Friday, January 11, 2008

Nine Months and Eleven Days...

I can't believe my little boy is 9 months old! They honestly grow up so fast. Zenock had his checkup yesterday and here are his stats:

Weight: 19 lbs 1 oz (25%)
Length: 28 inches (45%)
Head: 18 inches (55%)
We have been a little behind on his shots, so he also got to have his 6 month shots. Not fun! This morning he woke up and was burning up, but after a few doses of Tylenol, I think he is feeling better. Zenock has been in hyper-active-super mode lately. He is in and out of things and places so quick that I can't keep up with him. I just follow him around the house cleaning up his messes. How do you all that have more than one do it??? You are AMAZING in my book!
Here are some other favorites of our little boy at 9 months!
Food: Grahm Crackers, Cheese, & Klondike bars :)
Toys: Door Stoppers, Remote Controls, Cell Phones, & Shoes
Book: His busy baby books
Movie: Baby Einstein, "Baby's First Moves"
Activities: Standing up to something and yelling at us from across the room because he can't get down. Helping mom. Going on walks. Wrestling with dad, his duck, or elmo.
This is one of those rare times that Zenock is actually sleeping... once again he fell asleep trying to stand up.
I thought this was so funny... he wanted nothing to do with the toys or the basket, he just thought it was fun to be under the table.
The other day I kept hearing this "Bing" noise, when I walked out I found Zenock playing with the door stopper. He played with it for 10 minutes and would just chuckle when it would spring back and forth.
This is my little boy that loves to help his mommy. No matter what I'm doing, he is right there with me. (I sure hope he will be as helpful when he gets older. :)


Erin Ulm said...

He is so stinkin' cute!! I can not believe he is only 19 lbs! Spencer (my 5 month old) weighs almost 14 lbs :)

Erin Ulm said...

Oops...I ment Spencer is 16 lbs not 14! Crazy!!!

Russ & Annie said...

Ah, I remember the days when you were waddling around the office, trying to stay awake, and endulging in a Dr. Pepper here and there. And, now, look, you have a nine-month old! Did you stop by the office during x-mas? I was gone on vacation, so if you did stop by, sorry I missed you!

Mom said...

Thank you so much for doing this blog!! I absolutely love to check it out and find that you have updated it and check out the cute pictures of Zenock. He is doing so well. It must be a direct reflection on how good his Mom is and of course in turn on his Grandma!

Erin said...

From the sounds of this post you and I have the same little boy! Bryson is doing the exact same stuff Zenock is! If we got them together I'm sure they'd be in heaven!