Wednesday, April 30, 2008


That's about all that needs to be said... I don't even remember how I found this blog today, but I did... It was fate that brought me across it. :) I've spent the last hour and a half (Zenock is napping) reading and crying through the story. It has honestly made me analyze my life and what is important. It is an amazing story about an amazing woman, her family, their journey, and how they were blessed forever by their little girl "Audrey Caroline." If you are in the mood to cry and want to read an amazing story, check it out. Make sure to have the tissues ready.

Monday, April 28, 2008

We LoVe the Weekends...

We had such a fun weekend! Friday night we signed up to feed the missionaries... I love having this opportunity. Living outside of Utah with FOUR missionaries assigned to just our ward and having your husband as the ward mission leader makes feeding the missionaries a Frequent opportunity. We really do enjoy it and enjoy getting to know each of them. We have had such a great time having them in our home! Anyway, to make it a fun night, we decided to invite a few of our friends over along with the missionaries and have a pizza party! We had such a great time chatting with everyone and enjoying the evening.
On Saturday our friend Jeremy threw a Surprise Birthday Party for his wonderful wife Rebecca! (She was as surprised as you can get with 4 little one's trying to keep it a secret. :) The party was so much fun. They even had a pinata for the kids...
Yes.. that is right. I said kids! There is my husband in the middle of it all gathering up candy as fast as he can! (We made him give it all to the kids afterwards.)

As soon as the pinata broke open, (WAY to go Heidi - She is one powerful woman! :) JC dove into the candy and got as much as he could.

Zenock even figured out what to do. As soon as he got one for each hand, he was ALL set.
Thanks Cook Family! Happy Birthday Rebecca!
I love Sundays, they are the perfect day to relax and enjoy time with my family. JC had to finalize a paper which gave Zenock and I the perfect chance to cuddle, watch a movie, (for about 5 seconds), and have time to play! I loved Elder Ballards talk at conference (as I'm sure all women and mothers did.) One of my favorite points that I try to remember in life is when he said only about 10 percent of our adult life is spent with these little children. Take advantage of this time and don't have any regrets later on about not taking the time to spend it with them! We get so caught up in life, work, cleaning, blogging, etc. that we forget how precious this time with our children is. I love my little Zenock and I love watching him grow and learn new things. I love watching his eyes light up when he learns a new trick or when his dad comes home from work. He is the best little boy and we just love him!

Even when he empties out the diaper bag and finds a new toy to play with... my wallet! (He already knows where the good stuff is.) You should have seen the tantrum when I took it away! :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Times on the Bayou...

I thought I would throw these first two pictures from the past week in just for fun.
I love when Zenock watches his show. It's entertaining to just watch him and wonder what he is thinking.
The other day he got so excited because he figured out how to make his duck squeak. He would concentrate and push the duck really slow and then his face would light up when it would squeak.
This weekend we decided we had to get out of the house and do something. The weather was perfect (at least 85 degrees!). We took a picnic and went with some friends to check out a neighboring historical city about an hour away from where we live.
We were in luck! There just happened to be a huge car show going on while we were there.

One of the nifty fifty cars...

One of JC's favorites

Enjoying the sites

Zenock and his daddy. I love these two boys! If only Zenock would get his fingers out of his mouth for pictures!

We love Zenock's little buddy Mason. He is about 4 months younger than Zenock. It is so much fun to watch these two interact with eachother.

One of our favorite things about living in the South is all the old houses. You can't find houses like this in Utah! A lot of people will buy these old houses and fix them up and turn them into bed and breakfasts. Along with old houses, you also get ghosts and haunted houses.. or so they say. The house above is a haunted house.This one is a bed and breakfast as well as a Gone with the Wind museum.Another haunted house that you can have a tour of.
We took a train ride along Cypress Bayou... Everytime we see a swamp like this somebody makes the comment.. "Do you think there are any gators in there." JC loves to reply, "I guarantee it!" Most likely there probably are!
Our cute friend Mason!

Our fun friends: Mike, Heidi, & Mason Anderson, Krystal & Shawn (who is taking the picture) Atkinson, & us! Thanks guys for a fun day. We had a great time!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I love my husband...

Happy Anniversary to us! We were married on April 16, 2004 in the Bountiful Temple. I can't believe it has already been four years! What an amazing four years. We have been through so much and I am so grateful to have had my best friend with me through it all!

