Wednesday, September 3, 2008


To begin.... HOLY heck.... I have only blogged twice in a month?!? How sad is that!?! I have a LOT of catching up to do. So for you the reader... Good Luck! (Picture Overload!)


Oh! How I love Utah... especially in the Summer. I love the mountains, the smell, the hot Summer wind, 4th of July, 24th of July, the County Fair, and every single memory of childhood, growing up, and being HOME!

We left for Utah on the 11th of August and after a LONG plane ride with a stubborn 16 mth old, we FINALLY made it. We woke up bright and early on the 12th and got to Salt Lake as fast as we could to see JC's life long best friend Zenock get married. (Yes... we named our Zenock after him. It was part of an agreement I made when I got married. :) We owe our trip to Utah to Zenock... (the whole purpose for going home.) Thanks for getting married, so we could come home! CONGRATS... again Zenock and Shaliese! We love you guys.

The rest of our week was spent hanging out with family and enjoying our time, which went by WAY too fast!
We (yes... JC comes) love to go shopping with my mom and sisters when we are home. (JC will deny it, but he really likes it.) On our shopping ventures, Zenock found this cutest puppy dog sleeping bag. JC and I walked right past it in the store and Zenock kept pointing at it and pushing our faces in the direction it was saying, "Dat, C'Dat!" (Translation: That! See That! I Want That!) When we set him next to it, he cuddled right up to it. It was so cute. What is a parent to do, except buy it and then try and stuff it in our suitcase... which is exactly what we did! (No way... our child isn't spoiled!?!)
Zenock also found out very quickly that both of his Grandma's don't have locks on their cabinet doors. Every day he helped to unload and hide pots, lids, utensils, and other misc. items. I am sure they will be finding them for months to come.
He is such a trouble maker.... but he knows he is cute and won't be able to stay in trouble for long!
Friday we had a Birthday party for JC's niece Malia at the Dinosaur Park in Ogden. Malia and Haylee (JC's other niece), were terrified of the mechanical dinosaurs (which you can barely see in the background of the picture.) Zenock and Hannah just loved them! (Zenock really did, even though he doesn't look like it in this picture.)
He did NOT, however, like this giant rhinosaurus thing....
Again, he really isn't scared... he is trying to get down and run and play!
Hahaha! Zenock and Hannah for dino dinner...
JC volunteered to watch Zenock while I had a night out with my friends. We went to the Cheesecake Factory... SO good! It was so fun to be able to catch up with these girls. They are such good friends! I also found out that the 1900 calorie cheesecake SLICE split 3 ways.... Is still over 500 calories. YIKES! (It was so worth it.)

My brother Chad and his family were able to come up for the weekend from Southern Utah. It was so fun to be able to spend some time with them and their four (almost five) little kids. We hadn't seen them since Zenock was blessed and their kids had grown so much! Jaelyn is only about 4 months older than Zenock. They had great fun bonding with Aunt Emily....

... and getting into trouble when no one was watching!


Going Home always means... lots of family time and good food! I really think my mom is the BEST cook in the world. I would pay her to come live at my house (I don't cook). She makes the world's most famous Potato Salad ever... my mouth waters when I think about it. I have tried to duplicate it and it never works out. Her secret... "a little of this, a little of that." haha. While we were home, she so kindly made her Potato Salad for me and had a family party so we could see all of my cousins that live close by. Thanks again Mom... Love You!

Our child absolutely LOVES fruit! He was so excited to be around kids and to be able to run around on the farm and play.

....Me and my cute boy....

Did I mention he loves animals and loves to cuddle.... Everytime we hold a stuffed animal up to him, he grabs it and gives it a big hug. He about went crazy when my Sister Emily brought him a new baby kitten. I was a little worried he was going to hug it to death. It was so DARN cute! He loved it!

You might be wondering where my husband is during all of this..... After the party, I found him in my sister's room playing felt paper dolls with my niece Mikayla. She is so sweet and has the cutest little voice. JC happened to walk past her when she was playing and asked her what she was doing, her reply... "I want to play paper dolls, but no one will play with me..." (she said this very sadly) "Ahhh" (Getting excited, with a sudden realization in her mind.) "Will YOU play with me?" How could he not say no to that. IF this happens with his niece, I can only imagine what hold our daughter will one day have on him!

Zenock got so spoiled and was introduced to "pop".... which he now loves and knows exactly what it is and has to have some if we have any. One of the last days there, we had to run some more shopping errands and then my Dad took us out to lunch. Zenock of course got his own "POP!"

I love spending time with these girls! They are seriously my best friends. It is so fun to watch my sister's grow up, go through relationships, make soccer teams, get new jobs, and be the one they call to tell about it all to. I love you guys!

We had so many other fun adventures and times spent with friends while we were home. I was even able to eat at two of my very favorite UTAH restaurants, Idle Isle and El Matador, courtesy of JC's Dad. (Thanks Again! It was SO good!)

Thanks everyone for hanging out with us!

Zenock crashed on our way back to Texarkana... He was so tired. I don't think he stopped for a minute the entire trip. IT was too much fun and way too short!


Brittney said...

It is good to have you back blogging!!! It sounds like you had a great town!

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It was so good to see you guys. I'm glad you've made it to your new place safely--hope your stuff has shown up or will show up soon. I love the picture of JC playing dolls with Mikayla. That was so nice of him--funny stuff.