Friday, June 27, 2008

OnE YeaR!

Woohoo!!! We have reached our ONE year mark as being Arkansasans...??? This is great news, because it means we only have TWO months left!!! I don't know if I have mentioned, but we are getting SO excited to move.... :) It has been quite the experience living in the South. We have learned so much, grown so much, as well as felt like we were living about 20 years back or so. (It is true when they say that Arkansas is "backwards"... not all of the people, but there really are your backwards south (redneck) people.) We are getting so excited to experience and explore new places! SO, in honor of our One year mark.... I thought I would share with you all, some of our favorite things about Texas/Arkansas... TEXARKANA!
Words or Sayings:
Buggy.... What is a buggy you ask? It is more commonly known as a "shopping cart." (It drives me crazy when people ask me if I want a buggy!)
Spread.... This could mean anything from food, lunch, a buffet, potluck, etc. "We always have a nice spread on potluck Sunday." haha! (Our cute bishop says this all the time, love him btw.)
Fix'n... Everybody uses this... My hair dresser told me the other day that she was "fix'n" to turn 25 here in July. :)
Biggin'... (BIG ONE) People are always letting me know that Zenock sure is a "biggin'".
I will have to admit I love the accent down here. When we first moved here, I went to set up our utilities and I had absolutely no idea what the lady even said to me. I have gotten better at understanding it, but there are still some people who have it SO thick it is hard to understand them. If I could get away with it, I would pick up the ... "All Ya'll"... I love it.
Crazy other things we will miss:
PotLuck Sunday... People know how to cook in the South!
Our friends and the ward down here
Blue Jean Sunday... (not at our church of course, but the nearby "Church on the Rock")
Club Fusion... (again not our church, but the nearby First Baptist Church of Texarkana... and yes they have their own night club... inside the church- HUGE Building!!! Oh... no we have never been.)
Southern Tropics Shaved Ice.... The BEST slushees we have ever had.
Big Jakes Barbeque... Of course it is on the Texas side... They know barbeque.
Bumper Stickers.. Oh yes, there are many. We especially like the "American Lawnmover Racing Association" stickers.
Friendly people... Everywhere we go!
Things we won't miss:
Tornado sirens!
Frogs croaking ALL night long
Cockroaches... eww!
Possums and armadillos all over the roads
Scantilly clothed men in Albertsons... (for you Maria:)
Driving at least 2 hours to get anywhere.
Despite all our joking and our excitement to move, we REALLY have enjoyed living in Texarkana. It will be sad to leave our little apartment and all of the good friends we have made.
Ok... So sorry for the lack of updates recently as well as this incredibly crazy post, but I thought I would share a quick post while my boys are sleeping to let "all ya'll" know that we really are alive down here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma Larson...

We were lucky to have JC's parents come visit last week. We had tons planned for them to do and it seemed like the week flew by.
The first night they got here, we had a spaghetti night. Zenock loved showing off for his grandpa's camera.

TUESDAY: Our first stop for the week took us to Dallas and to the John F. Kennedy 6th floor museum. You not only get to see and view history, but it is amazing that you can also feel history. To actually be there and to know everything that happened is pretty cool. We made JC's parents watch JFK the movie later that night. If you haven't seen it, it is a movie I recommend to see just for the history and the "untold story."

Zenock and Grandma on the "grassy knoll."

I knew Zenock wouldn't last through the museum. He barely made it through at 5 months old when we went last summer. So, he and I headed over to Founder's Plaza to play in the fountains and to cool off. They were shooting a commercial across the street with a bunch of mascots and people dressed up. JC could barely contain himself, when I told him there were about 10 little people dressed up in cowboy outfits running around the mascots. I couldn't get close enough to take a picture, but if you see the commercial... let me know!

He loved when the water would shoot up and he could get wet.

Our next stop in Dallas was the World Aquarium! I am amazed at how many different fish there are and how uniquely different they all are. Zenock LOVED every minute!

They had tons of other little animals also. (That is a bunny, if you can't tell.)

The entire aquarium was like walking through a rain forest. It was so green and they had waterfalls and exotic plants everywhere.

This little sloth (like on Ice Age) was SO cute! The lady said they are very cuddly animals. It cuddled right up to her and looked like a little baby with its mom.

One of the MANY fish aquariums.

This little bird was such a great model for the camera. The birds are right out in the open and will fly right over top of you and let you get pretty close.

Zenock and Mom!

We spent Wednesday in Texarkana. JC took his parents golfing, out to BIG Jake's BBQ (The BEST BBQ, I have ever had... They know barbeque in Texas!), and then we finished off the night with a little Texarkana Gunslinger Baseball!

I thought I would throw this picture in... This is hole #5 on our golf course... "The Island"! When JC first started golfing on this course, this hole ate many of our golf balls as well as any confidence JC had in golfing. After a lot of practice he hasn't lost a ball in a long time!

