Thursday, September 4, 2008

aLL aBOUT Zenock!

Our church doesn't start until 1:30 in the afternoon. When you have a child that WON'T sleep in and you can't go anywhere, you have to get creative with things to do. We got already and I decided to just follow Zenock around with my camera. I thought these pictures turned out pretty cute.

....Our handsome little guy....

His new thing is to jump around the house and to dance.... I caught him in the middle of a little dance he was doing... Too cute.

Our apartment has a deck that is enclosed. Zenock loves to go out there and run around and play. He gets so excited. It is SO nice not to have to worry about him falling down two flights of stairs.

Don't you love his little loafers?! So cute... we fell in love with them when we saw them at Target.

This picture is my favorite. He is such a sweet little boy and is always giving us hugs (accompanied with pats on the back) and kisses. Zenock has also learned how to "Tickle." I have no idea where he picked this up, but if you are just sitting there he will come up to you and start tickling you on your arms, legs, back, tummy, feet, or head. While giving him his bath, I put my feet up on the tub and he started tickling them. He also loves to tickle his stuffed animals. He even says, "Tickle, Tickle" while he is doing it. It is so funny.

I love this little guy, he amazes me every day by how smart he is. He is such a joy to have around and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. We love you Bug!

P.S. I think I am finally caught up.... maybe, I need to take another month off! :)


The Trees said...

Cute pictures! That Christmas Inn looks awesome! Hope you guys enjoy your new home. I served my mission in Virgina and loved it. The dogwoods are breathtaking!

Logan & Ryan said...

I'm so glad that you made it to your new home okay. Looks like you had a lot of fun on your way.

Kimberly said...

Carin! I'm so excited that you guys are in Virginia now because coming to visit you won't be that far. Once you guys get settled in we will have to plan something. :)

Anonymous said...

Shame on you for not loving history in high school. I am glad that you are changing your mind and you are doing it in such an amazing place. I am serious about coming to visit you and probably I won't ever leave, how do you feel about a live in? Think it over, I am glad you are there and you are safe.

The Traylor's said...

I think it's going to take me a while to catch up on all your posts! Lucas has those Target loafers too...we love them! They get really stinky if you don't wear them with socks though...we found that out the hard way :(

Lucas was in a queen bed for the 5 weeks that we were in Texas, so the transition was fairly easy. He still wakes up once a night and gets out of bed and comes into our room, but when I take him back to his room he just goes right back to bed.

We're not pushing the potty training on him. But when he became interested in pee pee and poopy then we figured we might as well get a potty for when he is ready. Somedays he loves wearing his big boy undies...but he doesn't ever stay dry longer than a few minutes.

I'm glad you're staying in touch!

Baird Family said...

I'm so glad you made it to your new home safely. Congrats on JC's graduation, that is so exciting. Can't wait for that day to come for my family.
I love Virginia! I would love to live there. Did I tell you that you live in the same city as my aunt? She's LDS so maybe you'll meet through church at some point.

Tanya said...

Wow! You and your family have had a ton of fun the last month! Good luck at your new place and yes your little Zenock is darling--I love all of the pictures. :)

DavisandLinda said...

Hey Carin,
It sure has been a while! Zenock is super cute! glad the move went well. Welcome to VA!! We love it here and am sure you guys will too. we live in Richmond while Davis is going to dental school. We're actually considering staying here after dental school because we like it so much here. Next time we head to the temple, we'll have to stop by and say hi. It's crazy, but Jessica Perry (don't know her new last name) lived in Charlottesville until about a month ago. And Davis Anderson and Doan Nguyen live in DC. So there's a few of us Brighamites out here!
well hope you guys are settling in.
Take care!

Erin said...

Wow you guys have been BUSY :) I love the cute pictures you took of Zennock...he is getting SO big!! ps...your hair is looking so cute! You always have cute hair!

Nathan and Mindy said...

He is so cute! That would be hard to have church at 1:30, I guess I shouldn't complain about 9:00 church. It's nice to have the rest of the day, Not in a dress!

Russ & Annie said...

okay first, your hair is so cute!! and zennock is so big!! seriously, he is almost as tall as you! you guys have had so many adventures - i am totally jealous. russ would love to move to virginia one day (that is where he served his mission) so who knows? maybe one day we will be neighbors our there.

yeah, my brother dropped out of the program. he HATED his job. pretty much he sat around all day and he felt like he was wasting all of his education. so, he found a new job pharmacy company in montana and moved up there and LOVES it!

Matt Jordan Tenesey said...

So I am hosting an Usborne party (I've been buying tons of their books so I decided I to just host a party)if you would like to come look for Christmas gifts for your little girl let me know and I'll send an invite. Your other "mommy" friends are invited too or family to buy for your lil boy!.!