Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy BirthDay...

to my favorite guy in the world!
Happy Birthday JC!

Thanks for always making us happy! We love you!

Twenty Seven reasons we love our dad/JC:

1: You make us laugh

2. You are such a great dad

3. You love to play and to have a good time

4. You are the best husband in the world

5. You are protective and loving

6. You let us know you love us

7. You work hard, so I can stay home with Zenock

8. Your patience... even when it is me who frustrates you.

9. You are such a good friend to everyone

10. You love the gospel and you take the time to explain it to me and others

11. You have a great sense of humor

12. You are easy to please... as long as there is dinner on the table and a neck rub involved.

13. Your love of sports

14. You love to play sports

15. Your love of baseball

16. That fact that you love to tease and are always in a good mood

17. You don't let things bother you and you just get over it if it does

18. Your "cute" bald head.. :)

19. You are sweet and always open my door or you are doing little things for me

20. Your shyness at certain times and moments

21. Your stubborness.. even when you won't admit you are stubborn

22. The way you always make me feel good about myself.

23. You surprise us with little presents or take us out for ice cream... just because.

24. When we are sick, you take extra care of us.

25. You wake up every morning singing a new song... you have a great voice and are always singing to us.

26. You are a genius! You really are smart, even if you don't think so.

27. Because we just love you so much!!! Happy Birthday!

Love, Carin & Zenock


Robert & Tatiana said...

Happy Birthday JC. Glad that you guys had a good 4th of July, Carin, I love your hair in the one where you're holding Zenock (with you wearing the black shirt and you have sunglasses on.) Also, Rob wants to come to nursery w/ Zenock if he gets those kind of snacks. Seriously, my husband is 26 and he brings more treats to church than people w/ 4 kids!

galadriel said...

Happy Birthday little brother! Sorry we didn't call last night, but it was past 11 your time before we were home for the evening.

Love you tons and hope you had a great day!