Thursday we spent in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We went downtown through historic bathhouse row and then we headed over the Garvan Woodland Botanical Gardens.

This place is SO beautiful! It was my favorite places we went too! I would love to go back and just take pictures of Zenock and my family. Every rock and waterfall was brought in and placed within the garden and there are tons of them! For some odd reason, I left my camera in the car... thanks for taking the pictures Grandpa!

More FISH! My son is obsessed with fish. We got to feed these Japanese Koi fish. It was so fun to watch them eat. Zenock wanted to dive in after them!


Did I mention that through out the WHOLE week, Zenock was cutting FIVE teeth! SO, after spending the last 4 days in the car with an onry baby. Zenock and I stayed home while JC took his parents to the Crater of Diamonds DIAMOND MINE! This was one of the BIG reasons for his parents trip! JC's dad was SO excited and he said it was better and more than he had hoped for. :) JC's dad also works for the Box Elder News Journal (their local newspaper), so of course he had to get a picture to put in the paper... holding the paper! (Watch for it!)


Saturday, we spent the day in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our first site to visit was the Little Rock Central High School... (yes, it IS a high school!) It was huge and amazing! This is the high school where the first 9 African American students attended public school. I can't believe how against integration people were back then... and it really wasn't that long ago. The 9 students are now just a little older than most of our parents. What a huge statement, legacy, and piece of history they have left us.

The building seriously continued on for forever...

After a quick lunch on the riverwalk, we went to the Presidential library of Bill Clinton. (Not really a library, more of a museum.) It is a "GREEN" building. The picture above is looking out of the building on downtown Little Rock. They had a couple of mock rooms of the white house, one of the oval office which included all the actual furnishings that were in the office while Clinton served as President.

They also had the world famous miniature white house on display. This white house travels all over the country and we were lucky to pick the right time to see it. It made me excited and anxious to move and to be able to see the "REAL" thing!

That was our week! We left Grandma and Grandpa in Little Rock so they could catch their plane the next morning. The week went by quick and we already miss them. Thanks for coming to visit Grandma and Grandpa!

We are now looking forward to a relaxing HOT Summer. JC's schedule is pretty easy... I think he works about 2 hours a week for the rest of the Summer. Zenock and I are going to take advantage of any time we can get with him and I'm sure his golf game will only get better. We sure love him and love spending every minute together as a family. We are getting so excited to move and to experience a NEW adventure. We are looking forward to not having to drive 1-3 hours for places to see and things to do. We will be in the middle of it all! Who will our next visitors be????

P.S. If you made it through this... YEAH! It is forever long and has taken me forever to get all these pictures up!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trying to keep up...

Life is crazy busy! Zenock is growing so fast and learning so many new things. I feel like I spend my day either trying to entertain him, chasing him, and picking up his messes. BUT, for now, I love it! At the end of the day I am completely worn out, but we sure have fun!
Last Sunday, Zenock kept running around with this soccer ball in his mouth. We have no idea what he was trying to do, but it was so funny to watch. We would start laughing every time he ran in the room, which he would then laugh and drop the soccer ball. He would pick it right back up and do it all over again. He is so silly. Some of our other favorite things he is doing right now are:
*He knows the actions to Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
*We are always closing our bedroom door behind us, so now he thinks when he goes into his bedroom, he needs to close the door. He then procedes to knock on the door until we will open it and let him out.
*He is a MONKEY! I caught him climbing up his changing table the other day and hanging from the top bar... ahh!
*Anytime music comes on, he loves to dance. He spins around in circles and falls on his bum and starts all over again.
*Loves swimming! We were able to go 4 times this week... It will never get old seeing how happy he is in the water! :)

It has definately gotten hot fast and quick! Today our car read 103 and that was with out the humidity!!! We spend our days just trying to keep cool.

I wanted to make this a quick post. I don't have many pictures... JC spent Monday-Friday last week in Louisville Kentucky doing a training with his work and he had the camera. This left Zenock and I home alone!!! AHHH! How greatful I am for husband's who provide a safe, secure feeling each night when I go to bed. I'm getting better at being by myself, but I have to say that I am still a pretty big wimp. :) JC had a great time working/learning with the soldiers at Fort Knox and being able to do combat simulations.... (It is like a virtual reality game of Call of Duty 4.. for all of you guys out there). Fort Knox is the only base right now that has this advanced of a simulation. Needless to say, they had a BLAST! They had an even better time after work each day exploring the sites of Louisville. JC was even able to spend time with our good friends Troy and Teagan who are living there and going to school. There will be pictures of that soon! JC's parents are coming to visit for a week tomorrow and we are so excited to have them come and to show them all the sites. SO... I promise I will take lots of pictures this week to share!