Friday, June 27, 2008

OnE YeaR!

Woohoo!!! We have reached our ONE year mark as being Arkansasans...??? This is great news, because it means we only have TWO months left!!! I don't know if I have mentioned, but we are getting SO excited to move.... :) It has been quite the experience living in the South. We have learned so much, grown so much, as well as felt like we were living about 20 years back or so. (It is true when they say that Arkansas is "backwards"... not all of the people, but there really are your backwards south (redneck) people.) We are getting so excited to experience and explore new places! SO, in honor of our One year mark.... I thought I would share with you all, some of our favorite things about Texas/Arkansas... TEXARKANA!
Words or Sayings:
Buggy.... What is a buggy you ask? It is more commonly known as a "shopping cart." (It drives me crazy when people ask me if I want a buggy!)
Spread.... This could mean anything from food, lunch, a buffet, potluck, etc. "We always have a nice spread on potluck Sunday." haha! (Our cute bishop says this all the time, love him btw.)
Fix'n... Everybody uses this... My hair dresser told me the other day that she was "fix'n" to turn 25 here in July. :)
Biggin'... (BIG ONE) People are always letting me know that Zenock sure is a "biggin'".
I will have to admit I love the accent down here. When we first moved here, I went to set up our utilities and I had absolutely no idea what the lady even said to me. I have gotten better at understanding it, but there are still some people who have it SO thick it is hard to understand them. If I could get away with it, I would pick up the ... "All Ya'll"... I love it.
Crazy other things we will miss:
PotLuck Sunday... People know how to cook in the South!
Our friends and the ward down here
Blue Jean Sunday... (not at our church of course, but the nearby "Church on the Rock")
Club Fusion... (again not our church, but the nearby First Baptist Church of Texarkana... and yes they have their own night club... inside the church- HUGE Building!!! Oh... no we have never been.)
Southern Tropics Shaved Ice.... The BEST slushees we have ever had.
Big Jakes Barbeque... Of course it is on the Texas side... They know barbeque.
Bumper Stickers.. Oh yes, there are many. We especially like the "American Lawnmover Racing Association" stickers.
Friendly people... Everywhere we go!
Things we won't miss:
Tornado sirens!
Frogs croaking ALL night long
Cockroaches... eww!
Possums and armadillos all over the roads
Scantilly clothed men in Albertsons... (for you Maria:)
Driving at least 2 hours to get anywhere.
Despite all our joking and our excitement to move, we REALLY have enjoyed living in Texarkana. It will be sad to leave our little apartment and all of the good friends we have made.
Ok... So sorry for the lack of updates recently as well as this incredibly crazy post, but I thought I would share a quick post while my boys are sleeping to let "all ya'll" know that we really are alive down here.


Ryan Reeder said...

Nice post, Carin. Good to hear from you yesterday as well.

The Hutchinsons said...

Thanks for the shout out. :) I would have to add being asked for money to the things I won't miss list. I got approached again last week in the wal-mart parking lot. Maybe it is because I am pregnant and people know they can play on my emotions.

Logan & Ryan said...

I can relate on a tiny level to this. I've been in Alabama for 3 weeks my husband for 5 and we are starting to create our own list. My #1 thing I hate, the Wal-mart here. Everytime we go in there are lines. We waited in line for an hour last Sunday at 10pm! I read an entire People magazine while in line!

allyson said...

Carin! Thanks for your comments...sorry I'm so slow in responding! Yes! My niece is rooming with your sister, and I'm so excited for them. She seems like such a fun, cute girl! Also, good luck on the move! I am so TIRED of packing a moving!! But it's so fun!

smnorton said...

Carin, I cant believe that you have been out there a year, it seems like just barely that we had the dinner in our backyard the night you moved. When will you guys be coming back to Utah? Let us know so we can get together your little guy is growing up so fast!

Brooke said...

OK, I learned a thing or two. a buggy, huh? Wow. What a neat chapter in your life! Also loved the pics below! Too cute.

The Traylor's said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I call it a buggy :( Maybe it's because I've been in the south almost 4 years now...maybe you just need a few more years!

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Andrew, Haylee & Bryson said...

Carin glad you left a comment i'm really dumb and didn't even know I had any. HA HA you and your fam look great looks like your loving being a mom he's a cute one. can't believe we all grow up but i guess we have to some time. It's good I can see your fam grow.