Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our week in pictures...

Everyday Zenock gets more and more fun! We LOVE this little boy!

This is a daily occurence at our house. Zenock doesn't like to go around things, he would rather go through or behind. He has never taken a binky, but he loves to play with them. If he sees another baby with one then he needs one too. What a silly boy! We also bought Zenock a couple of pairs of squeaky shoes this week. He LOVES them! He is so close to walking, but still wants our help. He just stares at his feet now when he walks. Our favorite is when he jumps. He just giggles at himself, because of the squeakers! Zenock is always talking and jabbering. Everywhere we go he has conversations with strangers. His favorite words are: dada, mama, baba, bum, bum, and pup, pup... (that is if you can call them words. :)

Zenock has been trying to give up his afternoon nap... this is usually the result that follows at dinner time.
He is so peaceful when he is asleep!

I don't know how he does it, but this is honestly how he sleeps sometimes... with his bum in the air! It can't be comfortable, but he has done it since he was a born.

Zenock loves when JC plays with him! They are so cute together.



It seems like every time there is a holiday (Labor Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day, etc) one of my favorite things to do is to drag JC with me to furniture stores to check out the sales. I never plan on buying things, I just love to go and to plan and dream. I worked in a furniture store when I lived in St George going to school and LOVED it! When hours were slow, I would walk around and design my house. I am an interior designer by heart and one day I plan to go back and get my degree for it. This last President's Day JC and I went to one store and they had some amazing deals on things we really wanted. So after 4 years of marriage we actually splurged and bought some new stuff. (In four years I think we have only bought two pieces of furniture... So this is a big deal for us!) We feel almost guilty for spending our hard earned money. We just got it last weekend and this week I have been on a real decorating kick... (which is pretty hard considering I live in Texarkana where cute boutique stores just don't exist. I am jealous of all you in Utah who can take advantage of my favorite stores like: Sugar N' Spice, On the Avenue, Quilted Bear, Tai Pan, & Real Deals... We don't have anything like that down here!) Next time I go home, I am taking an extra suit case with me to stock up! Anyhow, my family has been asking to see pictures of our new stuff and since you can't come see me... I'll just show it off.

JC already has his "perfect tv" picked to replace our old monster one. I still have a lot of decorating to do. I just have to find the "right" items. :)

We also bought a dresser that matches the bedroom and big leather recliner for JC. (The recliner will arrive just in time for Easter.)

Since our little tornado we have had cRaZy weather! It even snowed one day!!! It doesn't snow down here... EVER! Yesterday, it was 75 degrees!! and today it is supposed to snow again! Good Heck! I have major spring fever and have already started my spring cleaning, dejunking... I just want it to be SPRING! I am getting so excited for Easter and for Zenock's Birthday. (I've got big plans.)


galadriel said...

Malia still occasionally sleeps with her butt in the air. I'll have to post some pictures of her sleeping that way when she was little.

I'm working on the parents to decide , but it sounds like they and Malia and I will most likely be coming down around June 8th.

Corey and Jennifer said...

I love looking at your pictures! Im not tryin to make you homesick but it was so much fun. Well have to go shopping one of these times your in Utah! I been trying to think of all our nick names ha ha those were the days!

Ginger said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! My friend Ashley Wright actually set it up for me. She is really good at the virtual scrapbooking stuff. I have no idea how she did it! Your little boy is so cute. My nephew sleeps with his bum in the air too. So funny.

Robert & Tatiana said...

Love the new furniture! I just discovered 'On the Avenue' the other day. Really cute! And I got some stuff from Real deals the other day too. I'm still trying to make it down to Ikea! Let's plan a trip when you come home! When will you be coming home again?
I'm also super jealous of your headboard! I want a headboard. One day...maybe when we're married 4 yrs. :)

Russ & Annie said...

love the furniture!! i can't wait to actually get the "real stuff" and get rid of our cheap apartment furniture crap! my brother and sister-in-law own a real deals up in montana. so, i told them that one day i am going to give them some serious business!