermelon ALL down the front of his shirt...)
Meet our little Manny Ramirez

He even kept the hat on the Whole time... He wears hats all the time, just not one's with Dreadlocks hanging down from them.

He is definately cuter than the real Manny.

Manny checking out the score on the game....

Yeah! For Number 99, Manny (Zenock) Ramirez!

Daddy and OuR little MaNNy!

Hopefully, this week will be a little slower than last week!

A Day at Work....

Friday was "ORG" day at JC's work. It is a day for the company to get together, play games, get to know each other, and have a big lunch. Families are also invited to join, so Zenock and I got up way too early and went to work with JC. It has been such nice weather lately (around 80's) and I put Zenock in shorts... It was FREEZING (60's)! I felt so bad for my little boy. We spent the morning wrapped up in blankets that we had in the car. It finally warmed up about the time we left.

We got to the park early enough to watch the helicopters fly in and land. It was AWESOME! We were so close to them. Zenock was loving it. I had to hold him back from running over there until the engines completely stopped.

JC played on his departments volleyball team... (VERY intense.. They got 2nd place and lost in the final 3rd game.) While JC was playing, Zenock loved checking out the firetruck. The firemen loved having him around and showing him all the chains and knobs he could pull and push.

My little fireman...
He instantly became such good friends with the fireman... They loved him and he loved putting on a show for them. They even gave him one of their doughnuts that were brought in just for them. It was so BIG and he ate the entire thing.

They even let him sit in the DRIVER'S seat. I have never seen Zenock study anything more than he did the Firetruck. They kept him entertained for over an hour!

JC's volleyball team... (He's the one in the white shirt.)

Daddy and Zenock checking out the helicopter.

We had such a fun day going to work with Dad!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Week and The BEST cookies EVER!

This week has just FLOWN by. It seems like we didn't slow down for a minute. Even the time we did spend at home has been filled with something to do....
Here are some things we have done...

We are teaching Zenock early all about computers and how to check out his friends blogs... He loves to get on and check in on his cousins and friends. :)

Wednesday we had playgroup with our ward... We first had an excercise group at the church and then we went to the library for story time and ended with playing and pizza at the park. I love mornings like this. When we finally do get home, Zenock just crashes and has the BEST naps!
Thursday we spent the day at home catching up from the past week, cleaning, organizing, and other little things. After Zenock's nap, I decided to let him help me make cookies... (or just eat cookie dough.) I have never liked pumpkin anything... ever. When I was pregnant, I would walk across the parking lot from where I worked to Great Harvest Bread Store every day and get a slice of bread and hot chocolate. For some reason, I got a craving to try their pumpkin bread and I'm SO glad I did! I now can't get enough of it. My mom sent me a great Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookie recipe last year at this time and I have been so excited to make them again. They are the best and so easy!
1 spice cake mix
1 15 oz. can pumpkin (not the pie filling)
1 bag chocolate chips
Mix Together and Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes!
SO GOOD! We love them!

Zenock loved being able to eat the cookie dough... He kept wanting more and more... Can you see where this is going? When you give a little boy a cookie...

After, he would finish a spoon full, he would clap and point to the bowl for more.

I gave in...

This is the "Yeah, Mom, Success!" clap. They turned out great!


One night I went in to check on Zenock and found him cuddled up with his giraffe like this.... (I honestly didn't pose this.) Seriously, I just wanted to pick him up and just cuddle them both. This is his favorite toy. We don't go too far without "Tip Top."

FaRm Field Trip and PuMpKin Patch

Tuesday, Zenock and I were invited to go with our friends son's preschool on a field trip to Old Mine Ranch and Pumpkin Patch. Zenock loves being around kids especially when he can run outside with them. When we got there, they had these big tube slides. On the very first turn, Zenock went down all by himself.
He was definately a little nervous, but ended up loving it! He would get done and climb up the little hill time and time again.

Our friend Jennifer (who moved here with us from Texarkana) was so great to help Zenock go down so I could watch his facial expressions... Priceless!

We got to play in the hay maze, go on a hay ride, pet and feed the animals, paint a pumpkin, and have a picnic. Zenock loved every minute.

