Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dallas vs Salt Lake

We have had a minor hurricane come through recently... Hurricane Zenock that is! This kid is crazy... he is everywhere... and into everything! He is always on the go and always wants us to be on the go with him. Some of his new tricks are:
*Pointing at things he sees
*Still yelling at everyone, especially any animal he sees
*He is starting to run... Fast!
*When he gets in trouble he runs and hides behind things, but will then come out and give us hugs
*Says stop and don't... They usually are mixed together and it comes out as "Dopt!"
*He can do the actions to Monkeys jumping on the bed
*Loves to be outside and brings me his shoes when he wants to go outside
*Always wants us to play with him and is always tugging on our pants to pull us down to chase him... He loves to be chased!
*Is always getting into something... especially the things he is not supposed to get in
*Loves to go swimming. (We took him yesterday and he was laughing and loving it the whole time! He even took a 2 1/2 hour nap when we got home... looks like I have a new secret weapon:)
*Loves, loves, loves popcicles! Just like his dad. :)
They are always sharing popcicles with each other. (We have gone through 48 of them in ONE week!) These two have a passion. They can go through at least 5 in one sitting! I usually have to tell them to stop!
We had planned a trip to Dallas this past weekend with friends and thought it would be fun to go down early and take Zenock to the Zoo. Can we just say HOT! It was over 100 degrees PLUS whatever the humidity was.... I hate humidity! I really wasn't too impressed with the Zoo. In fact I think it was smaller than the Hogle Zoo. The animals were all too hot to come out and play. There were a couple of monkeys that were swinging and showing off that Zenock just loved! He would watch them with big eyes and turn and look at us and start laughing and talking and then turn back and just watch in amazement! It was too cute.

In the Children's part of the zoo they had this little water playground that the kids could wade in to cool off. Zenock was a little hesitant at first, but then he loved it. He wanted to just sit down and just splash in the water!

They had lots of fun animals for the kids to pet in the Children's Zoo.
It was so cute to watch him with the animals.

NILE crocodiles

"Missy" the chimpanzee

As we were walking out of the Zoo, we looked down to see Zenock leaning out of the stroller. We thought he was looking at something and found out he was sound asleep!



If you know JC you know he is a total Baseball fanatic. He is crazy about baseball. Especially his favorite team the LA Dodgers! He even watched the Bachelorette with me last night, just because one of the dates was at Dodger Stadium! So you might wonder what we were doing at a soccer game.... JC hasn't gone completely crazy, but he has a new found love for watching soccer. He watches the soccer channel all the time... (he says it helps him sleep). I'll be honest, it sure helps me to sleep. I'm not a soccer fan. This is all coming from a person who told my little sister Emily (who is an amazing soccer player!) that she shouldn't play the game, because it was a communist sport! So... this one is for you Em!

The whole reason we were in Dallas was to go to the game with friends. One of our good friends, Shaun loves soccer as well and invited us to go to the game with them. So after the Zoo we met up with Mike, Heidi, & Mason, & Shaun and Krystal. We enjoyed a Yummy dinner at Uncle Julio's (one of our favorite places to eat... introduced to us by my cousin), and then on to the game!

Can we just say these games are crazy! The fans are nuts! I sure wasn't complaining when FC Dallas made a goal and the guy ripped his shirt off... neither were any of the 1,000 other screaming fans. I had Zenock asleep almost twice... both times they decided to make a goal!

The final score was Dallas 2, Salt Lake 1... It was too bad they lost, but we sure enjoyed spending the time together as a family!

My cute boys watching the game! Thanks for a fun weekend!

**Does anyone know how to get rid of the double spacing in your blog?? It only happens half way through my blog! It drives me crazy. :)


Emily said...

If it wasn't for that last picture I wouldn't have believed that JC was actually there. We now have physical proof! :D
well looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! Zennie is growin up too fast on us!!! I love ya!
p.s. cute hair!! :)

Robert & Tatiana said...

You guys still have too much fun! Too bad that the animals weren't out at the zoo so Zenock could see them. I'm going next Friday w/ my sister in law and her kids. I'm really excited to go to the Zoo, I don't think I've been in like maybe 15-20 years. Seriously! I vaguely remember going once, and I was little. But I bet he had fun. I'm sorry that I haven't actually talked to you for like ever. What time do you go to bed. I always think of calling you at like 10. Let me know if that's to late. I hope you guys are enjoying your last few months in Texas. Love you guys!
p.s. don't know how to change the spacing. My computer does stupid things too.

galadriel said...

The zoo tires out even the hardiest of kids. It's my secret weapon with Malia. That's why I have a membership; so we can go every weekend.

I can't believe how big Zen is getting! The parents better take lots of pictures when they get down there in a week or so!

Love you guys!

Bourgeous said...

Sounds like a blast minus the humidity! Way to go on getting JC to watch the Bachelorette - Bill is always hesitant to watch any of my "girl" shows.

Erin said...

Looks like you guys have been up to alot lately! I love all the new trick Zennock is doing! It is fun to see them grow huh?!

Heidi said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, DO NOT LET JOSH KNOW YOU WENT, or I am in trouble!! I will never live it down! One of his friends plays for FC, and has been begging me to get him a ticket as a graduation present! LOL!!