JC and I met the day he got home from his mission and started dating about 11 months later. I was spending the Summer at home from college. We spent every day that Summer together going to baseball games, lava hot springs, drive ins, and hanging out with friends. Our parents seriously wondered if we were trying to wear each other out. We were always doing something fun and on the go 24/7. After I went back to school at Dixie in St. George at the end of August, we weren't really sure what we were going to do. We decided we didn't want it to end and so there were many trips (almost every weekend) made back and forth from St. George to Brigham City. In October I had a series of unfortunate events happen where my roommate and one of my best friends was hit by a car and killed. JC was there that night to pick me up off the floor and dry every tear. He drove me back home to see her one last time and to be with my family. After returning to St. George I had lost my job (due to a boss who was insensitive about taking time off for a funeral!), I was behind in school work... and to say the least I wanted to be back in Brigham with JC. After a lot of prayer and consideration I made my decision to return home. I have never regretted that decision and I still feel like it was the right choice. By then JC and I had already decided we wanted to get married. JC and I were engaged Christmas Eve 2003 and were married in April. It really was the perfect day. I was told how fast it would go by, so I just tried to take deep breathes and to take it all in... It was perfect!

Four years later we are still happily married, loving every minute of life! We have definitely had to make our sacrifices and had our struggles, but we have loved being married... nothing is better than being married and going through the journey of life with your best friend.

JC really is the person I live with, laugh with, and love! He works so hard to give me everything I want. He has always put me and now Zenock first. I am grateful for his faith in every step we have taken in our four years as well as his great sense of humor to keep me grounded. (Even if he embarrasses the heck out of me while singing "Danny Boy" at the top of his lungs while drugged up at the hospital last week...)

Happy Anniversary JC! Thank you for all you do. I love you and have loved every minute of our FOUR years together!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Do you ever have those moments that even though life isn't perfect, you can't help but look at your life and think, "How much better can it get!" That is how I have felt today. I really do have an amazing life... with amazing family and friends! Today is just one of those days where I feel so blessed and thankful for all that I have. Maybe it is because it ISN"T raining and the sun is actually shining today. :) Don't get me wrong... I definately have my "no fair" awful days too. Life isn't perfect. This past weekend was one of those... JC ran out of his migraine medicine and wasn't able to take it for a few days. We had called the doctors office to have them call it in to the pharmacy, but they didn't call back for FOUR days later! Friday afternoon he started to get a really bad migraine that lasted all day Saturday. He spent most of the day sleeping. Well, we found out the hard way after spending 5 hours in the emergency room Saturday night that you can't just go off of the medicine he was taking.. Apparently, it has all sorts of side effects. I guess now we know. It is amazing how much one little pill can do to you and for you. I am definately thankful for migraine medicine so I don't have to spend every weekend in the hospital.
I think I have forgotten to mention in the last couple of posts that Zenock is WALKING! He is everywhere and it is oh so cute.. for now. He started walking two days before his birthday and since then he has been the happiest "toddler" ever!
We spent Monday and Tuesday last week at the Honda dealership trying to get an estimate on our car, (hail damage). Who knew that an 03 honda civic + a hail storm equaled a brand new 08 Honda civic... not us. We definately didn't expect to buy a new car, but we were offered such a good deal that we just couldn't pass it up! Did I mention that we LOVE it! It is an amazing car! JC and I are both convinced that we will never drive or buy anything but a honda. While we were at the dealership Zenock was winning hearts all over the place with his walking. He would walk up to complete strangers, smile and walk off. He loves attention. He also loves his dad. He and I were across the store from him and he would yell at the top of his lungs... "DAD!" over and over. The whole store would echo and everyone would just stop and stare at us... you definately get over being embarassed in public when you have a child!

Zenock's new favorite thing to do is to climb up on the lovesac and stare out the window. He will just sit and stare for minutes watching the golfers or whatever is out there.

It is also a favorite of his dads as well. Every once in a while we will be watching tv and JC will bust up laughing at the golfers swing or when they hit it in the water. I will admit it has brought on some great entertainment. (Especially when the golfers get mad and throw their clubs into the pond...)

And this is how Zencok gets down... head first! You can almost see the action of his little legs kicking to help him get down.

I hate pictures of just me... So I made JC take one of Zenock and I. After 6 months of wanting to cut my hair and after actually going to the salon and chickening out TWICE, I finally got the courage and just did it! And, I love short hair! I don't know why it is such a stressful situation everytime I cut it, but it is. I guess I should just keep it short and then I wouldn't have this problem... but then I get comments from my sweet husband like, "I miss your long hair." Do they know what this does to us. ahh!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lunch Anyone?