Our cute friend Hayden and Zenock loved petting and getting to feed the goats. It was so cute to watch Zenock grab handful after handful of food and go up to the goats and hold out his hands to them. They would lick the food up out of his hands and he would get this big grin on his face and laugh. He wasn't scared at all.

He loved just being next to them and watching them.

They also had a big moon bounce. He was a little nervous so I got in with him and helped him jump. I loved his cute little giggle everytime we would jump.

Hayden and Zenock going on a cattle drive... Don't they look like naturals?

We even found a RED tractor for Zenock to play on. My dad and brothers love RED tractors (Case tractors that is, for all you farm people.) Sorry, it's not the right brand guys. Zenock got so mad when I had to take him off when it was time to go home. It makes me wish we could live closer to my parents farm so he could enjoy this all the time! We can't wait to visit the farm again!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NaTiONaL zOO...

JC had Monday off (Columbus Day). I love working for the government! :) We decided to make it a "Zenock Zoo Day!" We first took him to the National Zoo...
Zenock absolutely loves animals. He is always picking up his stuffed animals and giving them hugs. He is constantly tugging on my shirt to come over and turn on his animal show. He is learning the animal sounds, loves to read his animal books, and will only eat animal cookies. His favorite animal has to be the "TIGER." Everytime he sees one in a book or on tv, he points at it and says, "TIGER" with a big growl.

The tigers wouldn't cooperate at the Zoo, but the lions lovingly gave us the attention we desired. Zenock loved them and just kept pointing and growling at them... (He is such a boy!) Everyone around us kept laughing at him and telling us how cute he was. He was completely oblivious to the show he was putting on. His focus was completely on the LIONS.

Daddy and Zenock walking through the Zoo.

We found this friendly cow in the petting Zoo... Her name was ROSE.. (told ya, Melissa:)

I think the best part of the Zoo trip was when JC took Zenock into the reptile house and came walking out like this. Zenock had the biggest grin on his face and was laughing hysterically... He had tried to run away in the building and JC finally picked him up and carried him out. (I stayed out with the stroller and because I dislike any kind of reptiles...)

To complete our "Zenock Zoo Day" we went home, had a nap, and then took Zenock out for his favorite treat... Ice Cream Cones!


I feel like I have been going non-stop since early Friday morning. I am in need of a VERY loonngg nap, which I should take right now instead of blogging... oh well. Friday night I left JC in "charge" while I went scrapbooking with a friend. He loves to watch the travel channel and came up on the show, "Most Haunted, LIVE!" It just so happened that they were filming in Gettysburg. It happens to be one of the most haunted places to visit. JC decided that Gettysburg needed to be our Saturday adventure. What better time of year to visit right!?! So we got up bright and early Saturday morning and drove two hours to....
It was the most AMAZING, gorgeous drive I have ever been on.... Sorry to say to all my Utah friends, BUT it even beat out Logan Canyon. It was beautful! And the Fall colors were perfect! I was in HEAVEN!
Did I mention we are experiencing technical difficulties with our camera.... (I really need to just splurge and buy a new one!) SO, some of the pictures were taken with our camcorder camera, which is not so great. It was so frustrating, pictures do not do this place justice. Let alone, BAD pictures! So, just imagine for me....

After pushing the stroller up hill for about 45 minutes and not getting anywhere or seeing too much. I made JC go get the car.... we were taking the "driving tour!" (Definately the way to see Gettysburg. It is HUGE and covers many miles!)

The soldier cemetary...

There were hundreds of these little memorials scattered through out Gettysburg paying tribute to the battles fought and the people who fought them.

Amazing view.... Pickett's charge took place from the hill where we took this picture.

It was so pretty

This is one of the "haunted houses" that they toured on "Most Haunted LIVE"

I believe this is the monument that sits on the ground where the Gettysburg Address was given.

More scenery...

I especially love all of the stone walls that surround Gettysburg. It really was an awesome place to visit! We had planned on attending the National Apple Harvest Festival as well in Gettysburg, but time ran out. It would take you days to read and actually listen and learn about everything in Gettysburg.

