Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dallas Temple

We are in the Dallas Temple district. The Temple is 3 hours from where we live... needless to say, we haven't gone as much as we would have liked being down here. So, when our Stake Temple Day came around, we decided it was time to go. We were able to take our good friend Joe, (an older guy who was baptized last October) down with us. He was able to do baptisms for the dead with the youth, while I did a session, and JC volunteered to watch Zenock. We sure enjoyed getting to know Joe a little better and being able to spend the day as a family.

Us in front of the Dallas Temple

If you can't tell... this is after the 3 hour drive to Dallas... (Zenock only slept 15 minutes), and a 3 hour session of playing in the sun, running around, chasing Zenock around in the sun, changing an "incredible hulk" diaper, and throwing up, because he (JC) had to change the "incredible hulk" diaper. I think we were all a little worn out. :)

The Dallas Temple. It is such a pretty building.

P.S. The arrangements have been made and the tickets have been purchased... We are coming home August 11th-19th! Yeah! We are SO excited to see all ya'll!!!


galadriel said...

Malia will be so excited! You happen to be coming in the day before her birthday. She was so upset when we were talking about having a party and she wasn't going to get to have her "baby" Zenock, Aunt Carin, and Uncle JC there.

Jamie said...

I don't know if I've seen a picture of the Dallas Temple before--at least from that view. It looks pretty. That made me laugh about the throwing up when changing the diaper (sorry JC--but it was kind of funny). Have a great week--we miss all ya'll!

Shawn and Krystal said...

You look great in this picture by the temple!!

Bourgeous said...

What a fun trip. You guys are such a cute family. I am so glad that you guys are going to be coming up North soon!

Matt Jordan Tenesey said...

Hey good to hear from you. About the bows my friend sales them so I can't give too much instruction or she wouldn't have a business but I besically just look at them and if you know how to hand sew and have a glue gun your set:) I love your blog pictures, darling! I will add you that way I can see your pic also!