Thursday, May 29, 2008

She MaDe iT!

I can't believe my little (taller... by 7 inches!) sister is graduating tomorrow!!! Congrats Melissa!
This girl absolutely amazes me! She has so much motivation, determination, and drive to do anything she puts her mind to. (I seriously think all of my motivation was given to her.) Unlike me she knows exactly what she wants to do, where she wants to go, and has a list of things she wants to accomplish a mile long. She has been involved in so many things the last few years, she is never home and is always on the go. She is very ambitious, outgoing, and such a fun person to be around. The two of us have seriously had our fair share of fights... probably too many of them. :) BUT... she is one of my best friends! I can always count on her for anything as well as a good laugh and a fun time. This girl does not take no for an answer and as a family we like to say she has never really learned the meaning of the word. Melissa and I are probably complete opposites... If I don't know you I am pretty quiet and it takes a lot for me to put myself out there, but not her. She is everyone's best friend... and she truly means and trys to be your friend. I have heard her get hurt time after time, but I have never heard her say a bad word about anyone. She just picks herself right back up and brushes it off. She is so thoughtful and would do anything for a friend in need.
Can we also say genius... this girl has an amazing social life, (a date at least once a week) and has amazing grades. She has full tuition from different scholarships for Utah State where she will be attending this fall. She was lucky enough to earn the Huntsman Scholarship this year, which is a new scholarship and is pretty prestigious (sp) from what I understand. It pays for her to do study abroad... not once, but TWICE! Lucky girl!
Meliss is also GORGEOUS!!! I was so jealous of her natural curly locks when I was little. People used to come up to us in the store and tell my mom how cute she was and then they would look at me (who just happened to be at the dorky 7-8 yr old tom boy stage) and keep on talking or walk away! SO, watch out boys... here she comes! Anyone want to set up a date? This girl is gonna go places! :)
I was supposed to come home for her graduation, but things just didn't work out as planned. I am so sad that I can't be there for her. BUT, I just wanted to tell her Congrats and we are so excited and proud of her! We can't wait to see what the future holds for you!
We LOVE ya Mel!!!


Ryan Reeder said...

Amen and Amen, at least with regards to the comments about Melissa.

However, I'm trying to picture you as a dorky tomboy about 1991-1992. I can't quite see it, even with pictures/memories of you at that age. Help me out here.

By the way, prestigious was definitely spelled correctly.

Bourgeous said...

Wow, it just seems like yesterday we were turning on Seasame Street and running. Maybe we can credit those years to helping with her motivation! :) She is definately gorgeous and I am excited to hear all her adventures. Watch out USU!

Hope you will be able to plan another trip up to UT.

Kari Hardy said...

I agree. Melissa has turned into quite the cutie but you can't dismiss your good looks as well. I think that you are right there with her and I'm not just being nice. What can I say! All of the Jones girls are Gorgeous right!!

You have a cute little family. Enjoy them!!