It has been such a busy week! I'll have to blog more about it later... BUT, I need help! I have never liked to cook... (Let's just say it was a good thing we lived by my mom during the first years of our marriage!) I would rather make a dessert than an actual dinner. I guess that's because I enjoy eating it more! I do have to give myself credit that since we have moved, I have done really well at fixing breakfast and dinner almost everyday. BUT, now I am fixing THREE meals a day and coming from someone who isn't a cook this is pretty hard for me. I'm actually okay with fixing the meals, it is just the amount of time it takes to do this as well as coming up with healthy nutritious meals for my little boy. I am pretty good at always making sure Zenock gets his FIVE fruits and veggies a day... that's not a problem. I could eat a grilled cheese sandwich everyday, but I think JC and Zenock are starting to get sick of them... That is where you come in!!! I need IDEAS! What do you make your kids for lunch??? I don't want to spend a lot of time fixing a meal in the middle of the day... (I don't mind it at night). I need quick, easy, simple suggestions for lunch ideas! So, for all of you who might read this... leave me a comment with a suggestion! THANKS!
Also, if anyone has any tips on how to actually keep the food on the high chair tray and not in the chair or all over the floor and house, that would be great! :) I now understand why my mom was ALWAYS mopping the floor. We are up to 4 times this week so far!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birthday Fun!

It has been a crazy busy week! Monday night I had just finished wrapping presents for Zenock's birthday and I went in to check on him. I could see lightning going off outside his window and there were flashes of light every two seconds... but no thunder. I went and got ready for bed and thought maybe I should just check the weather to make sure there isn't anything BIG headed our way. Good thing I did!!! As I turned on the weather channel, the first thing I hear is, "Two cells have just collided and it is headed straight towards Texarkana!" They were saying there was a Tornado warning... (not a watch, a warning... which I have learned is when you get prepared for anything!) They said the tornado could possibly hit Moore's lane (which is where our church is and also where our good friends live.) I started freaking out and ran to wake JC up. Just as I did, the tornado sirens started going off. JC got out of bed and came to watch the news with me. The weatherman was saying, "This is a life threatening situation, IF you live anywhere near state line Texarkana you need to seek shelter immediately!" We LIVE 1/2 mile from the state line! It is pretty safe to say... we were a little scared! All of a sudden it sounded like somebody was hitting hundreds of golf balls onto our roof at once. It was hailing so hard! JC grabbed Zenock and we ran out the door downstairs to our neighbors house to hide out. The sirens would go on and off and we were only there for about 20 minutes, before we decided it was safe to head back upstairs. (At least this time I didn't hide in a closet! :) Our neighbor has lived here his whole life and I really think he thought we were crazy waking him up at midnight!! (He didn't seem to worried, although he did say they have never had storms like they have had in the last little while.) You may laugh at us, but you honestly have to take it seriously when those sirens go off. It really is scary and you never know if a tornado could really touch down!
We didn't get any pictures of the hail, but our good friends did! (I stole this from their blog... thanks Rebecca!) Now you can believe me that it really was golf ball sized hail! They had pictures on the news and some of the hail pieces were as big as oranges. What a scary night! We escaped danger for the night, but our car as well as everyone else's in Texarkana didn't fare so well. It now has little dings all over it! Thank goodness for insurance. I think we will definately be ready to move in a few months! :)

After all the excitement, Zenock was up bright and early. His birthday present was ready for him!
Zenock and his cute little buddy Mason!

Zenock really got spoiled! He got so many fun gifts.

He had the cutest boys to help him unwrap all of his presents.

Zenock and his other cute buddy Hayden... They have so much fun together!

Don't look to closely at his cake... I'm definately not as talented as my mom who always made our cakes growing up, but I thought I would give it a try. I have wanted to make him a baseball cake for forever!

I really haven't given Zenock a lot of sugar before this... he was LOVING life!

SO, SO Good!


We had such a great time getting together with all our friends! We will take any chance we can get to party with them. We are sure going to miss them all when we move. Thank You!!!

For any of you who noticed the little bandage on Zenock's arm... this is why. Monday he burnt his arm on the door underneath the oven. He reached in the drawer to grab a hot pad and the oven was still hot on the bottom of the oven (the top part of the drawer). JC and I felt so bad for our little boy! He really hasn't even acted like it bothered him too much. I think JC and I were more hurt than he was. (I just took this picture tonight... he loves spaghetti!)

AND... This was our highlight of Zenock's party... I really think he must have been on sugar overload or something. I started to give him some ice cream and at first he thought it was so cold and then he just started laughing and laughing every time he took a bite! It was so funny! He had already been laughing for quite awhile by the time we started videoing... EnJoy!