Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July!

Lots of posts... and last, but not least, our Fourth of July weekend!

We started the Fourth out by attending our ward's Annual pancake breakfast! My ward back home always did this, so it is a fun tradition to have with my family. Afterwards, we watched the dad's play baseball while us wives got to visit and let our little boys play in the dirt. Have I mentioned that all of us down here have little boys!!! Zenock has so many fun friends that we are going to miss. I'm glad they will all live close by for at least the next few years.

(This is the only picture I have of the 4th... and I had to steal it.. thanks Heidi:)
Later we had a fun BBQ with all the new and old "fellows" in our program. It was a great evening with great food and friends.
Texarkana has a big "Sparks in the Park" festival the day after the 4th. (This is when they do fireworks for the town.) We decided to check it out.

Zenock loved the petting zoo. Growing up on a farm I think I took advantage of being able to see animals all the time. It is weird that when my little boy sees animals he gets so excited, because he doesn't see them all the time. He was in total amazement just watching them.
He would point at the sheep and say, "That, mama, that!"

I think his favorite was this cute little pig. He didn't want to leave.

That night we enjoyed attempting to watch fireworks with friends, while we were eaten alive by mosquitos. Zenock was in awe with the fireworks and like the animals, he would point and say excitedly, "that, that!"

Next to sleeping and being lazy, our favorite past time this Summer is swimming! We spend lots of time down by the pool letting the days pass us by. :)

Zenock and dad going for a swim...

Does he look like he loves it???

Zenock loves playing on the steps banging on the rails and playing with the rocks.

Mom and her cute fish!

We LOVE Summer!


Nathan & Mindy said...

I love your hair! And your swimming suit. :) I love summer fun! Your little boy is sure a cutie.

The Trees said...

Again great pictures! I love the summer too. I can't believe Zenock is already talking, impressive!

Amy Reeder said...

Carin! Sorry I am a horrible sister in-law! I have not looked at the blog forever it seems I love the pictures it looks like you guys are having to much fun! We love to swim to and do the slip n' slide. Life has been really crazy I am trying to get ready for American Idol tryouts I am getting nervous but I am way excited! When do you guys move? I hope to here from you soon.

Erin said...

Looks like you guys had a fun day on the 4th with lots of activites! I too love the summer and all the fun things we get to do!!