Wednesday, April 30, 2008


That's about all that needs to be said... I don't even remember how I found this blog today, but I did... It was fate that brought me across it. :) I've spent the last hour and a half (Zenock is napping) reading and crying through the story. It has honestly made me analyze my life and what is important. It is an amazing story about an amazing woman, her family, their journey, and how they were blessed forever by their little girl "Audrey Caroline." If you are in the mood to cry and want to read an amazing story, check it out. Make sure to have the tissues ready.


Mauressa Jaussi said...

Hey Carin! It's so good to see what you are up to and see that you are doing so well. Are ya lovin the south? We just moved to Washington from Texas (after living there for 4 years) and we have been missing the warm weather all winter and spring as we've had a record breaking amount of snow since october! Sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure and have much to look forward to. I read some of the story from that blog and it is so sad! I wanted to leave a comment to introduce her to the church! Ya know what I mean? It was a beautiful story. It will be fun to drop in once in a while to your blog and see how everything changes in these busy years!

Shannon said...

What a fun surprise to see your comment! Your blog is so cute and your little one is darling!! He has gotten so big. It looks like you are having fun with him. How fun to live back east, what a great adventure! I loved the pictures of the old homes, they are so beautiful. I wish you could find some like that in Utah! It was fun to hear from you, keep in touch:)