Friday, January 4, 2008

Standing Up!

Ok, so I have to apologize for being home a week and not blogging about Christmas. But, I figured since most of you saw Zenock while we were it Utah that you wouldn't mind. I have also been extremely busy this week. Zenock is making up for time away from home and being sick. In the last week he has learned to stand up in his crib and is into everything... All I have done is chase him and play with him. New Years Eve we put him to bed and he started crying about an hour later. When I went in to check on him he was standing up! I was shocked! JC and I had plans for New Years, but since we were so tired from our trip we cancelled them and were just going to relax. So we spent our New Years Eve lowering Zenock's crib. We both just laughed and decided there was no other place we would rather be than there at that moment. When I called to tell my mom and dad, they were so disappointed that he couldn't do it while he was there.Zenock definately caught the hang of standing up... he does it every time that he wants out now. It is usually accompanied with "Mum, Mum or Da, Da."
We had to take this picture. The other day we walked in to check on Zenock during his nap and this is what we found. (Zenock is sound asleep!) He pulls himself up to the bumper and then the rail when he stands up. He kind of fell asleep in the process.
Even though I bought Zenock lots of new movies for Christmas, he still prefers his Baby Einstein, "Baby's First Moves" video the best. He watches it every day. He loves the Kangaroo puppet on the video.
I can't keep up with him and I feel like I need to just strap the camera to my belt.
He is officially pulling himself up to everything! I can't believe how big he is! In three months my baby turns one! Where did the time go?


Baird Family said...

Hi Carin. I'm glad you had such a great trip home for the holidays. What a bummer Zenock was sick. I can't beleive how big he's getting. Just wait, time only speeds up once they start walking.

Robert & Tatiana said...

Hey! It was so good to see you guys over the break! How fun that Zenock is standing up! I'm sure you'll get your workouts in soon when he starts moving more. He'll run from you! I can't believe it will be a year!

Ginger said...

Carin, your little family is so cute! It is so fun to see people from high school and see the different paths everyone's lives have taken! Glad to see you are doing so well.

Erin said...

Thanks for your comments on our blog! We were excited that you have one too. Baby Zenock is such a cutie! It's been fun to read about the fun things happening in your family. I created my header using photoshop and just saved it as a picture so I could add it to my blog.

The Cook Family said...

I have honestly never seen a baby sleep standing up! That is the funniest thing ever, I am so glad you are blogging!