Not to mention our little boy was getting pretty mad by the time we left. He had had enough time in the car. I finally gave in and gave him a sucker which he then decided to get EVERYWHERE... His face was so sticky, at one point his eyes were sticking shut. But, it kept him entertained.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

EiGHt ThINgs...

EiGHt TV shows I love to watch:
*The Office... I can't get enough. JC and I laugh so hard.
* Greys Anatomy
*Private Practice
*The Hills
*ESPN/Sports Center (when I can't tune it out.)
EiGHt things that happened yesterday
*Went to the National Zoo with JC and Zenock
*Went to lunch at Five Guys famous Burger and Fries, with JC and Zenock
*Took a nap with Zenock
*Cleaned/vaccumed out my car
*Washed my car
*Went and got ice cream for FHE with JC and Zenock
*Gave Zenock a bath
*Went to bed
EiGHt things I'm looking forward to:
*Halloween and all the fun parties planned/activities that are planned
*Zenock wearing his cute halloween costume
*When JC gets home
*A "real" house one day
*More kids
*Going to the store tonight and getting some peanut m&m's... so good.
EiGHt people who I'm tagging:
*The first eight people who read this post.
.... That means you! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Age of Innocence

This was so funny... I had to write it down and share.
Last night as we were sitting down getting ready to eat dinner, JC was telling me about some of his co-workers who thought he looked a lot younger than he was. As the conversation went on, JC jokingly claimed it was all because of his working out lately and his big muscles (you that know JC can totally picture this, right?) He then flexed for us. :) Out of no where we here Zenock in his highchair say, "Stop Dad." There was silence for a moment as we looked at our sweet innocent child who evidently thought he was pretty funny because he had a big smile on his face and was trying not to laugh. After that, JC and I both busted with laughter. :)

Hmmm.... I wonder where he is?!?

My sweet, innocent, funny, adorable little boy! I am so blessed to be his "momma."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oktober Fest

We thoroughly enjoyed watching conference and being uplifted this past weekend. I love all the reminders of how I need to work on "me" and becoming the person I want to be. There are so many ways that I can learn and grow. I love listening to those who speak and how they just seem to have the perfect thing to say to me. They definately inspired me to become better. On a side note... Did anyone catch the comment by one of the twelve in their talks (I knew I should have written it down), something like, giving service to those around you and how it doesn't need to be a big thing, it can be a small letter to a friend or a nice comment on a blog.... I just had to laugh. I told JC he can't get mad at me for "blogging" anymore. I was told to do it. :)
Saturday before conference, (it doesn't start until noon here) we headed out to Oktober Fest. It is put on by JC's work and unlike the REAL Oktober Fest in Germany, it was a family oriented festival. I love that they have a festival to celebrate my favorite month in the year.
On our way we stumbled across "Pohick Church." They were having their annual "country fair." This is the church where George Washington and George Mason attended.

Inside the church

The graveyard outback... A little creepy looking.


Oktober Fest

They had lots of rides at Oktober Fest, so JC and I took turns taking Zenock. Of course he loved them and cried everytime we took him off a ride. I think the carousel was his favorite. He would never look at JC for a picture as we would go past.

JC and Zenock on the Big Bear...

I think JC and I both learned we are getting older... we were both so sick after going on all these rides that just went in circles!

The German Band.... Zenock loved the loud polka music and kept trying to dance in his stroller, so...

We let him out to dance with all the other kids! He loved it! It is so funny to watch him and the crazy things he does. We sure love being his parents! Oktober Fest was a lot of fun and we can't wait to go back next year!


My crazy little boy is also so demanding lately. He has learned to turn on the tv when he wants to watch his "show" and will come and grab my hand and pull me over to the tv to finish turning it on. His show is "The Baby Einstein, Baby Noah" and he absolutely loves it. (Thanks again Kelly!) It is the only thing he will watch and he would watch it all day long if I let him. It is the first thing he does when he wakes up. I tried to put a NEW show on for him yesterday and he threw the biggest fit and got so mad at me.... I probably won't do that again. You can also see his HUGE bruise on his forehead in this picture. He ran out of the bathroom Monday night after his bath and slipped before I could grab him and hit his head. I feel so bad for my little guy everytime I look at him. At the moment, I will give him whatever he wants! :)