Monday, April 28, 2008

We LoVe the Weekends...

We had such a fun weekend! Friday night we signed up to feed the missionaries... I love having this opportunity. Living outside of Utah with FOUR missionaries assigned to just our ward and having your husband as the ward mission leader makes feeding the missionaries a Frequent opportunity. We really do enjoy it and enjoy getting to know each of them. We have had such a great time having them in our home! Anyway, to make it a fun night, we decided to invite a few of our friends over along with the missionaries and have a pizza party! We had such a great time chatting with everyone and enjoying the evening.
On Saturday our friend Jeremy threw a Surprise Birthday Party for his wonderful wife Rebecca! (She was as surprised as you can get with 4 little one's trying to keep it a secret. :) The party was so much fun. They even had a pinata for the kids...
Yes.. that is right. I said kids! There is my husband in the middle of it all gathering up candy as fast as he can! (We made him give it all to the kids afterwards.)

As soon as the pinata broke open, (WAY to go Heidi - She is one powerful woman! :) JC dove into the candy and got as much as he could.

Zenock even figured out what to do. As soon as he got one for each hand, he was ALL set.
Thanks Cook Family! Happy Birthday Rebecca!
I love Sundays, they are the perfect day to relax and enjoy time with my family. JC had to finalize a paper which gave Zenock and I the perfect chance to cuddle, watch a movie, (for about 5 seconds), and have time to play! I loved Elder Ballards talk at conference (as I'm sure all women and mothers did.) One of my favorite points that I try to remember in life is when he said only about 10 percent of our adult life is spent with these little children. Take advantage of this time and don't have any regrets later on about not taking the time to spend it with them! We get so caught up in life, work, cleaning, blogging, etc. that we forget how precious this time with our children is. I love my little Zenock and I love watching him grow and learn new things. I love watching his eyes light up when he learns a new trick or when his dad comes home from work. He is the best little boy and we just love him!

Even when he empties out the diaper bag and finds a new toy to play with... my wallet! (He already knows where the good stuff is.) You should have seen the tantrum when I took it away! :)


Robert & Tatiana said...

I love that JC was in the candy! That just means he's still a kid at heart. Rob always has to remind me that's what he is when he does stuff like that. So glad that you guys are doing well. I talked to a hygienist who is graduating this may and her husband is going to law school in arlington, so I told her about you, maybe you can get together. Her name is Kim, I don't remember her last name, but I can find out.

Anonymous said...


Kristin Bishop said...

It looks like you guys are staying busy...and having fun! Zenock is so cute!

I totally agree...I love weekends...and SUNDAY'S....there my favorite.

Brady & Tanya said...

Hey Carin!
Your little boy is darling! I love this blog world also it is so fun to get caught up with people that I haven't seen in forever! I just got started and I love it too! Your family looks like you were having a ball together!:) So fun--keep in touch!

The Cook Family said...

Nothing like a weekend! Thanks for being our excitement!