Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mount Vernon

There are about a hundred million things to go do and see here in Virginia. We want to make sure that we do as many of them as we can. For Labor Day, JC didn't have to work and since we really had nothing (literally) to do at home, we decided we might as well start our sight seeing adventures. First stop....

(The home of George Washington)

This is a life statue of President George, wife Martha, and their grandkids.

Mount Vernon... I wish I had a panoramic view of this place. It is no wonder he picked here to live... It is beautiful!

"No place is more perfectly situated than this." -George Washington

The back view of Mt Vernon

This is standing on the back porch of the house looking out on the Potomac River. It was seriously gorgeous!

The "old tomb" where President Washington and family were buried. According to his last will and testament he wanted a new tomb to be built and to have everything moved there after his death. It is just a little walk from this tomb. They do a ceremony at the tomb twice a day. What an honor for a great man.

We went on a riverboat cruise down the Potomac... this is from the river looking up at the house.

I believe this is Fort Washington

Zenock FINALLY fell asleep on the cruise.. He has not adjusted to the move very well and has turned into somewhat of a naughty child. (It could be the ear infection, but we are hoping it passes when his "things" arrive.)

This is where they kept the ice... We were also able to go on the "National Treasure 2" tour. Some of the movie was filmed at Mount Vernon and this was one of the structures they used in the film as a secret tunnel. We were even able to go into the "secret tunnels" they used in the movie.

I never enjoyed history when I was in school, but now that I am actually here and I can see and have a picture to go with my history lesson, it is so much more enjoyable and I absolutely love it! It is so neat to learn about these great figures in history.

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Suzanne said...

Zenock is one cute little boy, I love his smile. Glad to see you made it and had such a nice trip there. How fun to have so many neat things to do and see. Enjoy your new ward and know that you all will be missed.