Friday, March 28, 2008

Zenock's Story...

I can't believe my little boy will be ONE in two days! Not only did he make it through his whole first year, but WE made it as parents! That is quite the accomplishment for two people with little experience. :) This blog has become more of my FAMILY journal and I feel like it just wouldn't be complete with out telling "Zennie's Story." I didn't start this blog until a few months after he was born, so some may know the story (and have heard it a million times), and some may not... Anyway, I have it written down in my journal... ALL 15 pages of it in detail, but here it is... (the condensed version at least.) I really do apologize if this is the millionth and one time you have heard this. What can I say, I am pretty proud of my little biggest accomplishment!
I had to put this picture up, because this was the night it all started. (My face was so swollen!)This picture was taken about 12 hours before Zenock was born! Some people are even in labor at this point... not me. Not one sign of labor! (I had a pretty easy pregnancy, except for about my 7th month I got Sciatica really bad and by night I could barely walk or sleep for the rest of my pregnancy!)

March 31st, 2007 - April 1st, 2007

It was General Conference weekend and my cute friends gave me a baby shower while our husbands were attending the priesthood session. Afterwards, JC came to pick me up and asked if I wanted to go to a movie with some family and friends. I honestly wasn't sure why he even asked, because it was a 9:00 movie and I was bound to sleep through most of it! BUT, I went. I got my popcorn and was not really enjoying the movie.. (Blades of Glory), when about twenty minutes into it something happened. I had no idea what it was, because it wasn't what I thought would happen when my water broke. (It was pretty small.) I went to the bathroom and came back to tell JC something was wrong and we needed to go. We left and I immediately called my mom and asked what I was supposed to do... her reply was, "Your water just broke! You go to the hospital." I remember being pretty calm, but on the inside I was panicking, trying to calculate when my due date was and if this was possible. When we got to the hospital they did a few tests and confirmed that my water did break and the baby was on his way. STILL, no contractions... no real labor. The doctor explained that he could deliver the baby there (Brigham Hospital), but then they would have to life flight the baby to Mckay Dee. It would be easier for them to take me by ambulance down to Mckay Dee and deliver the baby there. Ok... So for someone who has NEVER had surgery or been sick enough to be in a hospital before, this was all getting pretty traumatic for me! It seemed like it was all going by SO fast! JC and his dad gave me a priesthood blessing before I left which made me feel SO much better and I felt really calm about everything. My contractions started in the ambulance. By the time I got checked in to hospital it was after 2:00 AM. The nurses told me I would probably have the baby sometime that afternoon. They were so good to me. I hadn't finished reading my "What to expect" book and my child class was in two weeks, so my first nurse sat and explained everything to me, she was so sweet! I got my epidural around 4 (can I just say... Loved IT! It was like candy...). By 6 I was at a 10! Zenock was born at 6:39 AM! I only got to see him for a minute before they rushed him off to the NICU. They were doing so many tests on him and getting him hooked up to everything that I didn't even get to see him for 5 hours!

These are some of the first pictures of our little Zenock. He was so cute and little... I couldn't believe that he was mine! They were able to take him off oxygen after the first couple of hours. They then gave me a schedule to come and feed him every 3 hours: 7, 10, 1, & 4... I was able to miss one feeding at night. They told us that the 34th week in utero is when they learn how to eat & suck, so Zenock needed to learn how to eat. Pretty easy... right??? Feeding him turned out to be quite the ordeal that usually took at least an hour and a half or more. Monday night I was checked out of the hospital and went home to get some things and prepare for the week ahead. I cannot explain the heartache that JC and I both felt as we drove home with out our little baby. We just sat and held each others hands and cried the whole way home. It was the worst feeling I have ever felt. I boarded with the hospital so that I could keep up with his schedule. JC went back to work on Tuesday. We had no idea how long Zenock would be there. It was honestly the most emotional, challenging, heart wrenching time of my life. I have never prayed so hard and cried so much in my life! I am so thankful for the priesthood in my life and the blessings that were given to Zenock and I during this time to give us the peace and comfort we needed to get through it. JC would come down every day after work and see Zenock for a few hours and then drive back home. It didn't help that my room I was staying in was on the fifth floor with the elderly and every time I walked back to my room another patient had died! As well as my neighbor in the room next to me pleading every night OUT LOUD yelling to God to come and take his life and let it all end! Zenock's schedule was pretty demanding and I ended up only getting about 4 hours of sleep every day. I wanted to be next to his bed as much as I could.
By Thursday we really thought Zenock was doing so well, but they still wouldn't release him. Sunday (Easter) was the hardest day for me... especially not being able to be with family. We even asked the doctors why they wouldn't release him and they wouldn't really give us a reason. It was SO frustrating! Monday morning I was so ready to go home and when rounds came (all the doctors come in to discuss the patient with each other), I was ready to give them a piece of my mind and demand that they release Zenock, when they told me that I could take Zenock home! I have never been so excited in my life... it was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulder! All my emotions from the last 9 days came crashing down on top of me. I started crying and I couldn't get out of there soon enough to call JC and to tell him that we were going to be able to bring our baby home!
Zenock & his cousin Wyatt who was born ten days before Zenock!

These are some of Zenock's scrapbook pages from the first few days we were home. The captions tell the story. You can click on them to make them bigger.

Zenock lost quite a bit of weight while in the hospital. When we brought him home, he only weighed 4 lbs. 11 oz.
Zenock still loves to be cuddled... He gets rocked to sleep the majority of the time. How can you resist not rocking your baby when you only have a precious amount of time with them as a baby!

We sure love this little boy and are So greatful to be his parents! I can't believe a whole year has passed by, but what a year it has been. He has been such a happy baby and such a joy and blessing in our lives. We have so many great memories and so many more on the way!

