Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting Bigger... Everyday!

Ok, So I realize we are really bad parents for putting Zenock in a "forward facing carseat." BUT, to justify it... he is twenty pounds and is only a month away from being ONE! Besides, how could you not want to just sit and watch this cute kid.... yes, kid. JC and I have always referred to Zenock as "Our Baby," but it seems like in the last couple of weeks he has gotten so big and is learning so much! I already miss Baby Zenock, but I am loving this little guy! He is so much fun!

When we put him in his carseat for the first time, he just smiled and laughed the whole time we were in the car. He was so excited! Actually, he does it everytime we go anywhere now. He loves his new carseat.


He has such a contagious laugh.... He laughs at everything. As much as he puts on shows for us, we put on shows for him to get him to laugh. (If only the camera would take photos of us too. :)

He loves to play and plays so well by himself!


He is getting SO smart! He loves his daddy so much and follows him everywhere. Whenever JC is getting ready, Zenock will go and sit or standy by the door and hit on it until JC will let him in. Being such a smart kid can also get you into trouble! Whenever we get mad at Zenock and tell him no, he will either look back at us and just laugh or he will crawl over and stand up to us and put his head on our shoulder and give us a hug. He even pats us on the back. IT is too Cute and we can't stay upset for long. He is such a little ball of energy and is going 90 miles all the time. As soon as he wakes up at 6:30 AM, he is ready to play! If it would ever STOP raining down here, maybe we could go outside and have some real fun! I have a feeling this is only the start...


Erin said...

He is getting so big! I love his little teeth in these pictures! What a cute baby aka "kid" you have!!

Baird Family said...

Just to make you feel a bit better, we jumped the gun putting Trev in a front facing seat too. Our lives were SO much easier after that! Zenock is so cute. I just lvoe those little teeth and that big smile!