Monday, May 12, 2008

A weekend of PaRTy!

My little boy is getting SO independent! I knew this stage had to come and I know it will get even worse, but I want to cry sometimes when I see how big he is getting. He is always wandering around the house looking for something to get into. His room has become a "safe" zone. After a complete remodel of his room when he started walking, there is now nothing he can't get into. He will wander in there and play forever by himself.... SO nice for me. I try to go in and play with him or read him books, but he wants nothing to do with me. He'll come find me if he needs something. My favorite is to watch him read his books. He turns them upside down and just talks away as if he is really reading them. I try and read to him every morning, but lately whenever I try to read one, he pulls it away from me and starts yelling at me... so much for reading and teaching. They grow so fast! It amazes me how much he understands.
Reading "his" books
Zenock loves to play chase and is always looking over his shoulder to make sure you are really chasing him. The other day I hid behind the counter during one of our chases and when he came to find me I jumped out... He was scared to death for a second and then he would burst into laughter. He kept coming back for more.... until dad got home. I tried to show JC what we were doing and he got so scared and everytime I would disappear he would run to JC and cling onto him. He wouldn't come near the counter. SO.. we might have to wait a little while to do that one again.

Zenock also got immunized this week. I felt so bad for him. This time they had to do a blood test and draw blood. It took four of us to hold him down. I couldn't stand it!!! I just wanted to pick him up and run outside to hold him and cry with him.... It was horrible!
His stats are:
Weight: 21 lbs. 6 oz. .... 20%
Length: 31 1/4 in .... 75%
Head: 18 in. .... 25%
The nurses were so surprised by how tall he is! Especially for having two short parents. JC's dreams of having a basketball player just might come true. :)
It has been quite the last couple of weeks! Finals are Finally over... Yeah! Zenock and I didn't get to see JC much over the last two weeks. This semester has been pretty grueling for him. I have never seen him study or work so hard. We sure are proud of him! One more Summer to go and then we are done with school! (I can't wait!) To kick off our no homework weekend we were able to attend our little friend Conner's 2nd Birthday Party friday night. Now that the weather is getting hotter we are spending more of our time with friends and being outside. We love getting together and having a PaRTy! Our house has become the official Utah JAZZ party house. (I think we are the only one's with cable. :) We love having people over that share our same love and passion for the Utah Jazz. We hope they do good this week!
Saturday our 2nd Counselor in our ward invited us and the other "fellows" out to their house for a BBQ and some fun. It was the perfect day! We had SO much fun! Thank You McCormack Family!

Enjoying our time together!

**(Excuse the windblown hair look... JC had me on the 4-wheeler within 15 minutes after we arrived.)

Zenock, JC, & Brynlee

(The area we were at was so green and beautiful! There were tons of trees! At one point during the night JC was having too much fun and accidently hit a squirrel or a "chippunk." We will spare you the pictures... )

They even had 4-wheelers for the kids! (Isaac, Jaxson, & Kaitlyn)

Enjoying friends and the GOOD food!

Taking the kids on a little ride.

Heidi, Mike, & Mason

They had this cutest game for the kids to play called, "Tag Tails." It is Tag, but when you tag somebody you have to pull their tail off. (Everyone wears a different animal tail.) I loved watching Zenock run around with his little "tail."

One last ride for a "perfect day!"

I think JC could have lived out there. He was in heaven... I even had to remind him he needed to "share" the 4-wheelers... We had SO much fun!


Nathan & Mindy said...

Carin! Wow crazy that you have a little boy that big! :) I am so glad that you found my blog so we can keep in touch. It's fun to see where all of our lives takes us. Yes, we are in good old Alabama where the heat is already unbearable! When do you think that you will live here, or if you do? We will be here another year. I am not sure where Huntsville is, we are an hour away from Montgomery, and one hour away from Florida. I like it, I guess. Keep in touch, your family is darn cute!

Russ & Annie said...

you guys have so much fun! zennock is getting cuter and cuter! isn't amazing how husbands are really just little boys?

Jamie said...

Cute pictures--Zenock is getting so big. I hope we can see you guys again soon. It sounds like you are all having a good time! We miss you!!

Ross Family said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have alot of fun memories at your house as well (candy bars in ice cream, nicknames, clearfield, your car, pom poms etc)! I could go on forever..those were the days! Ha Ha sometimes I miss them! Your little guy is getting so big! You have such a cute family. Keep in touch!

Robert & Tatiana said...

You guys have too much fun! I'm glad that you guys are living it up! I can just imagine your little game of hide and seek, it made me laugh, I'm sure zenock was laughing b/c he didn't know what else to do, he was probably like "Mom's laughing, so I guess I'm supposed to laugh." Ha. Ha! Glad that all is going well.

Brady & Tanya said...

That looked like so much fun! Your family is darling! I think that game "tag tails" looks so cute--what a darling idea. Have a great day!

Erin said...

You guys have been busy :) Everytime I read you blog you guys are up to something new and fun!

Amy Reeder said...

Carin! Zenock sounds like Wyatt that is too funny about the chasing thing! I do the same thing with Wyatt and the other day that he was laughing so hard that he fell right over it was so funny, Braxton and I were laughing just as hard as he was! Wyatt is saying so many words he says: Cookie, Cracher, Sucker, More, Mamma, Daddy, Thanks, Down, Done, and Bath! He is getting so big and like you said they grow up so fast I can't believe it. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun with friends and your little family I am so glad that all is well with you guys and that JC only has one more summer of school that is so awesome I am so happy for you guys! Well thanks for the updated blog and we will talk to you later.

Love: The Reeder's

The Trees said...

Cute pictures, how fun! He is growing up so fast. How nice that he will play by himself. He is too cute and always seems so happy.
By the way, I always love looking at your blog because I learn something new about blogging each time. I just noticed your traffic feed, thats so nice to have for safety precautions. I'll have to look into that.

Mike and Heidi said...

Carin- I just went to go back to our blog from yours and realized we aren't on your list of special peeps! hmm... I think I am going to have to take this one personally! Have a lovely day! xoxox

Bourgeous said...

Carin, I am starting to feel like a staker when I saw how many times I was coming to your site on the feedback. :) Know you now what I do with all my free time. Wanted to let you see our cute cousin Jill's website

It is always fun to keep tabs on everyone.