We love you Zenock!

These are his ONE year old pictures that we just got taken. (They are kind of blurry, because I had to scan them in.)

He was all over the picture studio and wouldn't hold still... He has always been a little wiggle worm!

Things we LOVE that Zenock is doing...

*Walking... kind of. He will take ten steps forward and one step back and fall on his bum. SO close!
* Patty Cake... sort of. He can clap and wave

*He whispers... His favorite word to whisper is WOW
*He can crawl 90 miles an hour

*He is quite the dancer and can shake, shake, shake
*He jabbers constantly! Some favorite words are: Mom, Dad, Wow, Pup, Bum-Bum, Dody-dody

*Loves to give hugs and kisses

Zenock's Birthday Invitation... Yay! We are so excited! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZENOCK!

(YAY! For all of you who actually made it through this whole post!)


Ryan Reeder said...

Not at all. A pleasure to read. Thanks for letting us know the details. Wish I could be there Tuesday--well, I suppose technically I could, but that would entail acts of even greater irresponsibility than I am normally culpable of. I'll call him. On your phone. I hope you answer. :)

The Pettingills said...

Wow!! Isn't it amazing how different every pregnancy is and every womens delivery. Caleb too was born 6 weeks early but instead my water never broke I just went into labor and they couldn't stop me. I went into the hospital on Tuesday and they drugged me up until Friday trying to slow down the contractions so I would dialate slower and give Caleb as much time as possible to develop but in the end they had to deliver him on Friday so he was 5 1/2 weeks early. I totally understand how worried you were at the time and it is really scary. I didn't get to see Caleb right after he was born either. They had NICU doctors in the room when I delivered so they could take caleb right when he came out. We got really lucky with Caleb though and he didn't have to spend any time in the NICU. He was really big for how early he was and that ended up helping him alot. I hope your next delivery is a little bit better for you guys. But I have to admit Claire was only 2 weeks early and it was almost if not just as hard to be pregnant for an extra month as it was delivering Caleb so early. When I was pregnant with Claire I kept telling John that I would rather sit in the hospital for 3 days having contractions the whole time than I would like being pregnant for a whole extra month. Happy Birthday to Zenock and count your many blessings for such a healthy, and cute little boy!!

Robert & Tatiana said...

How amazing! I'm glad I got that picture of you, see, what would this post be without it! :) Zenock is such a cutie pie! I'm so happy that all is well with him and that he's growing so big now! We love you guys so much! Tell him Happy Birthday for us!

Erin said...

What a cute tribute you did on your little boy! I too have felt all those emotions you felt with having a baby in the NICU. I 100% agree with the great blessing we receive from the priesthood. We have seen many miracles in my family including Spencer doing a 180 when he was in the NICU in a matter of one day! I am glad to see that little Zennock is growing up to be such a healthy strong boy!! Love, kiss, rock, and cuddle him as much as you can! Before we know it our little ones will be teen agers and want nothing to do with us :)
Happy B-day Zenncok!!

galadriel said...

I can't believe it's already been a year! He's so dang cute! Wish I could be there for the party. Oh, and be glad you aren't here. I woke up this morning to several inches of snow.

Yes, March 31st and there are several inches of snow at my house.

Brittney said...

I had no idea you guys went through so much. I am so glad you were watched over and everything turned out okay. What a hard experience.

Kristin Bishop said...

Cute post! And happy b-day zennie:)

Boys are so much fun...and it looks like he is having a baseball party...perfect choice.

I can't wait to see pictures! By the way...i spontaneously went into labor 3 weeks early...but jaxson well on his way to 8 pounds! I think he new he was ready...even if it totally caught me off gaurd. What is even jarom and i took him (only a few weeks old) to the movie theatre to see Blades of glory! I bet your water was breaking...while my little boy was watching the very same movie!

Too funny:)

The Johnsons said...

This is Stephanie (Larsen) Johnson. I don't know if you remember me, I am JC's age, we had seminary once, and I am Allen Hancey's cousin. Anyway, I saw your blog on Becky and Kristin's and read your story of Zenock. I hope you don't mind. My second little boy was born 7 weeks early, but I had a lot of the same story as you did. My water broke also. I too felt the same emotions as you did having a little guy in the NICU (at the same hospital too) and the wonderful comfort of preisthood blessings. Thanks for sharing your story. Zenock is so darling. Happy Birthday to him! You can visit our blog at

The Trees said...

No, I've never heard little Zenock's story. I remember him being small last time I saw him but that was a while ago. After seeing him in that picture climbing up on your dishwasher its hard for me to imagine him so small and frail looking in his newborn pictures. Thank goodness he is so healthy and seemingly unaffected by that tramatic entrance into the world. He is just adorable and has so much personality. Happy Birthday Zenock!

Robert & Tatiana said...

Happy Birthday Baby Zenock! We've been thinking about you today! Hope is was fantastic!

Amy Reeder said...

Hey Carin! I love the blog it is so cute! I can not believe that the boys are 1 year old either time sure does fly! I love the pictures I wish that Wyatt would let me take his picture he is just to busy to sit still. He is walking all over the house! He just started when we got home from up North. Have a good day and give Zenock a kiss from all of us and tell JC that we said hello we love you guys and miss you!

The Cook Family said...

Awesome story! He was definitely worth all of the trauma to his parents! He is a cute little man--especially when he is eating ice cream!

Chelsea said...

Happy birthday to your baby:) I loved reading all about him...and could relate to much of it! He is adorable:)

Chelsea said...

Happy birthday to your baby:) I loved reading all about him...and could relate to much of it! He is adorable:)